Concert Pics of Danny Gokey by Annette Holloway Photography

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Danny Gokey wraps up the “Beating Hearts Tour” with NewSong, Mandisa and Reno tonight, Sunday, October 25th. But we are happy to post photos taken at his Virginia Beach concert courtesy of Annette Holloway Photography! From Annette:

“With much anticipation, I looked forward to hearing Danny Gokey in concert for the first time last Friday. When he took the stage he blew me away. 

From his powerful testimony to his inspiring music and unique style, I was blessed beyond measure.  –Beating Hearts Tour Rock Church in Virginia Beach VA 10-23-15.”

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“I am a freelance photographer residing in Yorktown, Virginia with a passion for Christian music.   Being a Christian for 44 years, I listened to Christian music exclusively for more than 30 of those years. Knowing how powerfully God works through Christian music both in my own life and in others, I encourage both Christians and non-Christians alike to listen and be blessed.  I also believe Christian artists should be encouraged as they share the hope, love and grace of God with such excellence, beauty and enthusiasm for the Saviour.  I attempt to reflect this through my photography.”

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ABOUT the Photographer:  Graduated from University of Virginia with a degree in Computer Science.  Former NASA software engineer. Wife and Mom of two boys. You can follow Annette at @AnnetteHolloway on twitter,   Aholloway7 on instagram, or Annette Holloway Photography on Facebook!  To see more of her work, follow this LINK.

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Thanks for sharing your great photos, Annette!

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  1. I agree, Cindy. I’m always in awe of the generosity of photographers in the Christian genre….. they, like Annette, are awesome to share their work!

    But I want to stress we appreciate FAN photos, too! Anyone that has clear photos, they are willing to share, are very special to me!

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