Get to Know the Danny Gokey Band: Joshua Lutz

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Our first featured artist is Josh Lutz, the band’s lead guitarist. Josh graciously (and humorously!) answered ALL of my questions!

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Get to Know the Band

One of my favorite performances of Josh (and Danny….) is the acoustic version of “Hope in Front of Me” performed at KLove. You can watch it again HERE.

Eleven Questions! (It was suppose to be ten, but I had trouble stopping…..)

1. What instruments do you play? Do you sing, too?

I’ve played the guitar since I was about 10 years old. I dabble a little on the piano and mandolin, also.
I can sing a little, too.

2. What was your inspiration to make music your career?

My dad played the guitar, piano, and trumpet and really got me into the world of music. I learned a lot about how to write/arrange and play music from him.

3. Where were you raised? Where do you call home?

Born and raised in Nashville, TN. And, I’m still here. I love it!

4. What is your favorite genre of music to play? To listen to?

I’ve kind of morphed over the years…when I was a kid, I liked Rap and hated country. Then, as I got into the guitar, I got into Joe Satriani and liked mostly Rock. I went from there to Jazz, and now I play mostly Pop, Country and Rock.

5. Name the musician or singer that you were the MOST excited to play with/for? (no pleasing the boss by saying Danny….)

Well, there have been a few, but, one that comes to mind is when I played a Cinco De Mayo show in Franklin, TN for Michael McDonald. Maestro (Danny’s keyboard player) played on that gig, also. I never thought I’d be playing “Taking it to the Streets” with Michael, himself! It was such an honor!

6. What is the BEST gig you’ve ever had? The funniest? The one you’d NEVER want to do again?

Wow. It’s hard to decide!

I’d say one of my “best” gigs was playing for artist Ken Reynolds in Bermuda. We were there a week helping a local church’s music department.

It was one of the “best” because

1. The people were so gracious and fun.

2. We had a LOT of down time to enjoy Bermuda! It’s so beautiful!

“Funny”…well, I played in a wedding band years ago and had to wear a bright, shiny, gold shirt. And, the only extra shirt they had for me was about 4 sizes too big! It went down to my knees!

The gig I “never want to do again” isn’t the one that doesn’t pay well, or the one with lousy music, but, it’s the gig with people I can’t depend on or can’t get along with. If you have cool people around you, you can get through a bad gig. But, if you don’t have good people with you, it’s a struggle the whole time.

7. What fuels your creativity?

I love affecting people in a positive way with music. When I play a cool guitar lick that makes a band mate holler, or write a song that makes my wife smile, or when I’m playing in front of a crowd and everyone is really feeling it and having fun, it’s so fulfilling. It keeps me in the game. It makes me want to create more to bring people together to inspire them and give them joy.

8. What would your band mates say will keep you from being thrown off the bus?

Hmmm. Oh, I know! Cake. My wife recently made a cake for Danny and all of us to take on the bus. That’s my “ in”. I have a wife who makes yummy food!

9. What’s your hidden talent that the world doesn’t know about?

I can make flatulent noises with my hands. It’s great for practical jokes! :0)

10. Do you care to share anything personal about yourself? Family? Favorite type of food? The one thing that drives you NUTS?

  • Though I have a German last name, Lutz (Pronouced “Loots”), I’m 50% Italian.
  • I’m a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
  • I’ve been married 8 years and I have a 6-year-old boy.
  • I love lasagna, pizza, and a good steak, and I have a HUGE sweet tooth!
  • One thing that drives me nuts is when someone drives slowly in the passing lane.

11. What is your favorite song to perform from Hope In Front of Me?

They’re all great, but, if I had to choose one, it would be “Better Than Gold”. A couple runners up are “Take it to the Limit” and “Pretty Beautiful”.

Josh has his own webpage: You can find his twitter, facebook and instagram accounts from his page. There’s two VERY important people in Josh’s life, Bekah and Elijah Lutz!

Thanks, Josh! We hope to see you performing for many, many years!! — iheartdannygokey

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