“Christmas is Here” Album Art and Song List

Christmas is Here final

Danny Gokey’s new Christmas Album will get the holiday season started early

for his fans with the release of his lead single “Lift Your Eyes” on Friday, September 25th. The “Christmas is Here” becomes available on Friday, October 16th!   Let us know what you think of the album art, the new single and your favorite on the song list!  Christmas Is Here Pre-Order

  1. What Christmas Means to Me
  2. The Most Wonderful Time
  3. White Christmas
  4. Mary, Did You Know?
  5. The Christmas Song
  6. Lift Up Your Eyes
  7. O Holy Night
  8. This Christmas
  9. Give Me Jesus
  10. Christmas is Here

When we get the list of 16 city stops for the Christmas tour, we will be sure to share it!

11 thoughts on ““Christmas is Here” Album Art and Song List

  1. While I love many of the classics, I’m most interested in hearing the other original song, “Christmas is Here”. I’ve seen Danny comment that he will be performing one or two of his Christmas songs in his October concerts! Normally that’s too early for Christmas music for me, but I’m making an exception this time!!

  2. Are you suggesting that I’m one of those people that would listen to Christmas music all year round????

    Ok, maybe I do…. but I do take down my Christmas lights each year!!


  3. Pre-ordered the Christmas album on Amazon yesterday . I will buy the Christmas album on iTunes , too 🙂

  4. Finally figure out how to shop on Amazon.That means I dont need to bother my fellows in the US anymore,They must feel
    relieved LOL.But since I hardly listen to any music while driving,I surely wanna download it on iTunes.

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