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  1. First to say “hi” to everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you, Darla for the photo. Nice smile.

  2. Thank you, Darla! Great picture. I love Danny’s smile, it lights up his face!

  3. Robert Moses โ€@RobertMosesFox5 ยท 34m34 minutes ago
    What a treat to hear @dannygokey sing!! You can hear him on #GDNY on #ChristmasEve.

  4. Nice to see a photo of Danny over at MJs on the Monday Morning Mediabase Update thread, noting the accomplishments of Danny’s two Christmas songs on the charts — LUYE @ 10 & MDYK @ 17.

  5. “Nice to see a photo of Danny over at MJs”
    Yes. One last week also. (I think last week… :?:)


  6. MJ”s numbers should start including Brandon and Jamie now. They are sort of idol-related. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Wonderful radio news coming from Allaccess reporting the songs added by CAC:

    MDYK received the MOST monitored adds: 14, plus 5 unmonitored
    LUYE 4 monitored and 4 unmonitored
    OHN 3 monitored adds
    TMWTOTY 2 monitored adds
    TC and WCMTM 1 monitored adds each (Thanks to KLTY in Dallas!)

    Wow! This album is going to get lots of plays over a very short season.

    Also, appearing on Good Day New York on Christmas Eve is great, too!

  8. From MJ’s numbers thread–part of the list from monitored adds:

    Pentatonix (Joy To the World) โ€“ 5
    Christian AC:
    Danny Gokey (Mary, Did You Know?) โ€“ 14
    Lauren Daigle (Light Of the World) โ€“ 6
    Danny Gokey (Lift Up Your Eyes) โ€“ 4
    Danny Gokey (O, Holy Night) โ€“ 3
    Danny Gokey (Itโ€™s the Most Wonderful Timeโ€ฆ) โ€“ 2
    Colton Dixon (Limitless) โ€“ 1
    Danny Gokey (This Christmas) โ€“ 1
    Danny Gokey (What Christmas Means To Me) โ€“ 1
    Kellie Pickler (The Man With the Bag) โ€“ 1
    Lauren Daigle (First) โ€“ 1
    Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello (I Know What You Did Lastโ€ฆ) – 4
    Adam Lambert (Another Lonely Night) โ€“ 3
    Pentatonix (Canโ€™t Sleep Love) โ€“ 3
    Kelly Clarkson (Piece By Piece) โ€“ 2

    Moderator’s comment: Lurker, I hope you don’t mind I added the bolds for Danny’s songs. Impressive!

  9. Ouch. Am I imagining things, or did Danny’s voice sound rough in a couple of places on his performance of “O Holy Night” for Billboard Magazine? Normally he owns that song. But it sounded like his throat was sore or he hadn’t gotten enough sleep or something . . .

  10. Hi Ellen, considering this was likely his third place he performed live while in NYC, (after two shows in CT the day before) I thought the few areas that weren’t up to his norm were minor compared to the way he wowed on that song — and he’s in a conference room, LOL! (I also didn’t see any water around him and you just have to know he’s been talking up a storm….)

  11. I like Danny’s voice best on the Sony version, but the Billboard version still won him new fans.

    “ยท 8m8 minutes ago
    Wow…1st x hearing u.I have chills. Watched on Periscope: @DannyGokey “O Holy Night” #BillboardLive https://www.periscope.tv/w/aTbDFDc0MzI1MTl8MW1yeG1WYVFxbWRLebxz4ZkPMoUKsbCXyWT-xce_1AFmfT6tbsmMhEWh5L5n โ€ฆ ”

    Different parts of the various videos are superior in places to parts of the other videos. I love his voice in the Sony version, the long note, and the slightly country upbeat twist on a couple of words.

    In his youtube acoustic video, I like the way he is dressed, the strings, choir, and beautiful staged setting.

