Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 12/21 – 1/3 Discussion

Xmas 2015 card (430x373)
We want to wish ALL of you a joyous holiday season!

Photo courtesy of Passion for Baking

133 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 12/21 – 1/3 Discussion

  1. Maybe we will finally get Danny’s idea of “soulful country” ?

    Or inspirational country at least …

    Who knows, perhaps the song was written for a different project? Can we start a Danny and Kellie duet rumor? 🙂


  2. Wow! I am trying to picture Kellie and Danny trying to have a coversation?!?

    Kellie with her bubbly, Southern style and Danny’s Northerner, high speed speaking style?!? That would be a lot to take in!!!

    I’d love to see lots of duet partners for Danny in 2016!! I love how he can wrap his distinctive voice around another strong singer!

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  3. Happy New Year’s DJG fans 🙂

    Cindy- very impressive accomplishment for your daughter! I can’t even imagine- I managed to finish my first half marathon (in Nashville for SH) with the help of Martha (a Danny fan I miss so much-she’s drifted away) and after that I can not imagine doing a full marathon, much less also swim and bike!

    Interesting to hear the country writer credit; although ‘Forever One; sounds like a CCM song to me. He has written religious songs with Country writers before. But anything would be preferable (for my personal tastes) than more Motown sound or Disco. I never play HIFOM because I’m just not fond of it-I used to play HIFOM, TYHTBA and TIWIMTBA (Agree with Lurker-best song on the album-and I think the best chance of crossover play) since I like those, but even though some of the rest is ‘ok’ I was tired of fast forwarding through the stuff I really didn’t like.

    Admin2 I also like the Snowflakes-very soothing.


  4. Hi Pam. It was my daughter-in-law that ran the Iron Man. My daughter and family are very proud of her. Congratulations on running a half marathon. That’s an accomplishment!

    Wishing “good things” to everyone in 2016.

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  5. Scroll time for anyone who doesn’t want to read about Nutrition….

    Lurker, thanks for sharing your experience. Having two type I (juvenile) diabetics in my family we are extremely nutrition-conscious. We also avoid HFCS in any product.

    I’m a huge believer that nutrition related problems (primarily related to the advent of Fast Food-‘Fast Food Nation’ is a fascinating book btw-and the big business of food marketing) in the US are often primarily responsible for most of our preventable health woes. Acid reflux, Type II diabetes, obesity with its other risks like hypertension, cancer, some orthopedic injuries etc, etc.
    Portion control in addition to what you eat is so important and we all know how great we feel even losing just 5 pounds. Unfortunately-food tastes too good and is so incorporated into our social beings.

    I also agree with what you said Lurker, about preaching to others. One of my long term employees who I care about is very unhealthy. Her nutritional habits are terrible-she doesn’t ‘like’ many things (most of which are healthy). She salts everything heavily and was a big gulp soda drinker- a 32-64 oz glass sat on her desk at all times. I used to make ‘recommendations’ to her (out of concern) before she informed my business partner she was very annoyed by it-I had no idea I must have been ‘preaching’ to her and that wasn’t my intention; I say nothing to her now of course. But-she gave up drinking soda (substituted water instead like Lurker) and lost 20 pounds! Baby steps. I can only imagine how difficult that was for her- I would have a difficult time giving up coffee or
    alcohol-two of my favorite vices (well, vices when overdone at least).

    Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, right?


  6. Hmmmm… I just remembered I have to put up a discussion page. Anyone got a favorite photo that would like to see on the discussion page in the future? 🙂


  7. Thanks for commenting on the Spirit Fest post, Ellen. It’s nice for the photographers to see people are appreciating their work 🙂

    We had a really heavy (it had sleet on top of 5 inches of snow) snowfall this week. It was no fun to shovel. I couldn’t push it very far. Lots of digs and throws….


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