Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 11/22 – 12/6 Discussion

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Photo thanks to Harvest Church in Riverside, California. You can see a video of Danny at their recent service at this LINK.

His portion starts around 11:30, but you may enjoy Pastor Greg Laurie’s message, too!

131 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 11/22 – 12/6 Discussion

  1. Chris Tomlin Verified account ‏@christomlin 7 minutes ago

    Been listening to @dannygokey version of Mary Did You Know. New Christmas album. You all need to get this. Wish I could sing like that!


    Lurker, you definitely have special talents πŸ˜‰

    hello mr bing

  2. Hi Mr. Bing!

    This is very nice from Chris Tomlin. And he has almost 900,000 followers on twitter!

    Chris TomlinVerified account ‏@christomlin 13m13 minutes ago
    Been listening to @dannygokey version of Mary Did You Know. New Christmas album. You all need to get this. Wish I could sing like that!

  3. Hi Admin, I guess I should have refreshed my page before I pasted in Chris’ tweet. I found it interesting that his new song featuring Lauren Daigle doesn’t even have him singing in it (at least, not that I could tell….)

  4. Wow! Danny tied Chris Tomlin for the most radio stations adding their songs! Danny received 19 for “Lift Up Your Eyes” (14 monitored, 5 unmonitored)

    He also got 9 more adds for “Mary Do You Know”. (6 monitored)

    Great day for Danny and his music!

  5. I noticed that, Lurker. But they didn’t use the cover of the new album….. but, hey, progress.

    But what did they mean when they said he released two singles “On his own”? Do they think he doesn’t get support for his albums and singles from BMG?

  6. “But what did they mean when they said he released two singles β€œOn his own”? ”

    I think it might be intended to mean that he, Danny all by himself, had two singles released–that he was credited with two at one time when an Idol usually has only one. (Sort of this kind of meaning: John and Kevin mowed six lots in the new housing development today. Susan, on her own, mowed seven.)

  7. Danny’s come a long way with O Holy Night

    Danny’s come a long way in restraining the distracting hand gestures, too. And next time I criticize Danny’s current top-heavy, skinny-sided hairstyle, remind me how much better it still is than that hot mess in the OHN video with “Dan” Gokey.

  8. Hi Ellen. I agree on the hair and the hand motions. But the word “hot” was likely not applied to Dan Gokey….. πŸ˜‰

    But most improved is the use of his voice. This OHN is just beautiful!

  9. Danny’s singles are holding up nicely on iTunes.

    LUYE is #11 on Christian songs
    And I’ve seen MDYK #34 and even Give Me Jesus at #141! (Plus HIFOM and MTYTIA)

  10. On Mediabase today:

    LUYE #20
    MDYK #27

    And nice movement for both on the Billboard charts. I’ll be putting up a post on them later today about the Billboard success πŸ™‚

  11. “Apparently his name is now Daddy Gokey πŸ˜‚ @dannygokey ”

    I don’t know how to show the picture of the radio screen that was in the tweet. It showed “Lift Up Your Eyes by Daddy Gokey.”

  12. interesting review on twitter

    @dannygokey Christmas album is ON POINT! 🎯 Singing the STANK out of some of my favs!!! πŸ“€πŸŽ€πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅

  13. Today I’d like to express my sadness at the shooting in San Bernardino. I can’t believe what happened. There are places where we’ve eaten that are close by. This is unbelievable!! How can people kill other human beings!! To be watching Chris Como from CNN speaking from San Bernardino is crazy! I live in the mountains you’re seeing on TV. I’m just in shock and disbelief. My thoughts are with the families. So tragic and sad that this is the world we live in. I have to remember that these are just a few misguided people, and that there are so many kind and caring people in this world. β™₯

  14. Six singles on Christian iTunes:
    #12: LUYE
    #28: MDYK
    #77: HIFOM
    #97: GMJ
    #131: MTYTIA
    #172: OHN

  15. Cindy, I had previously started a reply to you….. but stopped with not knowing what to say….it all comes down to having NO words for these senseless murders…. so sorry it is near you, near anyone…. β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

  16. Cindy, very sorry to hear such a terrible event is near your area (or anyone’s).

    Danny’s LUYE is up to #17 making that his third consecutive top 20 CCM single. Mary Did You Know is at #24, could it be a fourth?

  17. Lurker, when an Admin (Steph or I) drop down to an older comment and reply, it appears WordPress will enter our comment out of time sequence. I just replied to Cindy’s earlier comment and it was placed next to her’s even though I made it after your comment.

    I think we’ve solved the mystery of time travelling comments πŸ™‚

  18. Thank you, Jan, Steph, and Zuzana. I meant to say Chris Cuomo. I’m still in disbelief. My husband and I just drove up the mountain. We were thinking of driving by where the shooting took place while we were down the hill, but chose not to. I’m just very sad for the families, and friends that are left behind.

    It was nice to listen to Danny’s Christmas CD while we were driving. πŸ™‚

  19. I just watched the Periscope video, Jan. Lift Up Your Eyes is still one of my favorites.

    Will anyone be going to see Danny on his Christmas Tour?

    I like your icons, ADMIN2

  20. Wow! What a nice climb on the chart!

    LUYE is now #9 and MDYK is #21. Danny is #1 on the Spincrease chart!