    The Billboard video–I like because it is Billboard. He is receiving some recognition. It was informal with people walking behind him and work going on in the office. I think he was tired, but he was relaxed and looked good. He was dressed casually, but he was dressed well in a look that suited him. It wasn’t a bad hair day. Also, although he mentioned AI, he spoke about it just briefly (not on and on) and then went to Leyicet (who looked beautiful). He seemed to be enjoying himself. (I wonder if the guitar player was happy to be included and how it came about that he was there instead of Danny’s.)

  12. I have a question.. When do you think Danny will be asked to be on the Ellen Show, Good Morning America, or any Late Night TV Show?? I think it’s about time.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. “I have a question.. When do you think Danny will be asked to be on the Ellen Show, Good Morning America, or any Late Night TV Show?? I think itโ€™s about time.. ”

    He may not be asked to be on any of them. I think they are more likely to invite pop artists than CCM artists.

  14. That’s too bad. I much rather see Danny perform than “most” pop artists… ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Cindy, I think the promo for the Christmas album is going in the right direction. While Good Day New York is not Good Morning America.. . It is still a big show. Also, promoting his music at Billboard is HUGE, IMO. I would thank has New York label, BMG, for that!

    We are getting those gorgeous youTube videos, but no sign of Danny’s CIH in Target. WALMART, etc. Mercy Me is getting the Good Morning America show and the better album placement…. they are an established act. Danny is doing a good job of starting over.

    To me, this is great progress! 3 years ago we didn’t even know if Danny would get signed or put out any new music!!

    He’s given us two new albums, starting to work on his third for BMG AND someday Lurker will get her Spanish HIFOM ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Allaccess Update for today:

    Danny has FOUR of his Christmas songs on the spincrease chart! And Mary Did You Know is the second highest!

    Artist Title Move Stations 7-Day Reports
    CHRIS TOMLIN He Shall Reign Forevermore 185 44
    DANNY GOKEY Mary, Did You Know? 174 new spins 33 Stations playing it!

    Lift Up Your Eyes, O Holy Night and It’s a the Most Wonderful Time are the other three.

    Also #LiftUpYourEyes has moved up to #8 and #MaryDidYouKnow has moved to #13!

  17. Singles on Christian iTunes:
    #18: MDYK
    #23: LUYE
    #91: HIFOM
    #123: MTYTIA
    #132: GMJ
    #186: OHN

    #189: CIH

  18. Singles on Christian iTunes:
    #18: MDYK
    #22: LUYE
    #90: HIFOM
    #106: MTYTIA
    #134: GMJ
    #163: OHN
    #178: CIH

  19. Also looking good at Allaccess Mediabase:

    LUYE is #8
    MDYK is #12 and it has the 2nd highest spincrease. Also more stations playing it 33 to LUYE 28.

    Meanwhile OHN has two new stations, MN and TX.

    Very nice. Danny’s Christmas album and songs are being very well received ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. That looks like a really interesting event. Hockey, country acts, Christian acts all together?

    Danny may be happy to be performing indoors. The only time I was in Nashville around that time of year, it was bitter cold. Brr.

    Of course in my area 2 weeks before Christmas, you never know. I’m hearing it could reach 70s, however odd that is.

    Will there be palm trees? IF so, I will have the song to go with them.

  21. So, did you guys see that Danny Gokey shared a link to DGNews on his Facebook page, today? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Danny Gokey
    8 hrs ยท
    Want to find out all the inside scoop and behind the scenes information about me that you can’t find anywhere else?

    Look up DannyGokeyNews on social media or their website http://www.dannygokeynews.com. They’ve been long time supporters of my music and do a better job of keeping up with me than I do! LOL

    Here’s their latest update!


    Also, I have a post about the K-LOVE Christmas Tour and our crazy guy in a wig here–>

  22. Has anyone else wondered what happened to the Advent Calendar this week? It seemed to be a one week calendar so far this month….

  23. And anothe article with the Co founder of Tenth Avenue:

    . The all-ages concert also will feature Natalie Grant, Sidewalk Prophets and โ€œAmerican Idolโ€ third-place finalist Danny Gokey and will serve an evening of music that simultaneously will be relaxing and invigorating, Jamison said.

