Triple Treat! Danny Gokey Returns to Wisconsin for a Sold Out Show

2015-10-02 De Pere 17 (266x400)

It’s true, I’ve attended a few Danny Gokey concerts. But this one goes down as one of my special ones! Danny Gokey and his band returned to Wisconsin to perform at St Mark’s Lutheran Church in De Pere, Wisconsin.  What a triple treat it was!

FIRST Treat: Attending the Q & A with Danny before the show and watching this cool acoustic performance of “Pretty Beautiful”.  Danny sounds great and Joshua Lutz does a beautiful acoustic accompaniment.

Opening for Danny was Mike Westendorf; a talented guy who mixes being a musician with being a meteorologist working with students at the University of Milwaukee. To see Mike’s performance on Green Bay’s Channel 5 click THIS link.

Mike Westendorf with DG band (400x225)

Pictured L to R:  Eric Ramey, Joshua Lutz, Danny Gokey, Adam Westendorf, Mike Westendorf, Maestro Lightford and Bernard Bell

SECOND treat:  And who joined him on stage to sing?  Rhonda Gokey! Danny’s talented mom.  They sang a duet that I have a short clip of below.  (Mike and Rhonda are on the same praise and worship team at their church.) Danny was watching from the rear of the church.  (I could tell by the smile that came onto Rhonda’s face when she looked out into the crowd.)

North Branch Photo 3 (267x400)

Photo courtesy of North Branch Photography!

THIRD Treat: During the intermission and after the show, the venue played Danny’s Christmas album on a loop! You are going to LOVE this album.  If you aren’t going to one of Danny’s upcoming shows, you can find “Christmas Is Here” available here or here.

2015-10-02 De Pere 21 (260x400)

Ok, there MAY have been a few more treats…. it was a high energy show and the crowd loved Danny, the DG Band, Mike and his performance. Our thanks to High Gear Promotions for organizing such a great event!

And I did have a little time to get some questions answered What did I find out?

  • Danny did co-write both original songs on “Christmas is Here”
  • “Lift Up Your Eyes” will be available for radio stations to download and start playing on October 5th.
  • Danny didn’t know the official radio impact date for his new single, but he guessed it would be late November.
  • The Christmas tour will be an acoustic show. We won’t be seeing Danny’s full band.  (We will miss them on tour, but Danny’s voice is great when the music is stripped down, too.)
  • Danny is very supportive of
  • When he gets negative comments or people “correcting him” on his Facebook posts he admits he does get annoyed…. he asked us to pray for him. 😉
  • He felt that “American Idol” should have ended a year or two ago as the ratings started to sink– and then it could have regrouped and come back!
2015-10-02 De Pere 33 (400x310)
What a great night! Thanks Danny Gokey and the DG Band!!

8 thoughts on “Triple Treat! Danny Gokey Returns to Wisconsin for a Sold Out Show

  1. That’s awesome. Today is my birthday and I can’t wait for Danny’s Christmas album. 🎂🎈🎄🎁

  2. Ha Ha, as much as I have been (and think it is ok) to be critical of public figures seeking attention on a discussion blog like this one…….I would find it very annoying to have someone ‘correct’, chastise or criticize me on my own Facebook page-I’m on Mr. Gokey’s side here. Glad you had fun Jan.
    I would imagine he is very supportive of this site-when I used to follow him in Country I noticed iHeart was way more thorough/accurate than his own site;)

  3. Ok, I will correct myself (couldn’t find ‘edit’)….delete the ‘to be’ in front of critical on my first sentence 😉

  4. Thanks for the great tidbits you shared, Jan. That really was a surprise to see Rhonda Gokey on stage. She has a pretty voice. Danny’s acoustic performances are pretty beautiful too!

  5. Happy Birthday, Kelly.

    Jan, what a great post. Thank you.

    I really don’t know much about Danny’s family. His mom is so pretty and young. She sings, and Danny’s father sings, too. What a talented family. I bet Danny was proud.

    Hi, Pam. I agree.

    Have a great day, everyone. 🙂

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