Flashback! Danny Gokey’s First Post “American Idol” Concert!

MSMC Darla 6 (400x298)Six years ago, Danny Gokey’s fans weren’t sure what was going to happen for their favorite artist. The “American Idol” Live Tour was over. Danny had signed a record deal, but not many details were coming out. What kind of music would he release? Would there even be an album? Would his fans get to see a full DG concert?

Then we discovered that Danny would be performing at Mount Saint Mary College in Upstate New York. It was scheduled for September 27, 2009!  A few of his ardent fans made a special trip to see Danny’s first post Idol concert! Perhaps the following video is a harbinger of his becoming a successful Christian music artist?

We’d love to see Danny cover Mercy Me’s huge hit, “I Can Only Imagine”, at a future concert!

Our thanks to BackStreetDarlin’s Videos for still having this available for us to enjoy!

Six year’s later!  What do you see that is different? What do you see that’s the same? We’d love to read your observations.

6 thoughts on “Flashback! Danny Gokey’s First Post “American Idol” Concert!

  1. I remember seeing some of the videos for that first concert. Not sure if video is still available but I particularly liked Jesus Take The Wheel with the background singers who were quite striking in performance & interacting with Danny’s lead vocals.

  2. I would love for Danny to sing I Can Only Imagine at a future concert as I was not at his first show 6 years ago. I know, shocker, right? Lol
    I wonder if someone were to suggest it to him at a future show (say in DePere, Jan? 😆)how receptive would he be? The song would fit in nicely in his set. 👍👌🙌

  3. I really love “I can only imagine”, Lori.

    Danny does it justice. Maybe for his indoor shoes he would consider it? I think he tries to stay mostly uptempo in his outdoor events? Has he even been singing his beautiful “This is What it Means” at outdoor shows? He didn’t in New Glarus.

  4. It could be interesting for Danny to sing the song in his indoor shoes …



    I’m not familiar with Manuela, but she has over 1M Instagram followers? Seems good.

    Lurker, I don’t know what that would be with your quirkly post behavior. I suspect Jan 😉

  5. Shoes or shows, you have to roll with my bad typing…. or I could go fix it 😉

    But I have empathy for all of you that can’t edit your own errors. So I will leave it ♡

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