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  1. Not sure if I mentioned.

    But I like the promo poster for the Christmas tour. And Danny & his team should be liking it too. His name stands out in a different color and is really big compared to the other acts lol. And the photo of his face is closer up than any of them except Natalie.

    Solo acts seem to have an advantage …

  2. Admin, the poster is nice, but I’d have to say Danny’s version of O Holy Night is a bunch better than Sidewalk Prophets little snippet. I also like that they featured his new single “Lift Up Your Heart” (with the visuals from “I Will Not Say Goodbye?)

  3. Danny did a great job with “The Christmas Song” and “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

    I like that they are not too long and that they sound like the classics they are. They are familiar and fun to listen to. People could easily sing along with them .

    I mentioned before about reading an article (or hearing an interview) where some expert was talking about the kind of Christmas that is most popular. He said the classic songs by the classic artists are the most requested. New songs don’t usually do well. (I think Danny’s “Christmas is Here” may be one of the rare exceptions. It sounds as though it could become a classic.)

    I don’t like when songs are too long or when they are changed up a lot. It sounds as though the artist is showing off–like some do with the NA. (I like Danny’s versions of the NA. He has always done it well.)

  4. I wish Danny would not drive with a phone in his hand. Even if he is not on the phone, having it in his hand makes it appear that he was just looking at it or that he plans to look at it.

    Even checking a phone at a traffic light is a bad thing to do. It makes me angry when I’m waiting to turn and the person in front of me sat through the turn arrow because she/he was texting.

    Texting, talking on a phone, checking messages are all dangerous to do in a vehicle. Some bad accidents have happened because of these distractions.

  5. You are oh, so, right, Lurker…. but I’m afraid the call of a smart phone is taking over many things. I was recently at a family restaurant and the young girl near me was completely being ignored by her parents as they each focused on their phones. It made me sad.

    I am distracted by my phone. But unless I am taking a picture to share later, I try to not to have it out when I am with friends and family. Ed keeps me honest if I lapse 😉

    It appears that Danny is taping a Christmas performance for the 700 Club in Virginia Beach, VA. I had to go to my computer to see what the words on the TV camera/monitor were saying — other than Christmas!! Nice trees. The following periscope is from Demetria Stallings.


    This first performance, I think Danny redid because of a high note issue? But it is interesting to see the interaction after the take:


  6. I thought Danny sounded really good until that one note. Didn’t he say he was tired. He’s been very busy for many months.

    I agree, Lurker and Jan. It scares me. Even when someone else is holding the phone, it’s still a distraction. When you’re driving that is the one and only thing you should be doing. It only takes a second.

  7. Very pretty version of Tell Your Heart to Beat Again. Danny really has his voice prepared for this song. I think he has said that he has to sing a song quite a few times to get all the big notes reliably?

    I think Mary Did You Know (and OHN) are very challenging songs to sing Danny’s way. And they were taping the TV show in late morning/early afternoon? He prefers evening singing. He is also doing quite a bit of radio interviews. The guy is working pretty hard!

  8. I know we’ve seen Danny on the Wally Show but not sure I recall this long interview with Danny failing his Milwaukee quiz. Or the show not doing good research. Perhaps both?

    That cute karaoke segment is in this full-length video, starting around 19 min with some footage that wasn’t in the one they put on their site.

  9. This is for Jan. Even though I posted this before, she tells me she didn’t see it. Those who have met Jan or me in person will, I think, get why I can see Jan and myself dancing up a storm to this song. So joyful!

    “Feel It” by Tobymac:


  10. Ellen, I have heard this Toby Mac song on the radio, but now that I’ve watched the video, I like it even more! Great song for dancing, and Toby does a great job. Love the horn section and the joy of the song. It does make me want to DANCE!

  11. Jan, everytime I hear this on my car radio, my upper body starts dancing — I call it “chair dancing.” I can’t help it! My head starts bopping, my shoulders dip up and down from side to side, and my index finger on one or both hands start pointing to the heavens, a lĂ  John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. And it ALWAYS puts a smile on my face!

  12. Jan, I also meant to point out that I love the part in the video when the guy dips the girl. Also the breakdancing. Absolutely joyful!

  13. And now for confession time. I *gasp* haven’t bought Danny’s Christmas CD yet. So I haven’t heard it yet. And therefore can’t comment on it. Yet . . .

  14. I freaking LOVE to DANCE! Tobymac’s “Feel It” is SO going on my dance/workout playlist. And I appreciate that I don’t have to be embarrassed about the lyrics. So uplifting!

    I can really see Danny doing something in this vein someday. Not now. But someday.

    BTW, lots of negative comments on Tobymac’s video suggesting the song isn’t Christian enough . . . Different strokes for different folks, I say.

