Billboard Holiday Album News! Danny Gokey’s “Christmas is Here” Debuts on Top!

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While it may seem way too early to think about Christmas for some people, obviously I wasn’t the only person WAITING and WANTING Danny Gokey’s Christmas album “Christmas is Here“!  It debuted on top of the Billboard Holiday Album chart! In second place is one of Danny’s fave country artists, LeAnn Rimes with her debut, “Today is Christmas.”  Also debuting this week was the Brian Setzer Orchestra with “Rockin’ Rudolph” at #3.

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Danny’s “Christmas Is Here” is also:

 #11 on Billboard’s Top Christian Album Chart

#28 on Billboard Top Independent Albums Chart

Hope in Front of Me

Rebounded to #34 on the Billbord Top Christian Album Chart!

Very nice start! We expect many more milestones await “Christmas Is Here” and Danny’s new single “Lift Up Your Eyes” which will impact Christian radio on November 20th!

Stay Tuned!

And don’t forget to think Danny for your Christmas occasions!!

Christmas is Here final

10 thoughts on “Billboard Holiday Album News! Danny Gokey’s “Christmas is Here” Debuts on Top!

  1. A number 1 on a Billboard chart is ALWAYS a very good thing. Even a specialty chart. Congrats to Danny, Keith Thomas and their teams.

    Hopefully we’ll start to see “Lift Up Your Eyes” or “Mary Did You Know” in the next few weeks after Halloween and it will also give the album a boost.

  2. LeAnn tweeted about the Billboard chart.

    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian ‏@leannrimes · 14h14 hours ago
    #2 on @Billboard Holiday Chart Thx 2 everyone who ran out & bought “Today Is Christmas”

    (Danny’s name was blurred out on her picture.)

  3. Boy, LeAnn has some “haters” on twitter…..

    I am glad we are seeing very little of those type on Danny’s social media. Well, he does get a resurgence on some political issues he takes and posts about…. but I am glad they are almost entirely leaving him “be” in this new Christian genre.

    I wonder, if Danny’s “Christmas is Here” blows up big (popular CD purchase, lots of radio play for the singles) will they be threatened and come back? 😉

    Lurker, I found it kind of funny that #1 and #3 were blurred on LeAnn’s tweet. Do you think I should go to photo shop classes so I can learn how to do that?

    Naw…. I liked that people could see the albums below Danny’s.

    Now, all of you that haven’t bought your holiday presents, think Danny Christmas CDs! I just wish my pre-order from Danny’s De Pere show would show up on my doorstep. Disappointing that his management didn’t mail them out until a week after they were available from Amazon.

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