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  1. I’m guessing the other non-Christmas is “Give Me Jesus”. Well, that’s what I’m hoping for… Or maybe a Spanish HIFOM???

    A Spanish language version of something seems quite plausible for them to want to have in hand for 2016.

    For “Give Me Jesus,” I’d be interested to see that but wouldn’t it count as part of the Christmas album support?

  2. Lurker, I had no idea at first what you were saying…. I thought you were talking about the snowflakes in lead pictures. But I see them now, too!


  3. I kind of like it. Can you also have blowing leaves in the fall, warm breezes in the summer?

  4. I don’t know. I just ran across the option when I was playing this week and thought I would try it 🙂 ( “trial & error” )

    This is very nice from one of the Oak Ridge Boys singers who was at the football game today where Danny performed the National Anthem. Hope some video will show up

    Joe Bonsall Verified account ‏@joebonsall 11m ago
    Although the announcer said Danny Kokey… @dannygokey just nailed the anthem @NissanStadium @MusicCityBowl 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    “42 year member of THE OAK RIDGE BOYS, author, sanger, banjoplayer Love JESUS, MARY, DAUGHTERS, GRANDKIDS, GUNS, CATS, BANJOS, PHILLIES, TITANS and a GOOD SONG!”

  5. ” 7h7 hours ago
    @dannygokey you did an amazing job singing the national anthem at the Music City Bowl Game! One of the best I’ve heard!”

  6. Danny’s TYHTBA is back on Allaccess Mediabase. It has some growing to do to catch Billboard….
    @dannygokeynewz: Christmas is (no longer) Here but #TellYourHeartToBeatAgain by @dannygokey is! It enters the @AllAccess CAC chart at #50! #GoDannyGo

  7. Off topic (and maybe unwanted):

    Sometimes I hear people talking about wanting to loose weight (or read about them saying it). It makes me want to help them by sharing what I went through. I usually keep my mouth shut. Giving unwanted advice is intrusive.

    I have written here before about giving up HFCS. When I see people consuming that stuff, I feel bad for them. Example: I had an overweight student. He wrote in an essay how much he wanted to loose weight, yet his diet (the part of it I saw from snacks he brought with him) consisted of soda (popular drink with HFCS), candy, chips, etc. I wanted to tell him about what I had done that might help him. I didn’t though. My wanting to help might not have worked just because I wanted it to. Sometimes I know it is better to keep my advice to myself.

    Anyway, I am going to share my story. Please ignore it is it bothers you.

    When I was young, I was thin. When I got older, I gained weight. My cholesterol went too high, and I was going to have to take medication. I didn’t want to add another medicine to what I was already taking. I asked my doctor if I could try a diet first. She gave me a diet. I ate a lot of greens, fish, oatmeal, beans, etc. I lowered my cholesterol and didn’t have to take the medicine.

    When I started that diet, I did internet searches about food. That’s when I came across articles about HFCS. I had no idea how many foods it was in. I started checking labels and decided to leave out products that had it. (I still eat sweets when I want them, but I choose ones made with sugar. I don’t have large portions.)

    I also started walking again, most of the time two 15-20 minute walks a day. Not a run, not a stroll. Just walking briskly.

    I lost 45 pounds and lowered my cholesterol, plus went back to my thin-size clothes.

    This story may not help anyone. Bodies react differently, but I have decided to share it in case it might benefit someone else.

  8. Addition to above post:
    The drinks with HFCS were hard to give up. It took about three weeks without them to adjust. I started ordering water. When it was in a soft-drink cup with a lid and a straw, it started feeling the same way a soda did. After a while, I didn’t think about it.

  9. Thanks, Lurker. Another year gone, and another year I’m still trying to find that “magic” way. There is none. I always walk on the treadmill everyday. But, with many years working at the computer I found the weight not leaving. So, this year I hope to walk more and work on the computer less. My daughter in law was here for Christmas. I think I mentioned she finished the Iron Man Race. She works very hard. Of course, she’s a lot younger. She’s a good motivator for me. With a grandchild on the way, I would like to be in better shape. After reading your post Lurker… you have motivated me more. 🙂


  10. Lurker, brown rice syrup may be even worse than high fructose corn syrup.

    Info is from a Discover article from October 2013:

