Video: Danny Gokey “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again (Live)”

Danny Gokey has just released a beautiful new video of his latest single to Christian radio, “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again.” A favorite among many fans, the song is already seeing encouraging early radio support.

Tell Your Heart To Beat Again

Tell Your Heart To Beat Again

Danny comments on his own experience when first hearing the song, and discusses its background and meaning before unveiling his acoustic performance backed by music director Maestro Lightford. Watch below – and as always, tell us what you think!

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18 thoughts on “Video: Danny Gokey “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again (Live)”

  1. Love the song , message and acoustic performance ! Wonderful ! Danny’s voice is a beautiful !!! I’m proud fan ! Thank you Danny Gokey and Maestro Lightford ! Great job !!! <3

  2. Thank you for sharing. Danny, you are an amazing artist and spokesperson for the Lord. When I heard this song on the radio, I could hear the passion in your voice. It almost brings me to tears every time, as I thought the song was about you and your loss. This is an amazing story behind the song.

  3. Hi Amy. Thanks for dropping by to let us know your feelings on this special performance and song!

  4. Welcome, Sharon! Your first comment is approved and there will no longer be a wait for you to comment on any of our posts.

    Danny does a wonderful job on this song. ♡

  5. My best friend, Deb had a massive heart attack a week ago and is on life support. I heard this song on my way to work and the lyrics made me cry. The story behind the lyrics is heart-warming… It’s beautiful.

  6. Hi jan2. I am so sorry to read of you friend’s critical health … thanks for coming by DGNEWS and telling us how Danny’s music is giving you a little comfort. {{hugs}} to you in thus difficult time.

  7. I too have found the back story to this song to be very touching, and would love to know more about it.

  8. Hi Casey. Welcome to DGNews! I am so happy that this song is captivating and encouraging so many people ♡.

    We may be able to dig up more information about the song for you.

  9. Never heard this song before but as God knew, in HIS perfect timing, I turned up the car radio after dropping off my 16 year old kitty, Cleo, at the vet, to be put down. She’s with Him now and I’ll see her again but for now HE’s got this, just like He has my entire life. Thank You Lord for your Grace, Peace and Love. And Thank You Danny for sharing such a testimony and talent!

  10. Hi Jacki. So sorry about you feline friend, Cleo. But glad Danny’s song I’d helping a bit…. Jan

  11. Incredibly powerful. I love the phrase about closing the door on the past because we don’t live there any more. God brings beauty from the ashes and allows the broken heart to beat again. I know, because He did it for me.

  12. Hi Wendy. Thanks for sharing ♡.

    In the future your comments will show up right away 🙂

  13. Cannot stop listening to this song. It brings Joy to my heart

  14. Hi Sheryl. We are so glad you stopped by to share your comment. You are now approved to make as many comments as you care to with no wait! Jan

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