Danny Gokey Band Shows Their Moves

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When Danny Gokey was on Season 8 of “American Idol” there was some debate on whether he could dance while he was singing.

We think Danny has figured it out and knows to keep it simple.  Danny rocking out with his band is SO much fun to watch! Enjoy this short segment of the DG Band showing their choreographed moves to Danny’s song “Better Than Gold” at New Glarus’ Family Fest.

Watch (from left to right) as Joshua Lutz, Maestro Lightford, Danny Gokey, Eric Ramey and drummer Jeff Pegues show their moves!

4 thoughts on “Danny Gokey Band Shows Their Moves

  1. Cindy, that is a bandana…. I am saving the story of the bandana for another post. #EdAtWork

  2. I listen to your music all day when. I am home love it it’s very rewarding to see your you guys having a good time

  3. Hi Nancy! Thanks for joining us at DGNews. Your comments will post immediately since I approved your 1st one. Jan of DGNews

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