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  1. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to All..
    Good Health, and Joy in the New Year. ♫☼♪♫ ♥

  2. Merry Christmas Danny, Leyicet, little Danny,and Victoria. May God continue to bless you and your ministry. Y’all are one of the blessings in our lives.

  3. Hi Kelly, Cindy & Kathy! I hope you all have a great week leading up to Christmas!

    Best wishes for a joyous Christmas to all of you and to Danny, Leyicet & their family!

    I found a review of the AR show. They feature Danny in the wig with Mike.

    Also, I believe Danny is #5 and #6 today at Allaccess. One recurrent song at #4. For the record books he did get two top 10 songs from “Christmas is Here” — so far 😉

  4. from MJ’s numbers:
    Danny’s picture featured (HIFOM cover). Danny is in the lead paragraph:

    “Danny Gokey, 3rd on the 8th Season of Idol, achieves two milestones this week to impressively put two songs in the top 10 in his format. “Lift Up Your Eyes” goes top 5 and “Mary, Did You Know?” goes top 10 to sit right behind it at 6th on the CAC chart. Both songs are from his recently released Christmas Album “Christmas is Here”. He certainly delivered the right album for his genre.”

    His current fans know, but I wonder if Idol watchers who haven’t kept up with Danny are aware of how much freedom he is given by his label. I think it is rare that a label allows a singer to mix genres the way they are allowing Danny to do.

    His CAC album is overall more Christmas standards than CAC. HIFOM was also a mixture. The HIFOM Spanish album may be sent to pop radio. On CAC, there is the single CAC which kind of has the sounds that Danny said (right after Idol) that he was hoping to have.

    It seems to me that Danny is doing very well and doing it without having to give up the different kinds of music he enjoys. He is not turning his back on one thing to do another thing.

    This mixture of genres makes sense to me. Some people who go to church and like a hymn are also people who like songs like “Grapevine,” “Trouble,” and “Shake it Off.”

  5. I agree, Lurker. I’ve always thought mixing genres make more sense than not. Good for Danny!

  6. Both songs are from his recently released Christmas Album “Christmas is Here”. He certainly delivered the right album for his genre.”

    Danny delivered the right album for HIS fans, and CAC is welcoming him the way he is!! I have seen an urban radio station appreciating Danny’s Christmas. And a country DG has raved about it.

    This has been a very good year for Danny. I expect his manager and label to take it to a higher level in 2016 with the success he saw this year!!

  7. I usually don’t “touch” MJsbigblog.com with anything from dgnews, but I did retweet the post by Kristin 🙂

  8. PS. How did I do making the above Christmas card to the Gokeys?

    This was done with Publisher. I may have to buy photo shop for 2016 🙂

  9. Wow, from what The Advocate said in its review, the K-Love Christmas tour sounds like a lot of fun!

  10. You did a great job, Jan!!

    Thank you Jan, Steph, and everyone I might miss for keeping this site running. You’ve done an AMAZING job!!!

  11. Ohhh…. “FacebOOK” 🙂

    #6 seems very good for CIH.

    thank you Cindy – almost all the credit should go to Jan once we scrambled this site up and running

  12. thanks Ellen for the video of Two Story Road (Jamie and Brandon Fraley) with Joy to the World posted toward the end of Jan’s last discussion post. That was very nicely done, I hadn’t seen it before.

    Their EP titled Two Story Road appears to be out now, it can be located through our New Music links to the right and then searching for the group / album title.

    Currently we have areas featuring Danny’s music, books, etc. of course – I’ve wondered occasionally if the site members might have other favorites we could set up on a page for those interested to sample. If that would be of interest, let us know and I can look at it.

  13. I was just looking at iTunes and saw this:

    CIH #5
    HIFOM #26

    And it appears that radio doesn’t report it’s added songs now until after New Year’s Day. Not sure if Billboard takes the time off, too? I wouldn’t think so… but?

    PS. Cindy and Steph. This is quite a little hobby for me… 😉

  14. Those sales numbers make me think perhaps some people who may not have come across his music before, may be checking out Danny’s holiday album and then going back to buy his HIFOM album? Or perhaps people who bought the singles, are buying the whole HIFOM album after they buy the CIH album?

  15. “Those sales numbers make me think perhaps some people who may not have come across his music before, may be checking out Danny’s holiday album and then going back to buy his HIFOM album?”

