Tree Trimming Tunes

It appears that this Canadian audience is not really familiar with Danny Gokey and his music. I thought we might want to add our thoughts and consider a few more Christmas CDs for our collections? 

3 thoughts on “Tree Trimming Tunes

  1. I may have liked the other cover for Danny’s Christmas CD, but the cover above I’m beginning to really like. It’s by far the better cover than all the ones above. People are always looking for a good Christmas CD this time of year. Either a recent album, or one from the past. I think Danny’s Christmas CD will be around for years to come. ♫♪♪♫♫

  2. I thought it was interesting that per this blogger there are relatively few new Christmas CDs out this year and so Danny’s may get more visibility than if it were a crowded field.

  3. Did you notice they didn’t have Mercy Me’s new Christmas album? But they did have Danny 🙂

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