Concert Recap: Danny Gokey Headlines Another Great New Glarus Family Fest!

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Last year the New Glarus Family Fest loved Danny so much, they said, “We have to bring him back as our headliner in 2015!” And that’s exactly what they did. Family Fest is a super event sponsored by Grace Church for their scenic village of New Glarus, Wisconsin. It features an outdoor church service, multiple bands, a car show, food, children’s activities and all are free!

This time Danny brought his full band! He sang many of the songs from his album “Hope in Front of Me” as well as a few cover songs.  But most exciting for me was a preview of his new Christmas song “Lift Up Your Eyes”!

Watch a video of it HERE!

Danny, Maestro Lightford, Joshua Lutz, Eric Ramey and Jeff Pegues put on a great show. Their love for the music and the fun they are having is contagious!  You can watch their dance moves on “Better Than Gold” in this POST.

New Glarus 3 (500x279)But a recap of a great concert event is not the ONLY story I have to tell.

My dear husband, Ed, had a message for Mr.Gokey. But how was Ed going to get it to Danny before the start of the concert?
Some of you may remember that last year Ed was able to simply slip into the tent where Danny and Joshua were resting prior to last year’s concert. As Ed popped through the tent flap, Danny instantly recognized Ed and greeted him with a hug.

But this did NOT make the security personnel happy that this big guy had slipped pass them on their guard.

This year, Ed’s quick scoping of the area indicated to him Danny wasn’t in a tent. He was likely housed in one of the two tour buses parked in a secured area. But Ed noticed that neither had a Tennessee license plate. They weren’t likely how Danny had traveled to New Glarus; but he was pretty confident it was were Danny’s band was waiting. (My husband is very thorough in his assessments…)

Ed and the Guards (400x225)Ed decided to try a new approach. He walked right up to the three security people at the front of bus and said he wanted to get a message to Danny. One of the guards said, “You’re the bandana guy from last year, aren’t you?” Hmmmm… it appears that Ed made quite an impression with the security folks last year…..

“You can’t see Danny” they told Ed. Just then Tony and Joshua stepped down from the bus. “Hi, Ed!” said Joshua. Oh. This changed the attitude of the guards…. Ed told the guys that he didn’t need to see Danny, he just wanted to get a message to him. Ed handed over an envelope.   It contained this picture and this message:

The previous week we saw a picture of Danny performing at a Florida concert with an old friend at his side. He had a white towel hanging from his pocket. We know that artists that put on a high energy show get mighty hot and sweaty. Danny puts everything into his shows as he dances, jumps and gets the crowd going. And that sometimes the towel becomes part of his show wardrobe…. and when it heads to the microphone, it can detract from our favorite singer!

Final New G

Well, this is how Danny performed at New Glarus. We’ll leave it to you on whether Ed’s message will have any lasting effect.  But we did hear from the band that the message gave Danny a good laugh, and I’m pretty sure that was what was most important to Ed!

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5 thoughts on “Concert Recap: Danny Gokey Headlines Another Great New Glarus Family Fest!

  1. Thanks, Lurker! When Ed came downstairs wearing that shirt, I just smiled. He does a great job of picking the right shirt for the job

  2. Lol, i think Ed is missing the prison and he wants to come back! Those security personnel sure looks friendly though!
    The last time I made a comment on one of Danny’s pictures performing with a towel, Danny did ‘like’ my comment on FB, lol!

  3. Hahaha good job, Ed! Thanks for the laugh, Jan. The note is priceless. 😅

    As for the towel, at least Danny doesn’t drape it over the mic stand. 👌 LOL

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