    I agree with this. I believe people are hearing him on tour and on radio. He is making new fans through his Christmas album. Plus, I think it is good for Danny that CCM stations do not appear to have the “all Christmas music, all day” that some AC stations adopt. Danny’s TYHTBA is already being played.

    A reason I believe the tour is making a difference is because MDYK is doing so well. OHN is not as high. My opinion is that OHN would be if he were singing it on tour (which I think he is not because another singer is doing that one).

    “Or perhaps people who bought the singles, are buying the whole HIFOM album after they buy the CIH album?”

    This too.

  16. I wish there was a video up of Danny singing HIFOM with the Spanish introduction. (I think it was HIFOM at an awards show.)

  17. Very good news, Admin. Lots of good news on the Billboard charts, too! I will be posting it later.

    I think Danny is getting good sales on MDYK because he is singing it on tour and the good radio play. I did hear OHN this morning, but not many stations are playing it. Maybe it will be a single next year?

    Merry Christmas to you, too, Sherry!!!

  18. It is so good to see Danny’s music climbing the charts. I wish I could have made it to the KLove Christmas Tour, but I’m glad several videos of the show were posted. He sounded great! Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

  19. I’m sorry you couldn’t make it to the K-love Christmas tour. I went here in Connecticut and it was fantastic. It was the best day.

  20. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Gokey family and DannyGokey News 🙂 <3

    I love EP Two Story Road and the video of " Joy to the World " <3

  21. Hi Carianne, I didn’t make it to the K-LOVE Tour either 🙁 Life gets in the way….

    Great Billboard news reported http://dannygokeynews.com/2015/12/23/a-new-billboard-top-ten-song-for-danny-gokey-mary-did-you-know-and-more-chart-news/

    And Allaccess today. Mary just jumped over Lift.

    1 1 CHRIS TOMLIN Noel f/Lauren Daigle 639 637 2 3.095
    2 2 CHRIS TOMLIN He Shall Reign Forevermore 637 566 71 2.906
    5 3 LAUREN DAIGLE Light Of The World 479 467 12 2.398
    11 4 DANNY GOKEY Mary, Did You Know? 477 417 60 2.623
    6 5 DANNY GOKEY Lift Up Your Eyes 476 457 19 1.933

    7 6 BLANCA Winter Wonderland 444 445 -1 2.195 –

  22. Is this where Danny is playing tonight?

    “The Pit has been New Mexico’s largest arena since it opened, the largest indoor venue between San Antonio and Phoenix, and also hosts major concert tours. Other entertainers who have appeared at the Pit include Led Zeppelin,[37] Queen (with Paul Rodgers), Foreigner, Billy Graham, Taylor Swift, Bob Seger, Brad Paisley, George Strait, Billy Joel, and Elton John.”

  23. I’m thinking of titles again.

    Country song:
    “I’ve Been Hanging on to Something That’s Already Gone”

    Too long?

    Book or movie:
    “Everybody Has Something Wrong With Them”

    Maybe science fiction?

  24. My question about my title above (too long?) reminded me of a Hugh Laurie song, “Too Long Johnny.” The song is one he wrote for a comedy skit, but I like the sound–the guitar, the humming at the end.

  25. Thanks, Admin 2, for bringing over Two Story Road’s “Joy to the World.” Song gave me chills, much like Danny’s “O Holy Night” for Sony did.

  26. Ellen,
    That was a good video. They made me like a song I haven’t liked before. 🙂

  27. We now know why TYHTBA is selling so well. It gained 517 spins in a single week! Air1 and K-LOVE are featuring it, but it looks like other stations are, too!

  28. #19: MDYK
    #23: LUYE
    #28: TYHTBA
    #82: HIFOM
    #101: MTYTIA
    #142: OHN
    #161: GMJ

    CIH: #5
    HIFOM: #24

  29. Danny’s team has a special on CIH album running now, I’ve put up a link in our New Music area where you can check it out if interested in a copy or to gift.

    I’ll be putting back the other links sometime in the near future. I was doing some edits and I messed it up 😳

    By the time I figure it out, it will be time to add TYHTBA as the brand new single – yes? 🙂

  30. #21: MDYK
    #27: LUYE
    #29: TYHTBA
    #73: HIFOM
    #123: MTYTIA
    #175: GMJ
    #176: OHN

    CIH: #3
    HIFOM: #21

  31. #15: MDYK
    #23: LUYE
    #29: TYHTBA
    #73: HIFOM
    #124: MTYTIA
    #170: OHN
    #185: GMJ

    CIH: #2
    HIFOM: #25

  32. Merry Christmas!! I did add a post with a video of Danny singING O Holy Night at CBN today.


    As experts on Danny’s performances, I am sure he wouldn’t think it is his best, but Danny was working HARD this month and I am sure his voice took a beating.