  15. The crowd dancing in the video is great fun. On the radio, it is very clear who Toby Mac is talking about (God), but the video does give it a different feel. I love it. I don’t mind a bit if Christian artists don’t hit me over the head with their song’s message…. :mrgreen:

  16. Can I confirm that Danny Gokey News doesn’t have a link to Amazon or iTunes? I always used to go through the link at iheart.

  17. Ellen, that would be incorrect.

    We aren’t allowed to openly promote sales links at itunes and Amazon.

    But do you see the New Music Available section with those mini album or song icons at the far right/at the top of the page? (On a mobile version of this blog they are at the bottom.)

    They could help to offset the cost of providing this site. Currently they aren’t doing a very good job. 😉

  18. We have an admin notice on our About page about both programs. As Jan mentioned, there are links in the New Music area and also in some of our content where there’s discussion about music, books, etc that readers might want to check into. The Amazon connection here seems to be working correctly, I have a helpdesk question in on the other program.

  19. Good morning-had to check out DGN for the week 🙂 Hi Ellen-I can really picture your ‘chair dancing’. I haven’t bought the Christmas album either-will wait for a Black Friday or Christmas sale to pick up a digital copy.

    Wow, Danny failed that Milwaukee quiz big time! How can you not know about the Bradley clock-every time you are on the freeway near downtown you see it-although when I was a kid I never knew about its famous status. And Cannibal sandwich? I thought every Milwaukee kid had one of those at home or friend’s house during the holidays. I will come to his defense about the White Fish though-IMO, that is more of a Door County staple (the famous ‘Fish Boil’)-not a Milwaukee iconic meal. Milwaukee Friday Fish Fry is a huge tradition and featured at most restaurants, but it usually features Cod or Perch.

    Hope everyone is well and enjoying as beautiful of a Fall as we are- the grass is still green here and trees still changing.

  20. Hi Pam, Ellen, and Everyone..

    I enjoyed Danny’s interview. I liked his version of Saved By The Bell, and Living On A Prayer. Am I wrong to say that I would like Danny to sing more of these songs? That’s why I enjoy It’s Not Over, so much.

    Have a great day!

  21. “Am I wrong to say that I would like Danny to sing more of these songs? ”

    No. You are not wrong. We are allowed to say or post what we like here as long as it is not offensive. (Admin2 told me that long, long ago when she was someone else. 🙂 )

    What you said is not offensive in any way.

  22. “We are allowed to say or post what we like here…”

    I was confused when I wrote this sentence–“here” was not here; it was there. But…probably what was okay there is okay here.

  23. No. You are not wrong. We are allowed to say or post what we like here as long as it is not offensive. (Admin2 told me that long, long ago when she was someone else. 🙂 )


    And we have no such thing as “off-topic” for anything anyone wants to chat about. (that is not offensive of course)

    Like cannibal sandwiches? 🙄

  24. “train of thought”

    “Cannibal” makes me think of Cannonball which makes me think of Cannonball Express which I think was the name of a train or movie…or song. Well, I’m not sure what it was, maybe all three.

    Anyway, I thought of trains. (I also thought about sandwiches that I never, never, never want to eat. I threw that thought away. Thinking of trains was more pleasant.)

  25. interesting

    I like to google things

    I am not sure I have the right ones in this case.

    There is a Cannonball Express movie. But I’m not sure it is pleasant.

    There is an Orange Blossom Cannonball train in Florida. It has been in the movies and has special Christmas excursions coming up. (“Enjoy hot chocolate & cookies on the station platform while waiting for your train, then board the Cannonball Christmas Express for a trip to see Santa! Enjoy singing, Eugene the Elf and Mrs. Claus on board our century old train. Santa will join us with a special gift and to say hello to each child. A great holiday treat!”)

    That seems pleasant. :bear:

    I know teddy bears don’t have anything to do with train movies. But teddy bears are pleasant. :bear:

    How is my Lurker impression? 😉

  26. “How is my Lurker impression?”

    I like it very much. 🙂

    Maybe you could substitute post for me if I get laryngitis.

  27. Well, drat. I just downloaded a bunch of music from Amazon last night. I couldn’t find a link and didn’t know about the “New Music Available” section. And I never read the “About” section. :-0

    But the holidays are around the corner, so I am sure I’ll be doing more shopping at Amazon soon.

  28. So nice that people grant permission for DGN to use them 🙂

    Speaking of photos…. if anyone has a clear, relatively up close photo of Danny they would like to nominate for a future discussion page, just send me an email at jan@dannygokeynews.com!!

    I’m working on the next discussion page…. soon. 😉

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