Danny Gokey Hits the Interview Rounds: TV, Radio, Print

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Danny Gokey was clearly making the interview rounds!

Local 5 Live -WFRV in Green Bay, Wisconsin   by Lisa Malak

Watch it HERE

“American Idol Bits”
By RODNEY HO/ rho@ajc.com- the Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Danny Gokey will be performing in Atlanta for the first time in years at Marietta’s Jim R. Miller Park on Friday at the North Georgia Fair. (Details here.) He has now become a successful contemporary Christian artist after a brief foray into country….

“I really enjoyed being in the country music realm,” said Gokey in a phone interview today. “I’m not sure they enjoyed me.” He said that with a chuckle, adding, “I may have had too much faith. I wanted to share my faith everywhere I went.” (Indeed, he was probably not obsessed enough with bro-country topics like beer, fishin’ by the creek and hanging in a flat-bed truck with his lady friend in short shorts by his side.)

It made logical sense for him to pivot and try the contemporary Christian  route although he admits he was more familiar with gospel and praise-and-worship music.”

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Upcoming broadcast on The Family radio!

Danny’s interview with Randy Streu will air Thursday, September 24th on 91.9/91.5 The Family radio  at 7:05 AM -CST.  Listen online HERE.

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One thought on “Danny Gokey Hits the Interview Rounds: TV, Radio, Print

  1. No comments on whether Country Radio loved Danny, back???? I think some radio stations really liked him (Madison) and some clearly weren’t as enthralled. Most of Texas? But in the Christian genre, Texas loves Danny big time!!

    Also, if you read the full article, Danny reveals a bit more on how he met Leyicet on Twitter. Things some of us may have already knew…. http://www.iheartdannygokey.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

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