    I hope you all have a peaceful/happy/fun day—- whatever is your way of spending this day! I am having a quiet one; our kids are off with their spouses’ families today, but we had a wonderful brunch at our daughter and son in law’s house yesterday! Our granddaughter is adorable!!!! Peace, Jan

  33. This morning I had my local Christian radio station playing while I was reading the paper. I heard “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” play for the first time! And when I returned from my exercise class, they were playing “Mary, Did You Know”. I love that my radio station is embracing Danny’s music!

  34. I copied part of this. Just part. There is more. The more is good too.

    “Danny Gokey’s first Christmas album, “Christmas Is Here,” proves that the third placer of “American Idol, Season 8”…is here to stay.

    Tracks like the celebratory “What Christmas Means to Me,” the EDM-infused “Lift Up Your Eyes” and the uplifting title track, “Christmas Is Here,” provide tunes that you can sing along with and groove to. His expressive voice makes them smolder and soar.

    “SortMusic.com ‏@SortMusic · 2h2 hours ago
    Rousing, reinvigorating carols from @KylieMinogue, Danny Gokey http://j.mp/1YIolG6 There aren’t a lot of musical innovations in Kylie …”

     More

  35. Maybe TYHTBA will go to #1 faster than expected. Then TIWIMTBA could be released as a single. It could be a hit (imo). (I thought TYHTBA would be a hit. And TIWIMTBA too–if it had a chance.)

    I feel sorry for neglected songs–ones that could shine but get left in the dark.

  36. I enjoyed the video of the bride and groom dancing to “Better Than Gold.” Hard to dance in that gown, but the bride tried.

  37. “This Is What It Means” is arguable the best song on the album.

    If it isn’t released as a single….. I could see Danny’s creative management finding a creative use for it.

    I smiled at your not wanting a great song to be neglected, Lurker.

  38. Merry Christmas everyone!

    I see Danny’s two songs had a little bit higher to go on the mediabase chart

    5 3 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Lift Up Your Eyes 495 465 30 1.958
    7 4 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Mary, Did You Know? 488 436 52 2.791 – See more at: http://www.allaccess.com/christian/mediabase#sthash.SWf6JqYt.dpuf

    I occasionally listen to the Christian station in my area. I heard MDYK twice but never did hear LUYE.

    But my station was an early fan of TYHTBA so I cannot complain 😉

  39. Admin, previously I checked out the playlist for your station and they made Danny’s “Mary, Did You Know” their #1 song on ~~ Christmas (dropped TYHTBA down to top 20) but I don’t think they played “Lift Up Your Eyes”.

    Mary had >40 stations playing it (out of 45?) but Lift only had ~30- 35? It must not have fit the format for some of the CAC stations tracked by Allaccess (In the PD’s opinion….)

    I was turning my radio over to the Packer game and as I passed the Christian station I heard a few notes that stopped me in my tracks. I went back and it was Danny’s “O Holy Night”. WMWC really plays a lot of Danny. But they did drop MTYTIA early when they said it didn’t get good listener feedback. I wonder if they regretted dropping it?

  40. That could be, they just never picked up LUYE or perhaps they decided to only adopt one of the two new Christmas songs from DG? I’m not sure how much they played #More, I heard HIFOM yesterday.

    And it’s interested how different the panels are. With TYHTBA already in top 20 on one of the Billboard charts (where I saw they are showing the song as having been out for 3 weeks?). But not appearing on mediabase yet.

    It seems to be doing very well during the holidays. Perhaps Lurker will be right and it will be a fast mover. I’m not as big a fan of TIWIMTBA as some, and two ballads back to back? If that matters in CCM format, not sure. LWTYP could be another option if they need a song to bridge to the next album era.

    However that all works, it seems to me Danny and team can be very pleased with the foundation they have built for him in CCM with these first two albums and touring. For 2016, apart from working toward the next major album release – I’d like to see Danny move up higher in the line-ups in the concert tours. He’s paid his dues enough, hopefully and has accumulated some radio songs that people should know.