    โ€œThere will be lots of great music with great sound,โ€ he said. โ€œDanny Gokey has a voice in him โ€” he can sing โ€” Sidewalk Prophets are buddies doing a set with an upright bass and accordion.โ€

    – See more at: http://m.swtimes.com/features/tenth-avenue-north-ready-take-arkansas-stage#sthash.sTBKiN4K.dpuf

  24. “I find it interesting when these articles go up featuring Danny as the lead artistโ€ฆ. American Idol does give him name recognition ๐Ÿ˜‰ ”

    My thought is that the mentions of Danny have increased because of the audience reactions to him. I don’t believe it is the AI association. (Some on twitter ask who he is. They don’t already know, but they leave liking him.)

    I think his popularity is growing because of his performances in these shows. People seem impressed.

    At first he was shown in posters with a small picture and the words “Special Guest” as though he was somebody extra tagging along. That has changed to an attitude of “SPECIAL Guest” as though the radio stations and sponsors have seen how well he is doing and feel very lucky he is part of their show.

  25. Singles on Christian iTunes:
    #20: LUYE
    #23: MDYK
    #85: HIFOM
    #89: MTYTIA
    #149: GMJ
    #169: TYHTBA

  26. From an article at Christian Beat about David Frey and the Sidewalk Prophets:

    Switching gears a little bit to the holiday season, yesterday the K Love Christmas tour kicked off in Indianapolis. What was that first night like?
    I woke up at noon today, so it was a long day. But it was amazing. We had a great time. First nights are always scary, especially because my hometown is Terre Haute, IN, which is an hour away from Indianapolis. So my mom, dad, cousins, and some friends that I hadnโ€™t seen in 10 years [came] โ€“ thatโ€™s scary. Iโ€™m never really scared to go on stage and sing unless my family and friends who I havenโ€™t seen in years are there. So to do that on the first night was doubly scary, but I think it was great. I think itโ€™s so crazy that Danny Gokey, Natalie Grant, and the Tenth Ave guys are with us โ€“ what incredible singers, what incredible hearts. And I think itโ€™s great that each of us approaches the Christmas season with a different style, and I love that โ€“ especially Tenth Ave. If you come out โ€“ they do this โ€œDecade The Halls,โ€ where they go through decades and put different Christmas songs to them. I wonโ€™t spoil anything, but it is a pageant and absolute fun. I think that each of us are having a lot of fun. First night is hectic and crazy, but at the same time itโ€™s been great. Dannyโ€™s on our bus; and if you arenโ€™t careful, youโ€™ll stay up until 5AM because heโ€™s so easy to talk to and such a nice dude. His bandmate, Maestro, is with us and itโ€™s just been awesome. Day 1 and we were already feeling like we were closer than ever on this tour.

  27. Singles on Christian iTunes:
    #19: LUYE
    #22: MDYK
    #95: HIFOM
    #103: MTYTIA
    #126: GMJ
    #197: OHN

    Note: I checked Holiday albums again. Danny is not on there, but it is not because iTunes excludes Christian albums from the list. Francesca B. (?) is on there. Also Toby Mac. Maybe others.

    LeAnn Rimes is there. Hers is not a Christian album. I just noticed she was there. I also noticed she has an ad on the holiday page.

    Perhaps to be ranked on a list, the label (sender) of the song/album to iTunes has to send it labeled for that list. Maybe Danny’s CIH was sent only to Christian and not sent to iTunes Holiday?

    CIH (single) is not a CCM song, but it did show up briefly on the CCM iTunes Christian list.

    CIH: #5
    Hope: #88

  28. Hi everyone-
    Been busy with personal stuff so haven’t had time to visit. Sounds like Danny’s Christmas songs are doing well at radio and he’s been busy on tour.
    I finally bought Christmas Is Here on Cyber Monday and have listened to it a couple of times. My review follows!
    Hope everyone who celebrates had a nice Thanksgiving.

