CountrysChatter Catches Up With Danny Gokey


Music fan and blogger, “Country”, from reports that it’s been five years since she heard Danny Gokey in concert! Here’s what this country blogger had to say about his portion of the “Harvest Fest 2015” last Saturday in Kingsport, Tennessee:

Danny Gokey was sixth in the line-up of artists Saturday. it was fairly obvious that while everyone in the audience was enjoying the entire show — many audience members were waiting for him.

Danny is not only a very talented vocalist, he is a great speaker, and a great entertainer.

To read Country’s full review & see her concert photos click HERE. You can follow her at @countryschatter on Twitter or on Facebook HERE.

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One thought on “CountrysChatter Catches Up With Danny Gokey

  1. I never got to meet CountrysChatter in person, as some Danny fans have done, but I did converse with her on her blog, and I follow her on Twitter. I saw that she was concerned whether there would be an opportunity to talk with Danny after the show. Sounds like she did meet up with Danny, even if there wasn’t time for a full-blown interview.


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