181 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 9/14 – 9/27 Discussion

  1. I got the periscope app. Unfortunately, whenever I try to watch anything on it, it freezes and says trying to reconnect. I would have loved to see that video Leyicet did. I’m glad you enjoyed it, though. By the way, what song did Danny sing? 😀

  2. Kelly, I sometimes have trouble with Periscope doing that on my phone…. were you on your computer or phone?

    When I copy the link and play it on my computer (on Chrome, not Internet Explorer) it plays great.

    Hi Kathy! Nice to see you! I just approved your comment. So nice to hear your daughter was complimentary to Danny’s voice and song.

    I think Danny’s management is on a roll with him. I am excited for the future. We just need that Spanish album distributed so that Lurker can get it…. and MY Christmas is coming my SOON! Friday for the single. 🙂

  3. I have a kindle fire. I don’t own a computer, but I can try copying the link to my kindle and see if it works. Thank you for the advice. Have a great day. 😀🌈

  4. Hi Kelly, I agree with your daughter.

    I watch the Periscope videos on Chrome. Danny sang Hope In Front of Me. It took them a while to get on the right key. When they did… it was great. It was nice to hear the song sang in a different key, too.

    I hope the future takes us to as many avenues as Danny can go…

  5. CINDY3 I don’t have any children. Who’s daughter are you referring to. I only said the periscope app doesn’t work for me. But, I’m going to try copying the link to my kindle to see if it works.

  6. I’m so sorry, Kelly. That’s why I need to always wear my glasses. 🙁

    So, I guess I was answering Kathy. 🙂 “Hi, Kathy.”

  7. Also.. Should I have said, “sang”, or “sung” in my previous post? Is it you Lurker, that taught English? I can’t remember. Thank you.

  8. Hi, Cindy,
    Yes, I did teach English before I switched to math.
    Usage is changing (as it often does over time). I will explain the usage I would choose.
    “It was nice to hear the song sang in a different key, too.”

    Compare: sing, sang, sung and do, did, done. If you had used a form of do (instead of a form of sing), you would perhaps have written “It was nice to hear the song done in a different key, too” choosing done (third form of do, did, done). I would also choose the third form of sing, sang, sung and use sung.

    Sung is used with a helping verb such as “was” or “have” as in “It was sung” or “I have sung.”

    You don’t see a helping word in your sentence because you used an elliptical expression. An elliptical expression has a word or words left out. It is okay to use an elliptical expression–not only okay, but often better–as long as the meaning is clear. Your meaning is clear, but you may miss using the verb form you want because you don’t see your helping word.

    If you had written: “It was nice to hear how the song sounded when it was sung in a different key, too,” you could see the helping word “was.” I would use the verb form sung because there is a helping verb.

    As I said above, usage changes. I am still making choices based on what I first studied. Other people might make different choices.

    I apologize for writing so much.

  9. “It was nice to hear the song sang in a different key, too.”

    That’s interesting. I think of “she sang” the song as needing the person who is acting out the verb.

    Where I might say, “It was nice to hear the song sung in a different key” because I would think about how a song ‘was sung” by the choir, and “sung” seems to be in reference primarily to the song. Where “sang” seems to be in reference primarily to the singer.

    Or something like that.

    I was never an English teacher.


  10. Cindy wrote: “It was nice to hear the song sang in a different key, too.”

    Steph wrote: I might say, “It was nice to hear the song sung in a different key.”

    I chose sung (same as Steph did), but Steph did it in a lot fewer words.

  11. Oh my goodness. You women are so smart. You must have been a great teacher, Lurker. So… I should have used “sung.” I think it sounds better. I write too fast, and without the “edit” button I can’t go back. I learn a lot on this site. 🙂 Thank you.

  12. mr. blue seems shy. but we have this fellow (?) to hang out with =^-^=


    I’ve added a new page to the top menu with a list of Danny’s musical catalog and other projects. If I missed anything, or there’s information you think we should include — leave me a note in the Discussion page and I’ll take a look.