  41. “Danny and team can be very pleased with the foundation they have built for him in CCM with these first two albums and touring. For 2016, apart from working toward the next major album release – I’d like to see Danny move up higher in the line-ups in the concert tours.

    I agree 100%!

    Danny’s done a lot of touring, but I hope he is also hard at work on album #2 (for the CCM genre, so not counting MBD). Ideally, after TYHTBA or song #4 (if there is one) peaks, he will be ready to go with a new album. I also want Danny hungry when he writes/cowrites. He got nominated for Dove awards, and I know he really wants the recognition of an award.

    I like HIFOM (the album) a lot, but I have a few quibbles. Several of the songs have similar-sounding intros. And on “This is What It Means,” Danny took an absolutely perfect first verse and ruined it by ramping up to the bridge/chorus too forcefully. IMHO. Still a very, very good album. But I want to kick Danny’s crutches away (the similar-sounding intros and oh-ohs) and push him to do even better. Because I believe he has it in him . . .

  42. I’d like to see Danny move up higher in the line-ups in the concert tours.

    Me, too! I think the general CCM fan want to see Danny with longer sets, too. I hope he gets mid length sets— and he does some concerts as a lead artist with an opener.

    The key statement he’s made about radio, “The program directors have become friends”, gives me hope that if he puts out good material, they will play him. I am very hopeful for his writing. I didn’t use to be…. but HIFOM’s songs and LUYE are giving me hope that he has it in there. Especially if he gets to write with good writers, like Brett James.

    I also want Danny hungry when he writes/co-writes. He got nominated for Dove awards, and I know he really wants the recognition of an award.

    I’d like to see Danny write with someone like Toby Mac. I think Danny could do a really great cross between Toby’s “Feel It” or Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”. I want more dancing music on Danny’s next album. He can continue to have his songs of hope, but I want to dance. I enjoyed moving to “Take it to the Limit”.

  43. It looks like there is a second week of no songs being officially added to radio playlists. Kind of makes sense. The Christmas songs have made a mess out of the charts….

    Lori C has reported that Danny told her that is going to be taping a video for TYHTBA. That’s nice, but the CCM videos haven’t been too exciting, IMO.

    I wonder what happened to the other two Christmas videos he was going to release from his “Live” session? I wonder if they didn’t want to put as many out as they intially planned or if they didn’t turn out to Danny’s satisfaction?

  44. “I wonder what happened to the other two Christmas videos he was going to release from his “Live” session? ”

    I thought perhaps they had decided his album was doing so well that they didn’t need to put those out this year–that they would hold them back and post them next Christmas. (I’ve already read or heard that Danny said they were going to release the album again in 2016–a deluxe edition with a few songs added.)

  45. I do think Danny’s “Mary, Did You Know” video did really well. It has 183,000 views. And then I saw the number of views for Jordan Smith’s version from “The Voice” 4.6 million views. Hmmmmmm…

    I will be interested in seeing what becomes of Jordan’s career. Can he be the exceptional “The Voice” winner that launches a long career?

    I think the idea of adding a few more songs and releasing “Christmas Is Here” as a deluxe CD is a smart marketing idea. I’d like to see them branch beyond CCM for the Deluxe album.

    BTW, I was watching a video of our Wisconsin Badgers football team at Sea World in San Diego and what did I hear in the background? A snippet of CIH! The park was playing Danny’s song! 🙂

  46. what did I hear in the background? A snippet of CIH! The park was playing Danny’s song

    At first I assumed you meant a park in WI, but San Diego… 🙂

    It may be hard to evaluate the impression of a Voice performance without the context of the person’s arc on the show. I was not very struck by Jordan’s voice or song interpretation tbh. But being on the Voice with national broadcast backing and PR can’t hurt for YT plays.

    My guess on the MIA YT videos is that they were already getting good results and saturating the need this year with three, supporting the two 2015 holiday songs sent to radio, and one other. Three new videos released within a few weeks (plus the lyric videu for LUYE) – is already a lot for fans to watch imo, esp given the busy time of year.

    So save the others for next year.

    what would you like to see beyond CCM for a Deluxe Christmas release Jan? The original had several traditional songs. Or do you mean promoting it beyond CCM audience/radio?

  47. I am happy for Danny’s success. I have seen stories of other singers working on their own to try to raise money to produce an album or to find a producer. It is so much better for Danny that he has a label instead of having to take that route.

