Danny Gokey’s Christmas Music Rises Fast on the Billboard Charts!

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Danny has two NEW TOP 20 singles!

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Danny Gokey has been crossing the USA with the K-LOVE Christmas Tour— 16 shows in 18 days! Is it fueling the play of his Christmas music? We see some great chart movement!  We love seeing these two fabulous songs by Danny moving up the Billboard charts!

On the 12/26/15 Christian Airplay Billboard Chart,  “Mary Did You Know” moves up to #16 (up 5 spots).  “Lift Up Your Eyes” is #18 (up 4 spots.)

Billboard 12 26 15 CA 2 (430x273)On the Hot Christian Songs chart, MDYK moves up to #23 (31), LUYE stays at #24 for a second week.

And Danny’s albums are selling quite well this week, too!  #9 and #19 on Billboard’s Christian Album Chart!

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“Christmas Is Here” takes it’s highest chart position at #11 on this week’s Billboard’s Independent Album chart!

********December 19, 2015 Billboard Chart*********

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With both Christmas singles taking big JUMPS, we are are happy to see Danny Gokey’s “Mary Did You Know” and “Lift Up Your Eyes” climbing the Christian Airplay chart in tandem–#21 and #22!  Here are the other new chart positions for Danny’s “Christmas Is Here” album and songs:

Hot Christian Songs

Lift Up Your Eyes moves up to #24 (was 39)

Mary Did You Know #31 (New)

Christian Digital Songs

Lift Up Your Eyes #30 (New)

Christian Albums

Christmas is Here #13 (24)

Independent Albums

Christmas is Here #14 (34)

6 thoughts on “Danny Gokey’s Christmas Music Rises Fast on the Billboard Charts!

  1. I know that Danny’s one of the best voices in the industry! Love all the songs on the Christmas album….so excited for 2016 tour and upcoming music….just hope he doesn’t get too tired since he is waking up at 5:00 a.m. & recording music!!! Love love love! Merry Christmas to all!!!!

  2. Hi Dorene, Kelly, Cindy and Janet. I am pumped that great things seem to be fitting into place for Danny. On all levels. 🙂

    I suspect Danny wakes to record his song ideas, that he does go back to sleep, LOL. He is NOT a morning guy. That is probably the middle of the night for him….. Think of Leyicet being woken by Danny recording his song ideas in his phone!

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