Danny Gokey joins Karyn Williams on “You Are My Rest”

Karyn Williams DG

Oct 22 update – check for more recent news on Karyn’s new music and Danny Gokey collaboration in our October post here!

While we await release of Christmas Is Here, we think you will enjoy listening to Danny Gokey join Karyn Williams on her song “You Are My Rest.” It was just released today and debuted on radio. We have also included a “behind the music” video.

To listen and learn more, check out You Are My Rest on Karyn Williams’ website.

video via Karyn Williams YT

4 thoughts on “Danny Gokey joins Karyn Williams on “You Are My Rest”

  1. Danny and Karyn have a little history. Per our Ihrt archives I found this post I remembered:

    Join artist Karyn Williams, along with Mark Schultz, Danny Gokey, Mike’s Chair, and a few other surprise guests you won’t want to miss at the Hunger to Hope Concert on April 22nd!

    You can make a $25 dollar donation at the door, and that doesn’t just get you in to hear some great music, you’ll be making a difference in the lives of men and women right here in our city at Nashville Rescue Mission. Tuesday, April 22 (2014) at 7 PM at Rocketown.

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