181 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 9/14 – 9/27 Discussion

  1. Sigh. I think I just lost a post . . .

    Steph, I don’t like nested posts. It’s difficult to see a new post if it’s in response to a fairly old post, and that is true regardless of whether you have the posts set up oldest to newest or newest to oldest. The responding post is likely to get buried in the middle of the page.

    On old to new vs. new to old, I’m good either way, but the latter may allow for less mousing and get new visitors into the discussion faster. Maybe. 😉

  2. I’ve changed it back to have the newest comments at the bottom of the page. But left that it will page older comments in groups of 60 so there is less scrolling if we have a long discussion going.

    Let’s see how that feels?

    Ellen, your other post is there, it may have just seemed to go missing as I was playing around with everything 🙁

  3. “I don’t like nested posts.”

    I don’t either. I like old posts first, new posts at the bottom. If I’m going to write something, I’m going to the bottom anyway. I don’t want to go back to the top or look through the middle to see if anything was changed or added. I like reading the comments the way I read a book–just go to where I left off last time.

    I think this is the way you have it now. Good job! (I think it’s a good job because it’s the way I like. 🙂 )

  4. “There likely are peeps who still don’t know iheartDG is closed, or who have gone there and have no idea a new site has taken its place.”

    Maybe more tweets about if they are missing iheart to come to this site? I don’t know. I would have missed the change if I had not seen this link in the last discussion page at the old site.

  5. It was discussed to provide a pointer from the ihdg closing page to let people know about this site. That didn’t fit Amy’s intent.

    Some tweets mentioning @ihrt might not hurt. At least we were able to use some before the social media and site closed. It will take a while to build up the followers. The counts at ihrt were certainly higher although I believe not all of those follower accounts were still active. There are a lot of stale accounts especially on twitter.

  6. I think one site closed, but another opened and reference to the new site would have been nice. There are many fans of Danny’s that enjoy getting up-to-date information without traveling the internet. Thanks again to Jan and Steph. 🙂 Iheart continues.. just with a new name. ♥

  7. I put two posts in the wrong place. I meant to put them here, so I’m copying them and bringing them over.

  8. 💡 The question mark smiley and the ! smiley sort of look like the top of a head (two eyes showing). I wonder if the idea smiley looks like the top of a head with a light bulb above it.

    I ask, and I will see.

  9. “Is Danny allowed to mentioned the new site on his Twitter?”

    I believe Jan said he posts some of her tweets from the site.

  10. Jan,
    If you post eight tweets in a row, you might feel the difference from before. Instead of looking above you to see the tweet you just posted, you must click on newer posts (when there is more than one page). I was lost for a short time, but I figured it out. 🙂

    I like saying “figured it out.” I wonder the origin of that phrase. I could look it up, but I don’t wish to do that. It will be a little mystery for right now.

  11. This is the most comments I’ve made in a row on the new site. I didn’t like making them when my name would show up over and over on the side. That gave me a feeling that I talked too much.

    Now that names are hidden at the bottom, I feel I have a little more privacy. I’m here in the posts but not on the side in the headlines. 🙂

  12. Hello Gokey fans! I just wanted to jot a quick note and say that the two admins, Steph and Jan, have done an amazing job on the new site. It looks good and is easy to navigate. Very good job, ladies!

  13. All of you are better at thinking of ways to get “Danny Gokey News” out to everyone. I’m sure over time our old friends will find us. 🙂

  14. it’s been a while from checking on YT stats

    HIFOM lyric video – closing on 3M! 2,972,427
    HIFOM official video – 1,938,664

    #More official lyric video – 503,503

    IWMSG Vevo – 698,755
    MBDAAOM Vevo – 488,093

    plus easily 2M or more additional from fan videos, radio station and other unofficial versions on YT

  15. I’ve update our post about the new single to include the youTube with the full song! http://t.co/BA6zXizbr2

    I see it was provided by this company so I decided to do a little research:
    The Orchard Enterprises, Inc. provides music, video, and film/television show distribution services. The company offers theatrical, digital and physical, pay and cable television, and subscription on-demand services to audience/viewers/fans. It provides its products to theaters, digital retailers, and physical stores worldwide. The company was founded in 1997 and is based in New York, New York with additional offices in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. As of July 29, 2010, The Orchard Enterprises, Inc. was taken private. The Orchard Enterprises, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

  16. Nice post Jan going back to the first post-AI concert!

    On an admin note, I’ve added some misc notices/explanations to our About page below the general history of the site, DG contact info etc. in the About section.

    This site has some items that work just like ihdg wrt the areas where New Music and other items of interest in discussion may be linked; those associations are disclosed in the About page for your information. There’s also a link to the privacy info/etc in the footer of every page.

    Other procedures are a little different running on WordPress.com, and as Jan and I now have more direct role in all aspects of the new site we’re figuring it out bit by bit, I hope.

    Comments or questions on anything in the About section or elsewhere as we are finetuning the site always welcome.

    I also tweaked some of the fonts this afternoon, let me know if that causes anyone any difficulty, or if you like it one way vs. the other.

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