Poll: Christmas Is Here Song Preview!

Christmas is Here final

Danny Gokey shared a preview of the title song from his upcoming album Christmas Is Here. Let us know what you think in our first reader poll since starting DannyGokeyNews.com!

You can hear the song preview on Danny’s official Facebook page here.  It sounds to us like Danny had the beach on his mind with this one 😉

Danny’s new project will be available just days away on October 16th! Check our New Music section or the links in this post for more about the album and Danny’s first Christmas single  to Christian radio, his original song Lift Up Your Eyes.

3 thoughts on “Poll: Christmas Is Here Song Preview!

  1. Nicely done, Steph! I mean Admin2…… but I was wondering, can I stuff the ballot box??? I heard the whole song at the De Pere concert and this snippet doesn’t do it justice, IMO….


  2. I’ve disabled the write-in option as I noticed that the new poll system doesn’t actually display the responses. Will have to look into that.

    There was one write-in comment that I’m copying here: “Cute instrumentals. Didn’t like laugh or typical oh ohs he always sprinkles in”


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