  29. My review of Christmas Is Here Album

    #1 What Christmas Means to Me C- He sings it well enough but I hate ‘fake crowd’ background in songs and there are too many of the ‘woos’ he relies on-they bother me.
    #2 Its The Most Wonderful Time B Hard to measure up to the original Nice vocals-producer did a good job smoothing his voice
    #3 White Christmas B Nice vocals. He sings it straight out but some classics just have to be sung that way.
    #4 Mary Did You Know C- Yes, I know it is nicely sung, passionate, dramatic and fits CCM radio well. I just never liked this song (the drab tune) and I don’t like all the ad libbing/riffing at the end.
    #5 Lift Up Your Eyes A- Ok, I’ve done a complete 180 on this song since I heard it the first time. Heard once through my computer I initially thought it was boring, too simple and repetitive. But it has grown on me after listening a couple times- upbeat and a great worship song. I can see it in a Hallmark or Candace Cameron movie- the church singing away with dancing as a fade to the credits ๐Ÿ˜‰
    #6 The Christmas Song (chestnuts roasting) D. Filler (every album has one)- nothing special and I don’t think his voice is right for this song.
    #7 Christmas Is Here B Ok, this would have received an A- from me if he didn’t do all the fake laughing (and once again a few “woos” in it). One or two laughs would be enough-I start getting annoyed. But if I ignore that it is cute and a happy Christmas song.
    #8 This Christmas- B+ In contrast to The Christmas Song (Chestnut song)
    this song IS suited to his voice and he does it well-jazzy and sweet.
    #9 Oh Holy Night- A- Beautiful. I only give it a minus because I prefer the Country version which is more powerful, different and impressive, IMO.
    But this one is exquisite.
    #10 Give Me Jesus B Love the ending to the record-very suitable song to end on. He would have knocked this out of the park except I downgrade it to a B for one small thing- the last ‘Give Me Jesus’-is just weird. It sounds like it was recorded on a completely different day and the electronic echo doesn’t match the Gospel vibe.

    As a whole I like this album much better than HIFOM (I only like 3 songs from that album and the addition of the 3 non -CCM songs are a little odd-I would have purchased that album for my CCM loving family but didn’t for that reason).
    Nice job Danny.

    What are everyone else’s favorites on the album?

  30. I love Danny’s Christmas CD. I enjoy the different flavors of songs. Lift Up Your Eyes is one of my favorites. I also like The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. It brings make memories of hearing Andy Williams sing it. Of course my “mermaid” song. I don’t know why, but Christmas is Here reminds me of a Disney movie. It’s a happy song. And then, all the other songs. I can’t choose. One day it’s this song, the other day, maybe another. Of course, I grew up listening to Ray Conniff, Mitch Miller, and many other artists. They represent Christmas to me, but Danny’s CD will be in this collection now, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Hi Pam, thanks for sharing your song by song review. With a quick scan, it looks like Danny has a solid B from you?

    Of course I would grade it a lot higher, lets see:

    What Christmas Means to Me. A-, I think the beginning is a little “busy” for someone not familiar with Danny and hearing the first song of his new album. But I love his spin on it and phrases like “wrapping a present for my wife that she already knows”. We do that…
    Most Wonderful Time of the Year, White Christmas & The Christmas Song. B+ Danny does them very well, but I skip these when in the car. Great songs for decorating the house, though!
    MDYK A+ Love it.
    Lift Up Your Eyes A. Solid song for Danny. It’s gotten very good sales and people seem to really like it. I like that it’s upbeat.
    Christmas Is Here, A. When I heard this a year ago, I was not excited. This recording is very good. Fits Danny to a “T”.
    OHN A I think I like it better than the Sony version. The Sony version was too soft in the beginning (when compared to other songs on the Kohls CD) I always had to turn it up and then turn it down…
    Give Me Jesus. A to A+ Love this one.


    Cindy, I definitely could see CIH as a animated Christmas Special’s song ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Danny has two top Ten songs as of today’s chart:

    #7 Lift up you eyes
    #10 Mary Did You Know

  33. Lurker, I think CIH is listed as a Christian Album, not a Holiday Album on iTunes.

    It’s #182 on all genres tonight. Right next to Mercy Me’s older Christmas album and not shown next to it on the Holiday chart. It would be #65 on the Holiday chart if it could be on Christian and Holiday. Right now it is #3 on the Christian album iTunes chart.

