Thank you for visiting this new site home for fans and supporters of Danny Gokey and his music. Please consider adding us via facebook.com/DannyGokeyNews and twitter @dannygokeynewz; you can also Follow our blog by email with the easy opt-in here! We’re so glad you stopped by!

We welcome your suggestions for the site as we stand it up for new friends, and regular readers and posters from iheartdannygokey.com.

10 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Helllloooooo!

    So nice to see some of you remembering how to create an account!

    Since I have a few days to copy out posts from iheartDG and import them here (when I’m not working at the office or around my house….). If you think there is something we should “SAVE” from ihrtDG and bring on over here, please list it in a comment and I’ll see what I can do to capture it. I will have to work on my copy and paste skills. The posts about “Get to know the Band” didn’t translate to this version of WordPress all that well…. But at least they are saved for now.

    Also, are any of you able to see the @dannygokeynewz posts on twitter? They don’t show up for me. Not sure why…. Please notice that on Twitter we had to substitute a Z for the S in “news”. A no longer used twitter account has our name and they haven’t replied to my message to them. They actually follow IhrtDG! They may never reply…

    I definitely will pull over the post on the Beating Hearts Tour since that keeps Danny busy the whole month of October.

  2. Thank you Jan and Steph for all the work you’re doing. So happy we’ll be able to continue supporting Danny through this site along with all our friendships.

    I noticed that there is no way I can go back and edit. I better proof read more. I make so many mistakes.. 😉

  3. Thanks, Cindy. It’s been a crazy week and I don’t think either Steph and I are getting much sleep….. We didn’t know we’d have such little time to put up a new site. Thankfully Steph had done a lot of research and we had played with it offline a bit before Amy’s announcement came!

    As far as editing comments, I’d like that too if I wasn’t an administrator. I’ve been known to leave out the “NOT” when writing something and it completely messes with my message! I did find a plug in we could try, but I’m leaving that to smart administrators discretion. I really don’t want to break things…

    Hopefully we will have something that works in the near future. Thanks for the excellent suggestion. Keep them coming!

    And in the meanwhile, if anyone makes a HUGE faux pas and you want it removed or corrected you can post a comment and I can delete it and the offending mistake 🙂

  4. thanks for the question Cindy. So far as I can tell, with this site the commenters do not have access to edit their comments (sorry!). But Jan or I can always go in and make edits as you request.

    There are plug-in’s for WordPress sites that are independently maintained like Amy had at iheart. What we are trying here is a little simpler and less expensive, and thus has some different ways of doing things. One of those of those is that they give us a specific set of plug-ins, and we can’t add new ones on our own.

    The comment editing feature at iheart, and the smiley selection for the comments, were both add-ons with plug-ins that don’t have a mirror here.

  5. I appreciate all that you.. Steph, ( are you ADMIN2 ), and Jan are doing. The simpler the better. I’m fine without the “edit” and “smiley” buttons. I can’t imagine how much work this must be for you both. I don’t understand any of what you have done, but am very grateful. ♥

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