    ~ long-term exposure to trace amounts of arsenic is bad for you (it’s not known if there is any “safe” level; apparently chronic exposure inflicts damage at the cellular level and makes the body vulnerable to a wide range of illnesses, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes)

    ~ rice absorbs arsenic from the soil at 10 times the rate of other grains, including the toxic inorganic form (to the best of my knowledge, organic arsenic isn’t the problem; inorganic arsenic is)

    ~ the arsenic is concentrated in the nutrient-rich outer layer of rice, so brown rice may contain arsenic but white rice generally does not, as it gets polished off in the processing of white rice

    ~ brown rice syrup contains the most arsenic, because it concentrates rice sugars, which concentrates other chemicals, including arsenic

    ~ brown rice from California has less arsenic than brown rice from the south, where arsenic-based pesticides were once used on cotton crops

    ~ there is no limit for arsenic in most foods, although there is a limit for water (this may be changing; the FDA has set a limit for apple juice)

    ~ some researchers changed their behavior after study results came out (one who ate a lot of energy bars sweetened with brown rice syrup discovered that she was ingesting five times the drinking water standard for arsenic)

    ~ I believe there is a way to prepare and cook brown rice that helps to minimize arsenic, but I don’t have that info readily available (I think you rinse it and cook it in a larger amount of water)

    Hope this helps, Lurker!

  11. Ellen,
    Is brown rice syrup in foods other than brown rice? I don’t eat brown rice–just have never thought about it.

  12. Happy New Year everyone.

    Danny is doing very well with iTunes at the moment – nice.

    If anyone wants to make Jan’s New Year complete and you haven’t followed us yet on Facebook, we are at follower #399… So close to going to the next level 😉

  13. Lurker, brown rice syrup is used as a sweetener in many processed food products, as a supposedly “healthy” alternative to high fructose corn syrup. Brown rice syrup is commonly used in crackers, cereals, snack bars, energy bars, and many products marketed as health foods. Seems like we went from the frying pan (HFCS) into the fire (BRS).

  14. I follow you on Twitter, but I can’t figure out how to “friend” you on Facebook! I wanted to start off Jan’s 2016 right.

  15. ” Brown rice syrup is commonly used in crackers, cereals, snack bars, energy bars, and many products marketed as health foods. Seems like we went from the frying pan (HFCS) into the fire (BRS).”

    Thanks for letting me know. I had no idea. A new thing to check on labels. Ugh!

    Maybe it won’t be as invasive as HFCS. (I hope.) I don’t eat energy bars, etc. With HFCS, I used to buy many items (canned vegetables, some milk, sliced sandwich bread, etc.) with no clue that they contained it.

    I appreciate knowing about this.

  16. Happy New Year!!!

    And Ellen, I see you figured out how to like our Facebook page at DGnews!! Thanks for being #400! As long as no one unlikes us…..

    So we could use some “protection” by having more likes!

  17. New year, new songs!

    I did some looking at BMI and Danny has registered his Christmas songs, LUYE and CIH, but I also found this new song:

    FOREVER ONE (Legal Title) BMI Work #20887664

    GOKEY DANNY BMI 600623891

    Kyle Jacobs is Kellie Pickler’s songwriter husband. He writes for Curb Music. He co-wrote one of Garth Brook’s big hits “More Than a Memory”.


  18. TYHTBA has jumped 10 spots. It’s now #40. I see 8 fading Christmas songs ahead of it (including Danny’s…) It should make Top 30 in a few days 🙂

    Here are the leading stations:
    Station/ TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    WRBS-FM Baltimore 33 12 21 8 7 7 6 5 0.235
    WNWC-FM Madison, WI 25 25 7 3 6 4 5 0.03
    X032-FM >SiriusXM 17 17 4 2 5 3 3 0
    KLV-FM >K-Love Network 12 14 -2 2 6 4 0.694
    WVFJ-FM Atlanta 11 11 7 1 3 0.017
    WCIE-FM Tampa 11 11 7 1 3 0.017
    KWND-FM Springfield, MO 10 10 7 3 0.014

    You’d think the DGNews moderators had some strange power over the radio stations for this song…. 😉

  19. KLV-FM >K-Love Network 12 14 -2 2 6 4 0.694

    Not sure how that works – K Love is considered as one station? Vs. each separate station counting individually?

