Just released – Karyn Williams “You Are My Rest”

Karyn Williams DG

We wrote before about Karyn William’s new song You Are My Rest — which features additional vocals by an uncredited but very powerful soulful singer we seem to recognize 😉  Karyn’s song just became available today outside her website.

We really enjoyed this collaboration when we first heard it and were pleased to see that You Are My Rest is now available at iTunes along with Karyn’s full new full album Letting Go Of Perfect.

You Are My Rest
You Are My Rest
Karyn Williams single
Letting Go Of Perfect
Letting Go Of Perfect
Karyn Williams album

Visit KarynWilliams.com to learn more about Karyn and her music.

5 thoughts on “Just released – Karyn Williams “You Are My Rest”

  1. I like Danny’s back-up vocals. 🙂 He is a good back-up singer and a good front-up singer. Front-up singers are not always good back-up singers; some don’t know how to back up.

    Danny is willing to let another artist shine–plus he knows how.

  2. I like Danny in some of his background or collaboration projects, too. I think this one is good backing up Karyn but letting Danny’s sound peek through now and then. And I particularly liked the Great I Am project with Paul and Sharon Wilbur.

  3. I think Danny does harmony and/or back up vocals very well. I think he has attributed that to singing harmony in his mom’s children’s choir at his grandfather’s church.

    I like Karyn’s song, but I prefer a bit more of Danny’s voice featured….. Like he got to do on “Great I Am”. I bought Scott MacIntyre’s song and really was disappointed on how little Danny was on it 🙁

    I have listened to Karyn in a couple of radio interviews. She has been very excited about Danny singing on her song. She says he took the song to a whole new level.

  4. “I bought Scott MacIntyre’s song and really was disappointed on how little Danny was on it :(”

    I agree. Danny did his part, but “his part” was not big enough. He should have been given more of the song.

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