Single Art! “Lift Up Your Eyes”

Lift Up Your Eyes

Danny Gokey’s next single’s artwork for “Lift Up Your Eyes,” from his upcoming album Christmas Is Here, is here!

Which do you like better?

The “This is Christmas” artwork (ย of Danny in front of the fire) or the artwork from “Lift Up Your Eye”?

I’ll wait a little bit to give you MY opinion….. but….ย

11 thoughts on “Single Art! “Lift Up Your Eyes”

  1. This picture was actually used when Danny was promoting the album at the Christian Retailers show!

    Des, to change how your name appears next to your gravator, you can go to and edit it. I had to do the same thing! Your name and gravatar will be the same at all WordPress websites.

    Sorry to whom ever I edited out of this photo….. it was all about Danny and the new CD….


  2. I love it very hard decision but it’s all yours sure you will make the right choice just like you did with your CD hope in front of me it’s the best CD ever

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