  13. Some of them are a little ~quirkly looking.

    So — ok. I cannot type tonight either.

    Or did I invent a new word. I kind of like it. 😎

  14. I added another October date to Danny’s event calendar. Assembly of God at Warner Robins, Georgia on October 18. Free concert.

  15. So…. you all probably know by now that I am also fanatic about my home football team…. so….

    YAY! Packers win 27 to 17 against Seahawks. \0/

  16. Thank you, Jan. I was just looking around at this new site. I hadn’t really done it before. You and Steph should feel really proud. You’ve done an amazing job! ☺ ♫♪♫

  17. Every little addition feels like an accomplishment.

    Now we just need 20,000 followers here, on Facebook and twitter…

    Well…. we just hit 200!


  18. Lurker is quite the :star: 🌟 testing our smileys here 🙂

    I added a link to the page which has the list of supported smileys to this site, under the top menu. See About / Resources.

  19. “I added a link to the page which has the list of supported smileys to this site, under the top menu. See About / Resources.”

    That link helps. 8 – )

  20. Jan, you gotta start somewhere. I don’t think a lot of people know about dannygokeynewz yet. Oops. I think twitter has the “z” but the site name has the traditional “s.” My bad.

  21. Jan, I don’t know who Rodney Ho is, but I vaguely remember him as being somewhat negative to Danny. But that article was pretty straightforward and positive. Nothing like success to win people over. ‘Course Danny would tell him, “You don’t have to win me over!” 😉

  22. Yup, Ellen. Danny won me over with Grapevine on Idol….

    Danny has included a snippet of “This Christmas” on his official Facebook page 🙂

  23. Love reading all the posts. The “bowling” video was so cute. Daniel and his Daddy even dress the same. 🙂

    I’m sure with time .. Danny Gokey News will have lots and lots of followers. ☼♥

  24. I loved when Danny performed You Are So Beautiful on Idol, but when I hear Danny sing What Hurts the Most.. that takes me back all those years ago. I’m so happy for the joy and happiness he has in his life now. Just like this site.. new beginnings.

    What songs take all of you back to Danny’s early days?

  25. Cindy, my Jazzercise instructor has a killer routine to “Maria Marie”. It was my husband’s fave song of Danny’s on the Idol Tour. I liked it, too. But I am not so sure I like it anymore….

    When I hear “My Wish”, “Jesus Take the Wheel” or any of the songs from MBD it takes me back. Or even Mercy Me’s “I Can Only Imagine” I loved when Danny sang that at the Joyce Meyer event. So emotional and beautiful..

    I guess I should have seen Danny’s career in CCM coming….. 😉

  26. Just looked at these numbers for Christmas album:

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #825 in Music (See Top 100 in Music) #33 in Music > Christian > Pop & Contemporary

    I had looked earlier this morning. At that time, it was #68 (now #33). Instead of #825, I think it was around #2200.

  27. Sometimes I’m reading an article or listening to an interview with Danny, notice the attached picture and think “I wish I had his lips.” I’ve never wished for the beard though.

  28. It is nice that men can hide a double chin with a beard. Women sometimes use the “holding face in hand(s) pose” for that purpose. Women posing for pictures (examples: singer, actress, politician).

    The “holding face” pose is not practical for actually doing something except posing.

    Well, sometimes I get sleepy and sit and hold my face in my hands. Don’t think it looks the same as “the pose.”

  29. Ha-ha, Lurker. 🙂

    I thought the interview with Danny was interesting. I didn’t know about his name change. It looks like “It’s Not Over” won’t be a single. 🙁 Exciting news about Danny’s new album.

  30. Hi everyone

    You might notice that I moved the discussion post from the top of the main page and put a Discussion button on the top right (below the header). Thought that would give Jan’s news posts space to be highlighted at the top of the site.