  34. Hope you are safe, Ellen. 11 inches of rain in Oregon!
    We’re having lots of wind tonight and expect to wake up to more snow in the morning…

  35. Good morning. Such odd weather. It’s raining and almost 50 degrees! And I live in the NORTH!! So unusual.

  36. Besides listening to CIH at home on my iPad, I have listened to CIH several times on the cd in my car. I have to admit I sometimes skip over the more traditional Christmas tunes though, because of the short rides. My favorites are MDYK, OHN, CIH, and LUYE. So I would give each of them an A or A-. I agree with Pam about the adlibbing at the end of MDYK and the ending of GMJ though. However, I really love Danny’s voice and the emotion in GMJ, so I play it a lot too. I especially like the ending right before the last line. All in all a great album in my opinion!

  37. Hi Carianne. I think you would like the radio edit of MDYK. It doesn’t have that extended ending. I hear it on Life 102.5 fm ๐Ÿ™‚

    Revision: I just rechecked Allaccess and I only see one add for TYHTBA. I shouldn’t have trusted MJs ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Great news on the radio front. Even two early adds on #TYHTBA!

    Christian AC:ย 
    Chris Tomlin f. Lauren Daigle (Noel) – 6
    Danny Gokey (Mary, Did You Know?) โ€“ 5
    Danny Gokey (Lift Up Your Eyes) โ€“ 4
    Colton Dixon (Limitless) โ€“ 1
    Danny Gokey (Itโ€™s the Most Wonderful Timeโ€ฆ) โ€“ 1
    Danny Gokey (O, Holy Night) โ€“ 1
    Danny Gokey (Tell Your Heart To Beatโ€ฆ) โ€“ 2
    Lauren Daigle (Light Of the World) โ€“ 1
    Lauren Daigle (Noel) – 1

    I let Mjs sum it up since I was busy with Christmas baking today! My home made fruitake is in the oven. We are a family that loves REAL fruit and nut fruitcake. (nine cups of fruit and nuts. And Brandy…)

    We are A rarity these days!

  38. Good evening everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was at the K Love Christmas Tour in the Denver . The concert was amazing <3 Danny did a wonderful job ๐Ÿ™‚ <3 . I don't have pictures from the concert . It was hard take pictures from my place . I was not far from the stage , but the light was very bad . Next time I have to buy VIP ticket ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. How fun, Zuzana.

    Your fruit cake sounds yummy, Jan. We’re picking up our daughter tomorrow, and after a day at Disneyland, she’s coming home to help with the baking. Gingerbread boys are her specialty. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Holidays…

  40. Glad you had a great time. It is ok to just sit back and soak in the full concert, Zuzana!

    How would you say the crowd responded to Danny in comparison to Natalie, Tenth Avenue North or Sidewalk Prophets? ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Thanks, Cindy. I made an extra tiny one so I could check it, and the flavor is good! Now I just need to wrap the fruitcakes in brandy/OJ soaked cheese cloth for the next two weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lurker, it’s interesting to see TYHTBA moving up to #83. Also Monday is one of the most competitive days on iTunes. That and Fridays? New music is released on either day. (generally).

  42. “Lurker, itโ€™s interesting to see TYHTBA moving up to #83.”

    It’s up to #48. See my post just above yours. That is why I posted the numbers again–to show that it was climbing quickly.

    HIFOM is #83.

  43. That is really good! It seems TYHTB is getting some attention recently. My theory is that one of Danny’s video sessions is TYHTBA.

    Anyone want to predict how TYHTB will do for Danny on Billboard/Allaccess? ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. I don’t know what numbers TYHTBA will reach at first, but I expect it to be a hit, possibly a #1 before it is done. That is why I was choosing it for the single this time–even though I like This is What it Means better. (I think TIWIM could be a hit too, but the lyrics in TYHTBA attract attention. I believe it will be popular quickly.)