    Artist Title New Stations New Spins 7-Day Reports
    DANNY GOKEY Lift Up Your Eyes 15 284
    CHRIS TOMLIN He Shall Reign Forevermore 14 264
    CHRIS TOMLIN Noel f/Lauren Daigle 14 259 Leaders Starters
    MERCYME Christmastime Again 11 189 Leaders Starters
    MERCYME Joy 9 182 Leaders Starters
    BLANCA Winter Wonderland 10 137 Leaders Starters
    DAN BREMNES Jingle All The Way 8 136 Leaders Starters
    DANNY GOKEY Mary, Did You Know? 12 125
    – See more at: http://www.allaccess.com/mediabase/q/report/takingOff/format/X2/panel/X#sthash.KsDlvzuO.dpuf

  21. 28 stations are playing LUYE, 30 are playing MDYK.

    Also KLTY in Dallas has played 6 of Danny’s #ChristmasIsHere songs! Lead song for them? WhatChristmasMeanstoMe! Next #MaryDidYouKnow and #ThisChristmas. These three will be auto adds next Monday.

  22. SEVEN singles on Christian iTunes:
    #12: LUYE
    #32: MDYK
    #79: HIFOM
    #114: GMJ
    #121: MTYTIA
    #176: OHN
    #192: WCMTM

  23. Danny is doing quite nicely on the song charts — Radio & iTunes!

    Two new interviews linked here: https://dannygokeynews.wordpress.com/2015/12/04/danny-gokey-talks-about-what-christmas-means-and-lots-more-interviews/

    Danny has also tweeted out the “lost’ chapter to his book HIFOM. Hmmmm… I’ve glanced through it. Should we do a chapter review? (Like a book club, but only one chapter?) It’s kind of about us: fans, fame and success….



  24. Why was it a “lost” chapter? I wonder why they didn’t include it?

    I remember how sweet Danny was when my daughter and I met him. I consider kindness towards others the most important quality in a person. Something everyone should strive for. What Danny is doing with Sophia’s Heart is more important to me than his music. But.. without his music Sophia’s Heart would not receive some of the help it needs, and we would be deprived of the beautiful music Danny has recorded. β™«β™ͺβ™ͺβ™« β™₯ πŸ™‚

  25. How is that the interviewer considers Danny to have had two #1 albums?

    I agree about the “bro country” thing though. Danny did well with the MBD era and I think Sony could have hung on longer with the material like SHH and Win Me Over. But if he’d continued, the flood of bro stuff coming in shortly after would have made that all really tough.

  26. HIFOM was a #1 Christian album. “Christmas Is Here” was a #1 Billboard Holiday album the week it was released.

  27. OHN moving up a little

    #13: LUYE
    #29: MDYK
    #81: HIFOM
    #129: GMJ
    #127: MTYTIA
    #130: OHN
    #195: WCMTM

  28. One of the things I’ve written about Hugh Laurie is he can sound like a horn. Now I’ve heard Danny do it also. Very nice!

    Danny is a triple talent. He can sing, whistle, and turn his voice into a horn.


  29. Danny use to play trumpet, so I can see him goofing around in the high school band “playing” a mouth trumpet! I would think it’s a lot of pressure to do it WELL for a video, but I think he did great.

    I’ve added a post with the video so that we can discuss the video there, too πŸ™‚

    And besides, I like having goodies like videos here on our blog so that I can easily search for them in the future πŸ™‚

  30. It’s hard to believe human beings can hurt each other like that.

    It make me happy to see Danny and his team are doing so well with his xmas album.

  31. There is a little story I wanna share with you guys.Earlier today I drove to the airport to pick up a friend.By the way its something you only do for a really good friend. Normally I barely listen to any music while driving.So when my friend asked me to play some music on the way back.I hit the button and it started to play Christmas is Here.It was literally the second time I listen to it since I put it there.Anyway he ended up really liking the album by the time we were back.So I promised him giving the copy I left at home as a gift for his coming birthday.I am so glad I bought two copies of the xmas album.Its a really good feeling to have a friend likes the music you listen to.

  32. Irrelevant topic:Had anyone watched the new season of The Voice yet?There are some interesting singers this season.I really like the country girl Emily Ann.She is the first contestant I actually root for after Danny,even bought several songs of hers on itunes.But I doubt any of them will make it in music business though.Is there any one from The Voice can be called successful after all these years?

  33. Hi MRBING.. How kind of you to give your extra copy of Danny’s CD to your friend. Danny has another fan. πŸ™‚

  34. Mr Bing, I like your story β™‘

    I have decided a few years ago that I don’t ever want to get as “attached” to a reality show singer, so u purposely disn’t start watching The Voice. Occasionally I will turn it on as background to other tasks that I am doing. But I know nobodies name :/

  35. That’s a nice story mr bing.
    I watch The Voice occasionally but it’s a harder format for me to follow all season than AI has been.

    Danny apparently met Elisabeth Hasselbeck today. She left a sweet message on the photo Danny shared on his instagram


    elisabethhasselbeck Danny-thanks for being so kind to our family and for such wisdom, sharing your story , treasured fellowship. #praiseGod for your amazing #giftOfLift @kloveradio #klovechristmastour


    Notice I am trying to be good in where I am leaving my comment so it won’t confuse Lurker with being out of sequence. That was a good catch from Jan, who knew that she and I were causing all the trouble! This time πŸ˜‰

  36. The guy is one working Christian artist!

    But tickets to a church service? Unusual IMO….

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