105 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 11/9 – 11/22 Discussion

  1. On iTunes Christian chart, Danny’s Christmas is #26.

    There is also now in the music lists a selection for $7.99 holiday albums. Danny’s cover is the 25th album shown.

  2. from The Roadshow Facebook – quite the compliment!

    The Roadshow
    Yesterday at 11:18am · Edited ·
    It’s already beginning to sound a lot like Christmas! (And we haven’t even had our turkey yet.) It’s never too early for this song though. Check out Danny Gokey singing what may be the very best version of “Mary Did You Know” ever recorded. What do you think?
    Get Danny’s album “Christmas Is Here” now on iTunes and anywhere else awesome is sold.
    What’s YOUR favorite Christmas song or album of all time? (Personally, I’m partial to Michael W. Smith’s album Christmas from waaay back in 1989.)


  3. The haircut makes a difference.

    Yellow shirt picture compared to haircut in video (as seen in tweets).

    “Danny Gokey ‏@dannygokey · Nov 19
    #tbt to when I tried out for Iron Man’s stunt double!”

    The tweet above referenced the yellow shirt picture.

    “Danny Gokey ‏@dannygokey · Nov 19
    This is available now!! You can listen to it in iTunes now!! 🎶🎼🙌🏼🎤😄”

    The tweet above used a video with his current haircut. The hair is very short on the sides.

    I like the haircut longer on the sides as in the yellow shirt picture. The shape of his face looks more oval. I think the oval shape is more flattering than the egg shape (tall head, narrow brow,
    wide across middle) in the video.

  4. I don’t like the words “shamers” and “schooled” as used here:

    1) She called out body-shamers.

    2) He schooled them.

    In the first one, are shamers being shamed? Isn’t the person shaming shamers?

    Re: the second sentence. Gloating that you’re smarter than someone else is not attractive in my opinion.

    Did I shame a shamer who was shaming shamers? Maybe. I got confused when I was writing and wondered if I was doing the thing I was disliking. ❓ I need a “don’t know” smiley.

  5. I agree with you, Lurker, that slightly longer hair on the sides and top are attractive for Danny. But obviously his stylists (or Danny) likes the short hair on the sides look?

    Nice movement on Danny’s songs on Christian iTunes:
    #61 Lift Up Your Eyes
    #77 Hope In Front of You
    #99 More Than You Think I Am

    Albums on iTunes
    #26 Christmas is Here
    #94 HIFOM

  6. I’m the boss (pretending). 🙂

    After TYHTBA goes to #1, I will have TIWIMTBA sent to radio as a new single. Then, while it is on the way up to #1–not even waiting until it gets there (can people have multiple hits at one time, or is that against the rules?)–I will send Give Me Jesus to radio as a single. (It’s from the Christmas album but will do as a single even after Christmas.)

    These three singles will get to #1 quickly now that Danny is a star.

    Then, the new album (and first single from it) should be ready.

  7. Lurker, do like Danny’s version of Give Me Jesus?

    I hope the Baltimore station isn’t done with their love TYHTBA by the time other stations start playing it…

  8. I think Danny does an amazing, emotional, authentic performance on GMJ. I, too, think it would be loved if released. They may save it for next Christmas season as a single? they could release GMJ and OHN as next 2016 Christmas singles?

    I wouldn’t want them to delay launching the first single off Danny’s next album. I’m hoping a new song would be released by June or July for a fall CD release?

  9. I didn’t remember that, Jan.

    I’m listening to Danny’s Christmas CD while getting ready for the holidays. ♫♫♪♪♫♪ 🙂

    Have a good weekend, everyone..

  10. I hope Danny gets to return to AI this season. If he does though, I wish his little time there would be about him–not about the fan who is wanting to use him to get attention for herself.

  11. I certainly understand your perspective, Lurker. I’d love for Danny to have some return time on AI where he can update his fans on his new music, touring and even his happy personal life.

    There will be so many moments from the past 14 seasons of AI to reminisce about, I am sure it is going to be VERY hard to get featured. From the promos that Mjsbigblog have featured, I see that Adam and Kris (they each helped with the audition rounds?) will be included. My fingers will remain crossed that we get to see Danny on that stage, again.

  12. Four more comments on this post we will reach 100 for Jan’s post. And 800 for the site.

    Or, umm, make that three more 🙂 😳 😛

  13. Seem to be quite a few nice tweets from this evening, I didn’t realize the Atlanta event was being livecast on local tv there

  14. “Fifth Harmony came up on the screen and my mom says: “Is that Danny Gokey’s wife?!”‘

  15. I was able to watch it on the local TV station’s app. I think Danny sang in the preshow (which was not televised) and he also sang #MDYK which I did see…during my Packer game!!

    I had the game on my TV, and Danny on the App On my phone, LOL!

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