Danny Gokey Talks About What Christmas Means and Lots More — Interviews!

Danny Gokey with tree (425x283)Danny Gokey is busy promoting his new album “Christmas is Here”!

Here’s two recent interviews with VERY different topics!

From CBN we have this excerpt:

Goodwyn: What sort of Gokey holiday spice did you add to these classics? 

Gokey: I think just vocally I have a little timber in my voice that God gave me that does work–it puts my own DNA onto it, and so we were able to do that. We put a classic touch on it, though, which is what I like. Music changes, but there’s a timeless touch that we put to it, which I think is really important. But the soulfulness, the timber and the timeless touch, I think we accomplished it.

Goodwyn: Do you have a favorite classic song on the record?

Gokey: “Mary Did You Know?” and “Give Me Jesus.” “Give Me Jesus” is not a Christmas song, but I heard Vince Gill sing it. I did an event with him and Amy Grant last year at Lipscomb University and he sang it. I had never heard this song before. It’s a traditional hymn that’s probably maybe a century, two centuries old. Gill sang it at Christmastime and I thought, how fitting. I’ve got a few friends who have gotten my album and they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, “Give Me Jesus,” I’m crying listening to it.’

To read the full interview, click HERE.

And in preparation for his K-LOVE Christmas Tour show near Chicago, Danny was interviewed by  Allison Stewart for the “Chicago Tribune” via MediaCom:

Q: Maybe you were lucky to get out when you did. That was right before bro country — it’s hard to imagine you fitting in.

A: That time was never wasted. That experience taught me so much. Had I gone into Christian music right off the bat, I think I would have a different sound than I do now. … I felt like I had something, I had my faith that healed me and restored me in the midst of a dark moment. I felt like a lot of people could use a message like that. There’s an industry term that’s kind of funny, “how many JPMs can you fit in a song?” That’s “Jesus Per Minute.” Even in Christian music, there’s a formula that sells.

To Read the full article, click HERE


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