    I think TYHTBA and GMJ might be the two videos that will be put up after Christmas. Not sure about GMJ, but I believe I read Danny was putting Christmas videos up through Christmas and then putting up two more videos after (all done during the video sessions along with OHN, etc.)

    He said (I think) that they were all done in one day. Would he have another song available other than those two that he would have done?

    Covers, I guess, could be done anytime, but both of these songs are on iTunes waiting to be bought. So…

    I would love it if TIWIM was one of the songs chosen for a video.

  45. Hmmm… I expect TYHTBA to be one of the videos, but I hadn’t thought of the second one being also from Danny’s HIFOM.

    I think you and I will both be disappointed if TYHTBA doesn’t go to the top of CAC’s chart. Hopefully a #1. It does seem to resonate with people. But I am really glad Danny started with HIFOM instead of it. Having written HIFOM, I think it gave him a bit more credibility, other than to push a cover of some one else’s song– even though some of the lyrics were changed on Danny’s request. (Since he was NOT granted co-writing credit on the song.)

  46. (Lurker, I missed my NOT in this statement…..I fixed it below. Thanks, Jan )

    “Since he was granted co-writing credit on the song”

    He was given writing credit on TYHTBA? I thought he wasn’t. I know he did rewrite some of it, but I didn’t know he had been given credit.

  47. Singles on Christian iTunes: 9:15, last night (copied from post above to make it easier to compare):
    #23: LUYE
    #28: MDYK
    #48: TYHTBA
    #83: HIFOM
    #152: MTYTIA

    Singles on Christian iTunes: current, just checked
    #21: LUYE
    #22: MDYK
    #43: TYHTBA
    #69: HIFOM
    #155: MTYTIA

    Back on list:
    #190: GMJ

  48. Singles on Christian iTunes:

    #14: MDYK
    #22: LUYE
    #44: TYHTBA
    #84: HIFOM
    #169: OHN
    #173: MTYTIA

  49. Do you think MDYK being sang on the Voice helped Danny’s version?

    I will put up a post later, but I see Danny is doing very well on the Billboard charts ๐Ÿ™‚

    Both singles have broke into the Top 20 on Christian Airplay.

  50. Don’t know about the Voice helping MDYK. Maybe it’s Danny’s video.

    Danny’s album, CIH, is #2 on iTunes Christian. Hope is #41.

  51. Will stop again when I have more time, but . . .

    I finally managed to buy a copy of Danny’s Christmas CD and will give my thoughts at some point. Enjoyed Pam’s review.

    Cindy, yeah, we’re been getting *real* rain. I say that as someone who used to live on the East Coast and in the Midwest. Oregon’s typical rain is a gentle drizzle, not the rain-coming-down-in-sheets with thunder and lightning that you see in other parts of the country. Reminded me of the rain during the great Midwestern flood of 1993. And the poor pets (at least in my part of the state) aren’t used to thunder.

  52. Hi Ellen, looking forward to your review!

    Can everyone go over to Danny’s Facebook page and “Like” the post he shared from DGNews? (The Roger Cordova article)

    If it gets a lot of interest we have a greater chance of DGNews links showing up on his page. It currently has 700 likes we’d like to see a bunch more ๐Ÿ˜‰


  53. It’s great to see Danny’s album doing so well!! The Christmas album has definitely been a great career move and of course it made THIS fan very happy….. and I’ve shared my love of it (and the CD) with a bunch of my friends and family….

  54. Singles on Christian iTunes:

    #16: MDYK
    #24: LUYE
    #33: TYHTBA
    #96: HIFOM
    #140: MTYTIA
    #191: OHN
    #196: GMJ

  55. We’ve been wondering how many albums of CIH Danny has been selling? This will give us a clue. On Billboard’s Christian Album chart, Danny is right after Kenny’s album. And this is the sales according to Roughstock:
    Kenny Rogers “Once Again, It’s Christmas” last week 4,700 Total: 19,800

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