What Are Music Reviewers Saying About Danny Gokey’s “Christmas is Here”?

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New York Times  “Making Merry With Music” reviews Danny Gokey’s “Christmas Is Here” among others:

“Christian pop newbie — has a robust voice that allows him to jump among his various identities without seeming out of place. On his first Christmas album, with lustrous production by Keith Thomas, he shows an ambitious interest in Christmas songs made famous by soul music titans, including “This Christmas” (Donny Hathaway) and “What Christmas Means to Me” (Stevie Wonder). Mr. Gokey’s “White Christmas” is sultry, and he wields real power on “Mary, Did You Know?”

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365 Days Of Inspiration Reviews “Christmas is Here” – review by Joshua Andre

With his smash hit single “Hope In Front Of Me” winning listeners over with the relatable themes and heartfelt lyrics, pop/worship singer/songwriter Danny Gokey ….. released his sophomore album Hope In Front Of Me in 2014, to immense critical and commercial acclaim and success. So what’s a musician to do after a stellar and exquisite effort leaving him the talk of many? …..(Danny) holds nothing back in the holiday seasonal offering! With both well-known carols and original melodies coming together for an inspiring and powerful batch of ten tracks, these melodies are what we all can listen to as we worship Jesus and reflect upon His birth. Probably one of my favourite Christmas albums this year

One of my favourite songs on the album, the lyrical simplicity may be seen as a hindrance but I don’t see it that way, as it highlights Danny’s superb voice, as well as the impacting lyrics pointing out that we can ‘…hear the angels song break the silent night, lift up your eyes, lift up your eyes, see the saving One, born that none may die, lift up your eyes, lift up your eyes

 An album that’s certain to be a best seller in both Christian and mainstream holiday markets, Danny’s album is sure to be on my iTunes playlist ….

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Danny Gokey’s “Christmas Is Here”: Soulful & Upbeat — Review by Sarah Baylor of “The Christian Beat”

Danny Gokey, well known for his mega hit singles “Hope in Front of Me” and “More Than You Think I Am”, brings his own style and flair to a new holiday album, Christmas Is Here. In addition to featuring a few brand new songs, the record is full of holiday classics like “White Christmas,” “Mary Did You Know?,” and “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Each song is unique from past versions because his unparalleled voice and musical style bring such a soulful and powerful flavor to each track.

Danny Gokey’s Christmas Is Here is definitely the perfect album to get you in the holiday spirit. Whether it’s a beautifully written original song or a fresh take on a holiday classic…

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CCM Magazine has the following to say:

Christmas may be here, but Danny Gokey’s vocals are always in season. Performing an album full of classics, including vocally demanding selections like “Mary Did You Know,” Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” and the traditional “O, Holy Night,” Gokey’s silky singing will warmly fill your dwelling on the coldest of holiday evenings. Mostly reflecting the gleeful exuberance of the season, the album does close with a touching rendition of “Give Me Jesus,”

The full review is available HERE.

The Edge Network provides this review:

“Christmas Is Here” comprises several original tracks, from the opening track, “What Christmas Means,” an upbeat brass-driven anthem evocative of Gokey’s energetic live performances that is charming in its best moments, hokey in its worst, to “Lift Up Your Eyes,” a rocking track with a distinctively faith-based bent.

It’s in fact with songs like “Lift Up Your Eyes” that the Christian artist shines brightest  – “Give Me Jesus” is a cross between a coffee-shop classic and a choir anthem and “Mary Did You Know” allows Gokey’s soulful voice to reach haunting heights. It’s these songs that drive home the album’s message…….

You can read the full review HERE.

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6 thoughts on “What Are Music Reviewers Saying About Danny Gokey’s “Christmas is Here”?

  1. This was a good review. 🙂

    My review would be different. I think we almost all differ somewhat in what we like. I listened to MDYK (on CIH) once and didn’t want to listen again. I did listen one more time to see if I liked it better. The Sony MDYK, I’ve listened too over and over and over and over. I love it. It is shorter and more raw, but it is beautiful. It is the one I like.

    This reviewer seemed to like Christmas is Here and The most Wonderful Time of the Year. I love both of those also. There were a couple of songs the reviewer considered filler that I liked a lot. I thought they were special and have listened to them multiple times.

    If I don’t love a song, I feel as though I am being mean to that song. When I read that someone else likes it a lot, I feel better. I want each song to be loved and appreciated–even if I am not the one who cares for it. Also, when I read that someone does not like a song that I do like, I feel good knowing that I like it. The song has not been overlooked. It is loved by me and others like me. 🙂

  2. Lurker, it is a very good review. And may I say a bit ironic that The Edge is the first reviewer considering how some fans of Adam Lambert think Danny does not love his gay fans as much as his other fans. (In the time I have following Danny, he has always seemed incredibly accepting and welcoming of all fans.)

    I like MaryDidYouKnow very much. I have even found myself liking the new OHN better than the RCA version! \0/

    I think they are confused about What Christmas Means. It is not a original. Although Danny has customized it with his Christmas references at the end. I have compared it to Ce Lo Green’s version. I would like it best if it had a bit of the “noisy” beginning stripped away. But I still like it.

    The standards are good. I am glad Danny left them pretty basic, but I don’t listen to them as much as MDYK, OHN, CIH or ThisC. I will go back to LUYE…. but since it was all we had for a month, I am giving it a break…

    Very good album. I am more than satisfied 🙂 I look forward to receiving my hard copy so I can look at the pictures, read the lyrics, etc

  3. Also ironic: Some fans of A used to accuse Danny of copying anything A did–even if it was something Danny had been doing all along.

    I noticed a picture a few days ago in which A had a beard much like Danny’s. Did Danny see into the future so he could copy A before A designed that look?

  4. “The Sony MDYK, I’ve listened too over and over and over and over. I love it. It is shorter and more raw, but it is beautiful. It is the one I like.”

    This from my comment above should have been OHN–not MDYK.

  5. Now I understand, Lurker. I wondered what the Sony MDYK was….

    I was very surprised I really liked the new OHN more. I do miss a few of the glory notes in the acoustic vwrsion…. but I didn’t like how overly soft the volume was in the beginning of the song (as Danny wound up for that BIG finish!!)

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