    The discussion post brings you to the latest discussion page, and will have previous discussion posts once we’ve been running long to have more than one 😉

    Let us know if that is ok, or you find it annoying >:(

  31. Beards also hide aging necks. But I’m not willing to have a beard to hide my neck…. I have learned that stretching my head forward will reduce a sagging chin. Things everybody needs to know, right?

    I had heard about the Danny vs Dan vs Daniel question a long time ago. That’s why it use to annoy me when a few fans felt they could pattern after Danny’s family and call him Dan. I felt it was… presumptuous? I don’t know why it bothered me. I have no problem with people shortening my legal name (which isn’t Jan) on their own….

    Steph and I are still tweaking the site. And I’m learning what I can do and can’t do with posts. I use to be able to embed an Instagam video. I failed with the Dannys bowling video… But the sound cloud interview loaded like a dream! Trial and error….

  32. PS. Lurker, I have to think whether I’ve ever envied anything of Danny….I know I wouldn’t mind having HALF of Leyicet’s hair!

    New topic.

    I’ve been snooping around looking for Danny’s Christmas tour. I have a theory. Steph knows my theory. Hopefully the new tour will be announced (my) soon!

    This is the ONLY clue Danny has officially given us:

    a 16-date Christmas tour in December

    from DannyGokey.com/news

  33. It will help highlight the other posts. I wasn’t looking at them because I was thinking anything new was at the top.

    What about the things that were on the side? Where are they now?

  34. “That’s why it use to annoy me when a few fans felt they could pattern after Danny’s family and call him Dan. I felt it was… presumptuous?”

    I was irritated by this also. It was as though a fan would call him Dan trying to make it appear they had a close relationship with him.

  35. The other things in the sidebar are still there, just pushed down a little more.

    Jan was not a fan of my button idea ^^’ But I am still trying ideas. 💡

    I’ve added a Discussion link in the top menu as another way to get to the discussion area. Let’s see how that works out?

    This site is a blog vs. the way ihrt has designed. To optimize it we need to try out some variations to see what is best.

  36. In some interviews or talks, I’ve heard Danny say “I wrote this song because…” His saying “I wrote this song” intimates that he is the only writer. If it is a song with multiple writers, I think he should know who the writers are and give them credit during an introduction. A brief mention of their names would be enough.

  37. “I’ve added a Discussion link in the top menu as another way to get to the discussion area. Let’s see how that works out?”

    I like the link you added. Is it working? Is the normal amount of traffic coming to the discussion page? If not, would it help to add the dates of the current pages to the link?

    Example: Discussion: 9/14 – 9/27.

    (Might not be possible. I would not want to be an admin. Too much thinking involved and too much work. I need a dizzy head smiley here.)

  38. Hey Lurker, the traffic to the discussion page has definitely dropped off, but picked up on the single post? So I think the jury is out on whether the button is “working’ for people coming to our blog. I saw that you commented by looking at the discussion column lower on the page.

    Is anyone else using that to see where new comments have come in? Mjs uses that feature but ihrtDG never had it.

    I want to add that telling my husband I’m going to work on a DGNews post isn’t working for me, yet. I keep slipping and he corrects me by telling me that ihrtDG is gone…. Anyone else having identification issues?

    I think the traffic here is pretty reasonable considering how new we are. I just really miss have 2,000+ followers on twitter, nearly 1,400 on Facebook. When I tweeted something for ihrtDG I felt it was being seen by a reasonably sized audience.

  39. Nice album placements on the iTunes list per MJs:

    684. Danny Gokey – Hope in Front of Me
    706. Pentatonix – PTX, Vol. 1
    822. Colton Dixon – Anchor
    823. Leona Lewis – I Am (Deluxe)
    904. Empire Cast – Empire: Music From ‘Without a Country’ – EP
    905. Danny Gokey – Christmas Is Here

    On Christian iTunes
    HIFOM #44
    CIH #62

    Danny’s team hasn’t started any promotion for #CIH. Only people that follow Danny closely and see his posts would even know it’s out. I wonder what is in store for it? I’m waiting for that Christmas Tour announcement!

