Danny Gokey Reveals What’s in Store for 2016 in this Interview by The Christian Beat


The Christian Beat Catches Up with Danny Gokey on the  K- LOVE Christmas Tour

It’s a great article that provides some insights into what’s coming next for Danny after a really busy and successful 2015!

We are particularly pleased to hear from Danny:

* I just found out from my manager that we have 2 fall offers that are really strong: one is in August and one is in September/October.

* this Christmas album has done so much better than we thought. We are going to have a deluxe version where we will throw probably 2 or 3 Christmas songs atop of this current record.

* YouTube videos. We just released “O Holy Night” and I have another 6 more videos that will be coming out. 4 of the videos are Christmas and then 2 different videos for January

my manager has said that Christmas can be a really good time of year because people are gravitating towards my music. So next year, he’s already set a pretty big tour, just because sales have been really strong

we are getting a bus in April, and I’m bringing my family with me on the road. Probably not on every run, but at least whenever they want to come, I can bring my kids and my wife. One of the things I also want to do is let my band switch off, because I hate that we have to be away from our families

* I’ve been waking up with songs from dreams. I’ve been recording them, and I must say it’s very difficult to record a song at 5am. If you would hear some of my recordings, they would sound terrible and you would think that’s a horrible song, and it might be, but I just love the fact that I’m getting these ideas

To see the full interview that also covers recording the Christmas Album, family traditions, hopes for his own family and Sophia’s Hearts next phase,  click HERE.

Let us know what other gems you found in this interview and your thoughts for Danny’s 2016 plans!!

3 thoughts on “Danny Gokey Reveals What’s in Store for 2016 in this Interview by The Christian Beat

  1. That’s nice they will have a bus for families now. It must be hard being away from loved ones.

  2. Ok Mr. Danny. The Christmas Album ROCKS!!!!! I listen to it at work all day REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT!!!!!!! Doesn’t get old. God bless you Leyicet and little Danny and Victoria. Thanks for the blessings
    Kathy and Billy Painter

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