Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 11/22 – 12/6 Discussion

harvest 2 (425x284)

Photo thanks to Harvest Church in Riverside, California. You can see a video of Danny at their recent service at this LINK.

His portion starts around 11:30, but you may enjoy Pastor Greg Laurie’s message, too!

131 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 11/22 – 12/6 Discussion

  1. It’s hard to believe human beings can hurt each other like that.

    It make me happy to see Danny and his team are doing so well with his xmas album.


  2. There is a little story I wanna share with you guys.Earlier today I drove to the airport to pick up a friend.By the way its something you only do for a really good friend. Normally I barely listen to any music while driving.So when my friend asked me to play some music on the way back.I hit the button and it started to play Christmas is Here.It was literally the second time I listen to it since I put it there.Anyway he ended up really liking the album by the time we were back.So I promised him giving the copy I left at home as a gift for his coming birthday.I am so glad I bought two copies of the xmas album.Its a really good feeling to have a friend likes the music you listen to.

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  3. Irrelevant topic:Had anyone watched the new season of The Voice yet?There are some interesting singers this season.I really like the country girl Emily Ann.She is the first contestant I actually root for after Danny,even bought several songs of hers on itunes.But I doubt any of them will make it in music business though.Is there any one from The Voice can be called successful after all these years?


  4. Mr Bing, I like your story ♡

    I have decided a few years ago that I don’t ever want to get as “attached” to a reality show singer, so u purposely disn’t start watching The Voice. Occasionally I will turn it on as background to other tasks that I am doing. But I know nobodies name :/


  5. That’s a nice story mr bing.
    I watch The Voice occasionally but it’s a harder format for me to follow all season than AI has been.

    Danny apparently met Elisabeth Hasselbeck today. She left a sweet message on the photo Danny shared on his instagram

    elisabethhasselbeck Danny-thanks for being so kind to our family and for such wisdom, sharing your story , treasured fellowship. #praiseGod for your amazing #giftOfLift @kloveradio #klovechristmastour


    Notice I am trying to be good in where I am leaving my comment so it won’t confuse Lurker with being out of sequence. That was a good catch from Jan, who knew that she and I were causing all the trouble! This time 😉


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