  40. Hi everyone-Steph and Jan you did a fantastic job-it looks really good and you have very little time to figure this out

  41. Hi everyone-Steph and Jan you did a fantastic job-it looks really good and you have very little time to figure this out. Excuse me if I duplicate posts-I am having difficulty with word Press-it is driving me crazy!

  42. Hi Pam, welcome! It was just moderating the first post here on this site. Thanks for stopping in!

  43. Hi Lurker, great ideas. Will keeping watching, I see Pam found the page at least.

    I’d rather not add specific dates as we’d have to change the button and link every time there’s a new discussion post. And I was playing with it, I liked it best to keep the discussion button small so it wouldn’t push down the other things the sidebar.

    Maybe “This Week’s Discussion” or “Join the Discussion” ?

    There is the sidebar box that has recent comments. I can play around with that area to move it to a different place, but I wasn’t sure if everyone liked that feature. We did not have it at ihrt.

  44. Gotta run, but just had to say I agree with the presumptuous use of ‘Dan’ by fans, so strange-although I could see him saying ok if a fan asked him if they could call him that (he’s being polite). It was pretty obvious ‘Danny’ was his chosen career name and the only reason I can see for a post-Idol acquaintance to call him ‘Dan’ is to falsely imply you are friend/family vs a fan. I’ve even seen post-Idol friends (like Matt Giraud) call him ‘Danny’ not Dan.
    Of course, no harm, no foul…..just another interesting drama of the strangeness of the whole ‘fan’ world and social media.
    I haven’t listened to the interview, but it sounds like he is setting the record straight.
    Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend-Fall is my favorite season.

  45. Here’s another question – does everyone like the current format with the most recent comments showing last , or would you rather have the newer comments at the top of the page?

    I kept it the same as ihrt when we came online here, but it can be adjusted. We can also have nested comments but I had a vague memory at the last site that we didn’t like that.

  46. Steph, I think newest first might be worth a try? You have to go a long way to get to the comments when we hit over 100. And we are at 152 with this one! BTW, This Monday a new post goes up…. I snuck in a picture when Steph put up the discussion post. (a hold over from ihrtDG…) Do people like to see a picture at the top? Sometimes I add a message, credit or some “Newsie” type thing, too…)

  47. Hi Pam! Such a gorgeous stretch of weather we are having in Wisconsin, eh? I’m about to throw open all the windows and clean/seal my kitchen cabinets. Then I’ll head outside for the rest of the afternoon, evening!

    Considering Danny calls his son “Danny”, also, I think he is very fond of the name 😉

  48. One more comment before I run errands-I think the button at the top works very well. I didn’t even read how to use it, just figured it out. For new visitors ‘This Week’s Discussion” sounds like a good way to clarify its meaning.
    No real preference on the newest on top vs bottom-by the time I visit I have to scroll a lot anyway. But for frequent visitors it may make a difference?

  49. “does everyone like the current format with the most recent comments showing last ”

    Yes, I like this.

  50. This is an alternate way of how the comments could work. With the newest at the top.

    And paging the comments if it goes over 50 to more than one page.

  51. It can page in different blocks than 50 on a page, that is just the default.

    One thing I’m not sure I like with the new comments at the top, is that to add a new comment you have to scroll to the end anyway.

  52. It might’ve helped if the “iheartDG site is now closed” page had a cross-reference to the “DGNews” site. Or if there had been a longer transition period before closure. (The announcement itself was not displayed prominently, especially in the beginning.) It caught me off guard, and I check in pretty regularly. There likely are peeps who still don’t know iheartDG is closed, or who have gone there and have no idea a new site has taken its place.

  53. Well the heck with newest comments first if you have to scroll to the bottom to leave a comment, Steph! New visitors would see the discussion upside down and not realize they could scroll to the bottom to leave a comment. 🙁

    I mean Admin 😉

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