LISTEN to “Christmas is Here” by Danny Gokey via Yahoo! Music

Christmas is Here final
Yahoo! Music has Danny Gokey Christmas album “Christmas is Here” now up for  preview! Listen to it by clicking on this link:

Hear It First: Danny Gokey Premieres Christmas Album

Let us know what you think!

You can check out Danny’s music at our links HERE and HERE.

7 thoughts on “LISTEN to “Christmas is Here” by Danny Gokey via Yahoo! Music

  1. I love this album. Surprise, right?

    I think Keith Thomas did a superb job of capturing the essence of Danny’s soulfulness and the breadth if his range!

    Beautifully done and fun!!

  2. I really enjoyed Danny’s Christmas CD. You’re right, Jan. So much of Danny comes through. My top favorites for right now are… Lift Up Your Eyes, and Christmas is Here. I can’t get Christmas is Here out of my head. Very catchy tune. 🙂

  3. Mary Did You Know is a masterpiece!! It gave me chills. Absolutely the best version I’ve ever heard.

  4. Welcome, Doug! I was hoping Danny would record “MaryDidYouKnow” ever since I first heard him perform it in 2012?

    I love his emotional and moving version. And those big vocals? Wow.

    Am also glad to see the link to the Yahoo player of the album is still working! 🙂

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