Happy New Year with DannyGokeyNews.com!

Danny Gokey News end of year report 2015

With much appreciated help from our site hosting service WordPress.com and their friendly “stats helper monkeys,” we recently had a chance to look back at the first several months of this site since we came on line in September 2015 following the retirement of IHeartDannyGokey.com.

As you’ve been part of this move with us, we wanted to share some updates in our progress transitioning and growing this community.

wpml_roseSince September, this new blog has seen visitors from 67 different countries in all regions of the world – thank you all!

Danny Gokey News end of year visitor map 2015

Since September, our moderators Jan and Admin [ mostly Jan wpml_yes ]  have posted 90+ articles related to Danny Gokey music, concerts, and other adventures.

Our site participants have added over 1200 comments and ideas of their own, as always full of interesting perspectives and opinions. wpml_mail

Happy New Year to all – we look forward to more music, events, and community to come in 2016!

Danny Gokey News end of year post stats 2015

Thank you to WordPress.com for all statistics and charts!

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year with DannyGokeyNews.com!

  1. Well, Steph, we did pretty darn good! I don’t think we set any numeric goals for ourselves when we started this in September….. I think our goal was for a site that “kind of worked” and that some of Danny’s fans would find us!

    Our discussion pages are doing pretty well, but I’d love to see even more of our visitors leaving comments on any of posts. I just love a good conversation! But…. I will talk to myself when necessary…. 😉

    Let’s see where Danny and his music leads us in 2016! I’m so glad I had a place to come to when MY DJG Christmas music came out– and to celebrate all of Danny’s success!
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  2. You guys are awesome-the main reason I venture to the site on occasion!
    Very well run and attractive website-you should be proud.
    And Mr. Gokey quite grateful 😉

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