UPDATED! Danny Gokey at the 2015 Dove Awards! Videos

Dove Awards 1

UPDATE!!! Our Thanks to 3rd Day Rocker for providing this video from TBN’s broadcast of Danny performing “HIFOM”.

Danny Gokey walked the 2015 GMA Dove Award Red Carpet with his wife, Leyicet. He also performed his award nominated song, “Hope in Front of Me” to a sold out crowd!  I will have a recap from attending these fabulous events– but until I can sort through my many photos and sit down to write, enjoy these videos!

Video thanks to Andrew Widener

And a fun video from their walk on the Red Carpet thanks to CCM Magazine!

Don’t forget to watch the full Dove Awards Show on TBN on Sunday, October 18th!

6 thoughts on “UPDATED! Danny Gokey at the 2015 Dove Awards! Videos

  1. Thank you.. ? Danny sounded great! Danny looked very handsome, and Leyicet looked beautiful. Very happy for them.


  2. Hi Zuzana! We have quite a few photos from the Dove Awards Red Carpet. None from the performance since our seats were quite far away. I did take video. But this video was closer and already uploaded so I may not bother with mine. I’ve not quite the steady hand of some fans (like Toni!) So better quality are usually found made by others!

    I really enjoyed the Dove Awards taping. The Southern Gospel performances at the beginning were beautiful. Danny’s performance is in the last portion of the show. Lauren Daigle’s is after his. I did see Leyicet shown in the audience once. (Danny must have been backstage.) I bet they add more artists in audience close ups in the final edit for TBN.

    I never knew Mark Lawry was so funny! He had me laughing hard. Loved his comedic comparisons of the different Christian religions represented that night. It seemed like half the audience raised their hand on Pentecostal! I was quite in the minority…..


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