Video Gift #2 from Danny Gokey & His Band: “Christmas is Here” in the Studio!

CIH 2 (425x284)What a treat!! We think this is the MOST fun song from Danny Gokey’s album of the same name, “Christmas is Here”!! Danny and the band are having so much fun in this studio recorded video of Danny’s original song!

And we have to give Danny a shout out for his very fine mouth trumpet in this song!

Your thoughts? And second wardrobe change. Which look is your favorite?

17 thoughts on “Video Gift #2 from Danny Gokey & His Band: “Christmas is Here” in the Studio!

  1. “And second wardrobe change. Which look is your favorite?”

    I like them both. They work perfectly for the different moods of the songs.


  2. I’ve written this in discussion pages before, but I’ll write it again here. I like the way Danny sings the long “heart.” Fun. 🙂 Smooth.


  3. Lurker, I like that Danny switched to different looks for the videos. I like both jackets. I think he takes off the jacket for one of the videos?

    I like Danny’s vocals and the fun he is having with this song. So glad that he, Keith and the Mizells wrote this song.

    After voted off Idol, some people thought Danny was nuts for wanting to have a “soulful Latin” sound, but I think he’s showing he has a musical gift that spans so many kinds of music!


  4. Very cute song. One of my favorites, too. 🙂 I’m partial to the dark suit. I’m glad he’s releasing videos of his Christmas songs. How fun, and they put you in the Christmas mood. ♫♪♫


  5. Cindy, I feel like I’m getting a present from Danny every time one of these videos come out! Almost as good as seeing Danny in concert! Without the cost and time of traveling to a show 🙂

    Lurker, glad you like this video and Danny’s smooth vocal. I said this on the discussion page but I’ll repeat it here:

    Danny use to play trumpet, so I can see him goofing around in the high school band “playing” a mouth trumpet! I would think it’s a lot of pressure to do it WELL for a video, but I think he did great.

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  6. Hi Janice!! Nice to see you!

    I think Danny is looking very sharp in those videos! If Leyicet is still doing his wardrobe and “look”, I think she should be congratulated! (I think she recently commented on “dressing” Danny, so I think she’s still choosing his clothes, etc.)


  7. I liked both looks on Danny, not only can he sing the phone book but he looks great no matter what outfit he wears! 🙂 I love this fun song and yes I like the Latin beat also. I am still debating with myself, but I think I like the video version of ‘Christmas is Here’, I think it sounds more crisp. I love This CD and play it all the time. I think I will wear it out before Christmas. LOL Thanks Danny and Thank you, Leyicet for your wardrobe choices, you keep him looking sharp. 🙂


  8. Hi Kathleen! You will just have to support Danny and buy another CD if you wear out your 1st copy!! 🙂

    (PS. That’s why I love digital copies with a back up CD…..)


  9. This is a fun video. On the serious matters, umm – yeah, I have to give preference to the dark jacket.

    Danny’s sound specialist and road manager (?) Tony Palacios left a post on his FB that I read yesterday. He talked about mixing the OHN video and how it was “100% live” with a comment that he really enjoys working with Danny because in part, “Kidd can sing.”


  10. Wow! 100% live? That’s pretty amazing. I assumed they cut at least 2 or 3 takes and then blended the product. BUT, if you are recording SEVEN songs, you can’t have Danny, the band and the choir singing 14 to 21 takes of the songs, LOL! And the cost…

    That’s impressive that Danny can do such a great job “LiVE”.

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  11. I got to track this 2 Fridays ago at Simeon Studios and mixed it at the old home studio shortly after. %100 live…Love being a part of Danny’s Team.The Kidd can sing.


  12. I love the Christmas song videos! I think they are going to be well worth all the work recording. As far as Danny’s look, I think he wears black very well, but the white jacket really looks nice in the first video. He stands out amidst the other musicians dressed in black. Very sharp in both!


  13. Forgot to say how much I love “Christmas is Here” too. The vibe of the song is so upbeat and happy. You can’t help but get in the Christmas spirit with this one!


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