“My Best Days Are Ahead of Me” Still Fits Danny Gokey!

MBDAAM 2 (400x274)Recently Danny Gokey returned to his FIRST hit, “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me”, at his charity event. The song fit Danny’s outlook on life and his future in music when he released it in 2009.  It still fits today!

If you haven’t watched this video in awhile, or if you are new to Danny’s music, we think you will enjoy these two versions!

The first is the video released when Danny was signed to RCA Nashville.

Video from DannyGokeyVEVO

The second is a video of Danny singing MBDAAM with the Sophia’s Heart Choir at the Milwaukee SH Gala.  Thanks to Lori C for the video!

We’d love to hear your comments, comparisons and thoughts!

9 thoughts on ““My Best Days Are Ahead of Me” Still Fits Danny Gokey!

  1. Hi Bitsy! It was great to see Danny perform it again! It has been too long. I hope it is a sign that he will include it in his solo shows, again?

    The song has such energy! Seeing it recently made me want to feature the original video and the new one.

    I think there may be new fans that really don’t know Danny’s music from his RCA Nashville days. Bitsy, you’ve been a fan of Danny for awhile?

  2. I love the song, too. So much has changed for Danny. I like the work he is doing now, but miss the work in did in the past, also.

  3. I love this song and CD My Best Days are Ahead of Me . I still do not understand why Country Radio don’t play Danny songs My Best Days are Ahead Of Me , I Will Not Say Goodbye and Second Heart , all songs are Beautiful ! I was happy when Danny went to Country music – my favorite music . But now , I’m more happy , when Danny went to Christian Music – I love Christian music ! Better days came for Danny’s and for his fans , too . Danny has a beautiful family ! We hear his beautiful voice and songs on the Christian Radio . Danny has to many concerts . I’m happy for him !!! I’m proud fan ! Thank you for his beautiful music and wonderful job with Sophia’s Heart !!! I was first time on Danny’s concert in July and next month….I will see Danny Gokey on the K-Love Christmas tour . Can’t wait ! <3 Excuse my English 🙂

  4. Hi Cindy & Zuzana. I like that Danny is doing so well in Christian music.

    We are looking forward to hearing about your concerts, Ladies!! (I am hoping you get to Sunday night’s concert, Cindy…..)

  5. Jan, you’re going to the Riverside, concert?? Oh my goodness! It’s just down the mountain.. maybe an hour and a half away. My husband is working. I wish I had known..

  6. Silly me. I read your post too fast. 🙂 I sure wish I could have gone. Next time he’s out this way I’m going to have to get tickets. It’s been too long. 🙁 Have a great time, ladies!

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