Get to Know the Danny Gokey Band: Maestro Lightford

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Get to Know the Band. Eleven Questions!

  1. What instruments do you play? Do you sing, too?

I play piano professionally, but I can also play a little saxophone. If singing is what Danny does, then I can not say I sing. LOL!!!!

  1. What was your inspiration to make music your career?

Knowing that I would hate doing anything else

  1. Where were you raised? Where do you call home?

Nashville, TN

  1. What is your favorite genre of music to play? To listen to?

My favorite genre to listen to and play is jazz

  1. Name the musician or singer that you were the MOST excited to play with/for? (no pleasing the boss by saying Danny….)

It would easily be Kirk Whalum. He is the ultimate musician because he is extremely gifted and talented, but he also possesses the character of a true Christian.

  1. What is the BEST gig you’ve ever had? The funniest? The one you’d NEVER want to do again?

Best Gig: playing with Michael McDonald on his Christmas record

Funniest: Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar with Miss Jackie Wilson (so many crazy things happened in that place)

Worst Gig: I don’t want to talk about. LOL!!!!!

  1. What fuels your creativity?

All the events that go on in my everyday life (meeting people, losing loved ones, walking in the park, deadlines, etc.).

  1. What would your band mates say will keep you from being thrown off the bus?

I’m the musical director. LOL!!!!!!

  1. What’s your hidden talent that the world doesn’t know about?

I can read people’s mind……………Yes I can…………YES I CAN………..Told you…………LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Do you care to share anything personal about yourself? Family? Favorite type of food? The one thing that drives you NUTS?

My favorite food is beans, rice, and cornbread OR a “Double Butter Sandwich”. The “Double Butter Sandwich” is a sandwich I created years ago that consist of peanut butter and apple butter.

  1. What is your favorite song of HIFOM to play in concert? Why?

Better Than Gold because it has such a great groove.

Westfield Danny and Maestro

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  1. I love how your always smiling what a warm feeling you get watching you guys. You must be very content with your life😁

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