    It has also been good for his label that they have Danny.

  48. Admin, CIH was released to iTunes as a Christian album. Not a holiday album. I think it could and did compete with other holiday albums pretty well considering it was NOT available at Target, Walmart and “all other stores where CDs are sold” (contrary to what Danny said in some of his interviews….) and he didn’t promote it beyond Christian radio/tv/internet outlets.

    I’d like to see a bigger push to get Danny on TV shows/Christmas Specials that are not just Christian audience based. He did get a “Good Day New York”, but that appearance wasn’t promoted that well– and the video hasn’t been posted by GDNY, either. How about a “Good Morning America”? Also, I think they could try to push a single to radio beyond the Christian genre. Like they did HIFOM.

    He did get that really nice NY Times review of the album and it sold beyond expectations. I’m hoping that encourages Danny’s label and team to push it more broadly next year 🙂

  49. Lurker, just because I want MORE, doesn’t mean I am not THRILLED with all the success Danny and his music has seen in 2015. When we waited those long years between MBD and HIFOM, I really thought the new album (if we got a full album) might be the last we’d see….

    There is so much going on for Danny, now. Working on a 3rd album, promises of an expanded Christmas album, things are looking good for his third single from HIFOM to radio. There will be some stress on Danny and his team to make a really strong 3rd album. Pressure can be a good thing….

    And we’d still love to get that Spanish album and the video of the K-LOVE Spanish intro to HIFOM, wouldn’t we???

  50. 2015 is a pretty productive year for Danny and his label.The priority for the coming year should probably be holding on to all the achievement they complete together in christian music.In addition to that they hopefully will get more involved in mainstream music industry.

  51. #38: TYHTBA

    This song is starting to climb again on iTunes. Danny’s songs dropped down or off as Christmas ended. This one was in the 70’s, 60’s, 50’s…now going up more quickly.

  52. Danny has posted a “Live” video of TYHTBA on his Facebook page. I will add a post on it Wednesday or so. It a already has over 1000 views in less than 2 hours. And he didn’t tweet about it.

    It is a different outfit. Not sure I’d thus was made at the same time as the others? I am guessing not.

  53. I was guessing it may have been from the same time, but set up for a different look.

    I saw someone saying that came across the video on Air1, perhaps some of the radio networks have it to sponsor?

  54. This guy appears to have a big youtube following. He has more than 160,000 views of his cover of Adele’s Hello and many other videos with large numbers.

    On Christmas, he put up a cover of Danny’s TYHTBA. I just looked at it. It has 11,325 views, 1056 likes, and 136 comments. (In the comments, he tells people to check out Danny’s album.)

    Caleb Hyles ‏@CalebHyles · Dec 25
    NEW COVER ALERT!! 😀 @dannygokey ‘s “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” is HERE! #HylesHypeCrew #MerryChristmas… http://youtu.be/dIL0fLrMVxM?a

  55. Just saw he has 8,943,184 views of his cover of Let it Go (Frozen).

    (I listened to just his cover of Danny’s song. Noticed these numbers along the side.)

  56. 8,943,184 views


    I always find it interesting how YT works, and the results in viws can be extremely different and often unexpected for a given song / artist / version.

  57. If anyone caught me updating the sidebar after I messed it up last week, sorry – I do a lot of trial and error. Mostly error 😛

  58. just to show the frequent errors of my ways — I will forgo the edit button on one of my last posts



  59. Danny is wearing the same glasses and his beard looks the same as the other “Live” videos filmed for the Christmas songs. I bet this one of TYHTBA was one of the seven he recorded in early December 🙂

    Which means he is still going to record a TYHTBA official video.

  60. Were there seven in all? I thought it was six somehow. But six Christmas songs and TYHTBA?

  61. 5 Christmas videos, 2 non-Christmas. Only 3 of the Christmas ones were released. I’m guessing the other non-Christmas is “Give Me Jesus”. Well, that’s what I’m hoping for… Or maybe a Spanish HIFOM???

  62. According to this visitor post on Danny’s Facebook page, which he “liked” you can catch Danny singing the National Anthem:

    Corrin Campbell
    5 hrs · Facebook Mentions ·
    Looking forward to the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl! Danny Gokey will be performing the National Anthem and I’ll be singing “God Bless America”! Tune in to ESPN at 5:50pm on Dec 30 to check it out.

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