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  1. OK, Jan, I liked the Cordova article via Danny’s Facebook. While I was on Facebook, I liked your daughter’s decorating thingy.

  2. Watching The Voice videos at MJs and thinking how much I’d like to see Danny duet with Wynonna Judd. I remember when Danny sang “No Where Else on Earth” to Wynonna at some award event for Wynonna. Also heard Danny sing it in concert. That would be an epic duet!

  3. Thanks, Ellen! Danny got over 1000 likes on that article, so I think it’s done pretty good! When they posted the generic post about DGNews he only got about 125 likes! If we’d done the same this time I don’t think Danny’s management would be willing to keep putting up our links…. (something about Facebook limiting the posts appearing in followers feeds with poor performance posts? Greek to me….)

    I would LOVE to see Wynonna and Danny duet. But I think our chances are very remote at this time…. performing with another Christian artist? Quite good. Just listen to his song with Karyn to see how fabulous he can be as a duet partner. Or go all the way back to Lionel Ritchie. I thought Danny added so much to their duet.

  4. Singles on Christian iTunes:

    #17: MDYK
    #26: LUYE
    #33: TYHTBA
    #82: HIFOM
    #137: MTYTIA
    #175: GMJ

    CIH: #2
    HIFOM: #28

  5. I found two other Billboard charting tidbits for top 10 songs in a different format – left that in the comments on Jan’s new article.

  6. mediabase CCM chart today- #6 LUYE with a bullet, MDYK #11

    Steph, have you remembered who at MJs has given us soundscan numbers for Danny’s HIFOM?

    wasn’t that gg?

  7. You are welcome, Ellen.

    With the DGNEWS post over 1000 likes (It did better than two of Danny’s last two posts) I think we may get a chance to share a link again. Unfortunately, we can’t seen to get Team DG to share from our Facebook page. It would likely get us a lot more Facebook followers. Oh, well…..

    Thanks Admin.

    I haven’t gone to the BDS Billboard detail charts, yet. Just used the “big” charts on Billboard to create the new post. I thought we were due for something new to look at on our Facebook page.

  8. Singles on Christian iTunes:

    #19: MDYK
    #24: LUYE
    #32: TYHTBA
    #76: HIFOM
    #157: MTYTIA
    #175: GMJ

  9. When will the next video in the video sessions be posted? Is there a date scheduled for it? I think there is supposed to be one more Christmas video. Is that correct?

  10. We’ve seen 3 Christmas videos: OHN, CIH, MDYK. Next should be near the weekend for #4. Then last one, #5, on Christmas Eve?

    Two more after Christmas.

    BTW, I heard that the reason that Team Danny discontinued the Advent calendar is because it didn’t generate enough social media excitement. So they ended it.

  11. Also Jeffery Austin from The Voice sang OHN on final night.He is a very good singer.But its probably the least favorite performance from him all season long.It illustrates how hard to sing the song.And im proud Danny consistently kill it, well most time.

  12. Tell Your Heart to Beat Again is doning pretty well on itunes.I wonder what promote the sales?

  13. Mr. Bing,
    Some radio stations are already playing TYHTBA. I think that is pushing sales because people who hear it like it a lot.

  14. Singles on Christian iTunes:

    #18: MDYK
    #25: TYHTBA
    #31: LUYE
    #80: HIFOM
    #150: GMJ
    #182: MTYTIA

  15. From what I can tell the Baltimore station played TYHTBA over 40 times last week. But I think these two things are promoting it on iTunes: 1) Danny is singling it on the Klove Tour (big crowds) 2) the Klove network is playing it.

  16. Considering the new xmas album is doing so well.Do you guys think Danny and his label will push another single from HIFOM.And TYHTBA will be the one?

  17. Not Danny-related (except that they were a middle act during one/some of Danny’s Sugarland concerts), but Fox is airing a show tonight at 8:00 pm (7:00 pm Central time) called “American Country Countdown’s Top 10 Stories of 2015,” which will feature Little Big Town live in concert from Portland, Oregon, singing their hit “Girl Crush.”

    I was at that concert, in the fourth row. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turned out for TV!

  18. Mr. Bing, I found The Voice very boring this season. I thought all the contestants who had promise of making some inroads in the real world got cut earlier in the season. My favorites were Morgan Frazier, Krista Hughes, Madi Davis, and Jeffery Austin. Also liked Ivonne, Korin (sometimes), Riley, and Shelby. Of the final four, obviously my favorite was Jeffery.

    No one had a moment with any of the Christmas songs. Jordan came closest with “Mary Did You Know.” I thought the top performances of the night were Jeffery’s “Stay” and Emily Ann’s “Burning House.”

  19. Singles on Christian iTunes:

    #12: MDYK
    #21: TYHTBA
    #28: LUYE
    #95: HIFOM
    #123: GMJ
    #178: OHN
    #180: MTYTIA

  20. Ellen,The Voice isnt famous for finding star in real world.I remember one of the winner of the show released his album the same week as HIFM.But his sales wasnt even close to Danny’s.If I have to chose one that may potentially have a career after the show from final four.I would say Emily.She is like a whole package.