  20. Admin, I think Klove counting as one (but high AI) is why Allaccess Mediabase is so far behind Billboard for TYHTBA’s radio play. I also think all those Air1 stations playing TYHTBA are not monitored stations, too. So they don’t count at allaccess.

    I am hoping Danny took that country song idea he woke up with and they paired him with those two country writers to flesh it out/ finish it.

    I do hope he puts out a country song this time. When I previously asked him about it he seemed very open to it.

  21. Admin, Danny put Motown flavored songs on his Christian album… a (beautiful) old gospel song on his Christmas album. I think we can EXPECT that Danny will mix it up on album #4!!! ( #5 if we ever get access to the Spanish HIFOm…)

  22. Maybe we will finally get Danny’s idea of “soulful country” ?

    Or inspirational country at least …

    Who knows, perhaps the song was written for a different project? Can we start a Danny and Kellie duet rumor? 🙂

  23. Wow! I am trying to picture Kellie and Danny trying to have a coversation?!?

    Kellie with her bubbly, Southern style and Danny’s Northerner, high speed speaking style?!? That would be a lot to take in!!!

    I’d love to see lots of duet partners for Danny in 2016!! I love how he can wrap his distinctive voice around another strong singer!

  24. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: #15 (Single is now on front page of Christian iTunes.)

    #18: HIFOM (album)

  25. Happy New Year’s DJG fans 🙂

    Cindy- very impressive accomplishment for your daughter! I can’t even imagine- I managed to finish my first half marathon (in Nashville for SH) with the help of Martha (a Danny fan I miss so much-she’s drifted away) and after that I can not imagine doing a full marathon, much less also swim and bike!

    Interesting to hear the country writer credit; although ‘Forever One; sounds like a CCM song to me. He has written religious songs with Country writers before. But anything would be preferable (for my personal tastes) than more Motown sound or Disco. I never play HIFOM because I’m just not fond of it-I used to play HIFOM, TYHTBA and TIWIMTBA (Agree with Lurker-best song on the album-and I think the best chance of crossover play) since I like those, but even though some of the rest is ‘ok’ I was tired of fast forwarding through the stuff I really didn’t like.

    Admin2 I also like the Snowflakes-very soothing.

  26. Hi Pam. It was my daughter-in-law that ran the Iron Man. My daughter and family are very proud of her. Congratulations on running a half marathon. That’s an accomplishment!

    Wishing “good things” to everyone in 2016.

  27. Scroll time for anyone who doesn’t want to read about Nutrition….

    Lurker, thanks for sharing your experience. Having two type I (juvenile) diabetics in my family we are extremely nutrition-conscious. We also avoid HFCS in any product.

    I’m a huge believer that nutrition related problems (primarily related to the advent of Fast Food-‘Fast Food Nation’ is a fascinating book btw-and the big business of food marketing) in the US are often primarily responsible for most of our preventable health woes. Acid reflux, Type II diabetes, obesity with its other risks like hypertension, cancer, some orthopedic injuries etc, etc.
    Portion control in addition to what you eat is so important and we all know how great we feel even losing just 5 pounds. Unfortunately-food tastes too good and is so incorporated into our social beings.

    I also agree with what you said Lurker, about preaching to others. One of my long term employees who I care about is very unhealthy. Her nutritional habits are terrible-she doesn’t ‘like’ many things (most of which are healthy). She salts everything heavily and was a big gulp soda drinker- a 32-64 oz glass sat on her desk at all times. I used to make ‘recommendations’ to her (out of concern) before she informed my business partner she was very annoyed by it-I had no idea I must have been ‘preaching’ to her and that wasn’t my intention; I say nothing to her now of course. But-she gave up drinking soda (substituted water instead like Lurker) and lost 20 pounds! Baby steps. I can only imagine how difficult that was for her- I would have a difficult time giving up coffee or
    alcohol-two of my favorite vices (well, vices when overdone at least).

    Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, right?

  28. Hmmmm… I just remembered I have to put up a discussion page. Anyone got a favorite photo that would like to see on the discussion page in the future? 🙂

  29. Thanks for commenting on the Spirit Fest post, Ellen. It’s nice for the photographers to see people are appreciating their work 🙂

    We had a really heavy (it had sleet on top of 5 inches of snow) snowfall this week. It was no fun to shovel. I couldn’t push it very far. Lots of digs and throws….

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