Danny Gokey Talks with Rob and John of Spirit 88.9

Rob Anthony and John McCullough, aka Rob and John of Spirit 88.9 and 100.1 / KDUV, based in California’s San Joaquin Valley, have posted a new podcast of off-air conversation with Danny Gokey. Listen below!

Singer and former American Idol star DANNY GOKEY joins us for a great conversation about his story, his music, and being a Christian in a non-Christian industry, we also discuss the BACON = CANCER controversy, and REAL talk about relationships.
Fri, Oct 30, 2015
Rob and John

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Danny’s segment within the podcast begins shortly after the 23:30 mark. It touches on his history before and during American Idol, and some tidbits from his current music era such as the thought process behind his new album Christmas Is Here. Striking to hear the instant dual “Yes” reaction from both Rob and John when Danny mentions the old spiritual Give Me Jesus, the album’s strong and reflective finale.

Danny also talks a little about his discussions with record labels before undertaking his current deal. He comments that he is the only Christian artist currently working with his present label, BMG. Danny states that he was fortunate to have the overall top selling song with BMG New York last year and was among their first artists to “recoup” his record deal.

One thought on “Danny Gokey Talks with Rob and John of Spirit 88.9

  1. I really enjoyed the indepth nature of this interview. Such as the Info about crafting the last two albums and Danny’s desire to include listeners and fans beyond proclaimed Christians.

    Bravo to Danny! It reminds me of his mission with his first album and his charity: a “movement of love” fits all people and is so needed in this world!

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