Interview – Danny Gokey Talks with HIS Radio

Danny Gokey spoke earlier today with Rob Dempsey of HIS Radio.

Danny connected for this entertaining video interview from his tour bus on the Beating Hearts Tour, though at first looking very sleepy in our opinion — do you agree that the hat saved it? 😉

Watch below or using the HIS Radio TV app via Google Play.

Danny Gokey Shares Hope via HIS Radio.

6 thoughts on “Interview – Danny Gokey Talks with HIS Radio

  1. Good catch, Steph. I had found the audio, but hadn’t had time to track down the video tonight! I like it better when you get to see Danny squirm over some of his conversations with Leyicet.

    It’s interesting to me that he doesn’t regret sharing it all on social media. And he still can’t dig himself out of the hole on saying “you were skinny”….. #WhatAGuy 😉

  2. Leyicet has a very good stare of death in that video snippet, I’m not at all surprised that interviewers can’t let it go lol

  3. “Stare of Death” is the appropriate term!! I’m pretty sure I have used that on my hubby if he dared to mention my being “skinner” in our early years! I can commiserate with Leyicet! We both produced two babies within a three year period!!

  4. Very cute interview. I laugh every time I see Leyicet’s face, and then Danny’s recovery. 🙂

  5. I think it’s great that it just proves his real character, and that they are just so funny and full of life and they’re not afraid to share that and put on a fake show for anybody. I remember that other clip that they were talking about that was further down on his Instagram that Leyicet put up and it was just as bad as that one, HAHA😂 ohh Danny Boy! He’s adorable hat or no hat and exhausted with bed head…. 😘

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