  21. I saw someone posted something like putting a face to Danny’s voice.Just when you thought many people knew him from AI.There are always new fans out there allured by his music.

  22. Watched “American Country Countdown’s Top 10 Stories of 2015” on Fox tonight. They did a really great job with Little Big Town. Lots of shots of the audience in Portland, OR. I thought I had seen the back of my friend’s head in the audience, but she said, “No. Don’t you remember? Mr. & Mrs. Gargantuan were in front of us!”

  23. dannygokey

    Hey! If you’re at home right now, turn on TBN’s Christmas Special with host Jason Crabb! I’ll be singing Lift Up Your Eyes & Mary Did You Know! I also tell a little story Baby Danny will hate when he’s a teenager! LOL

  24. Singles on Christian iTunes:

    #9: MDYK
    #22: LUYE
    #26: TYHTBA
    #84: HIFOM
    #146: GMJ
    #176: MTYTIA

  25. Danny (finally) has one of the big rotating pictures (album cover) on the home page of Christian iTunes.

  26. Good evening everyone !

    I heard on the K-Love Radio ” Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” and ” Mary , Did You Know ?” , when I listened the radio in the work today <3 🙂
    I 'm glad , I was in the K Love Christmas Tour 🙂 It was nice to see Danny Gokey , Natalie Grant , Sidewalk Prophets and Tenth Avenue North <3 They are AMAZING !!! I bought for my friend from work album " Christmas Is Here " I gave her a gift for Christmas right now 🙂 She was very happy !!!

    I will be grandmother !!! My son and my daughter-in-law 🙂 expecting a baby boy in May <3 I'm happy …. Excited !!!

  27. Zuzana!! That’s wonderful news that you are going to be a grandmother! rose

    Welcome to the club! It’s the BEST.

  28. Congratulations, Zuzana! I found out in October I’ll be a grandmother at the end of April. My son and daughter-in-law just found out they are having a baby boy, too. 🙂

  29. I had the most unexpected surprise.

    I was casually watching the “Green And Gold Christmas” it’s a Christmas special featuring different players of the Green Bay Packers and their wives. They had segments on Christmas traditions, cooking, volunteering. Even Donald Driver working a Goodwill donation center. Just as I was thinking I’d turn it off, I turned my back to the TV and I heard:

    “Hi, I’m Danny Gokey and I’d like to wish the best football team’s players and their wives a very merry Christmas!”— or something to that effect.

    Ed turns to me and said, “You knew Danny was going to be on this special!!” I said, “Seriously, I didn’t!!”

    I wonder if he taped it when he was up in De Pere in September??? Or if he sent a video to them?

  30. Hey guys, I am asking for your help again. Danny or his team shared our DGNews Facebook post on this PTL performance onto his Facebook page with a link to DGNews. Can you drop by Danny’s Facebook page, like our post and then you can also comment on whether you are done with your Christmas shopping, LOL!!

  31. Stepping into clear cheerleader mode: I hope Danny doing the little cameo for the Packers means he is coming back to Wisconsin and will sing the National anthem at the Viking/Packers game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay!!! I think that game is the 3rd? ♡♡♡♡♡

  32. I’m sorry, Jan. I’m not connected to Facebook. Maybe you could “like” it for me. 🙂 You can only “like” once though, right? 🙁

  33. I feel compelled to share this video of Two Story Road singing their version of “Joy to the World.” IMHO, it equals Danny’s Sony version of “O Holy Night.” The arrangement, vocals, lighting, setting, and video are exquisite! (I think most folks here know that Two Story Road is a country music duo composed of Jamelle Fraley (Carrie Underwood’s former backup singer) and her husband Brandon Fraley (Danny Gokey’s former keyboardist and music director).


  34. #14: MDYK
    #21: LUYE
    #26: TYHTBA
    #109: HIFOM
    #146: MTYTIA
    #142: GMJ
    #160: OHN

    CIH: #6
    HIFOM: #16

  35. It’s nice to see that Danny’s HIFOM is still selling— 18 months after release! 🙂

    If TYHTBA becomes a hit, it will keep interest up for HIFOM.

    I liked seeing that Brett James joined Danny and Bernie Hermes for a writing day yesterday before the Arkansas show.

  36. TYHTBA seems to be doing surprisingly well on the iTunes Christian songs chart. Any ideas why? Not that I’m complaining, it just hasn’t been publicized that much recently with the focus on the Christmas music.

    Congratulations to the grandmamas to be…!

    What is a FOOK post? :O

  37. I fixed the Fook, Steph 😉

    I think Danny singing it on the tour and Klove playing it, gives TYHTBA the boost….

    But I am just guessing….

  38. “What is a FOOK post?”

    I wondered too. Thought maybe it was something I was supposed to know.

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