Danny Gokey Fans: What’s Your Predictions for 2016?!?

Graiemark Studios Danny Gokey SpirF 3 (430x242)2016! A year with HUGE potential for Danny Gokey!

On the first day of a new year,  Danny’s third single from his chart topping album, “Hope In Front of Me”, is already charting on Billboard and Allaccess Mediabase!  Danny has told his fans:

*to expect his NEW album in fall 2016

*a deluxe version of his popular and critically acclaimed album “Christmas Is Here“,

*he will be on a two month tour with the Rock & Worship Roadshow!

What are your predictions for Danny in 2016?  

We’d love to have some fun with YOU in  predicting the future! We promise to come back at the end of 2016 to see WHO is the real soothsayers among Danny’s fans!

Our thanks to Roger A. Casama II from Graiemark Studios for the use of this photo taken by him at Spirit Fest!

6 thoughts on “Danny Gokey Fans: What’s Your Predictions for 2016?!?

  1. I think TYHTBA will do VERY well on the charts for Danny. Which is kind of ironic, if it comes to pass. Definitely Top 10, maybe another #1?

    He wanted to release it as his first single, but the Phillip, Craig & Dean made it their single in 2014….

    So, if it had been released first by Danny, would it have been a good introduction for Danny to CCM?

  2. “So, if it had been released first by Danny, would it have been a good introduction for Danny to CCM?”

    I think if it had been released first that it might have gone to #3 or #4 (or #5 or#6). If it had been the first single, I don’t think it would have been as big as Hope was. Hope attracted people. It was also the name of Danny’s book. Danny’s excitement about it as one of the writers made it more meaningful for him to sing.

    Now, after the success of Hope, (and because Danny is now a Big Star), I believe TYHTBA could be a #1. This is the better timing for it. Being successful the second time sometimes is an easier route than the first time.

    I am not an expert. I am always happy to give my opinion, however, because it never bothers me to be wrong.

  3. Lurker, I move on from being wrong very quickly…. it is a handy approach since I am not shy with my opinions…..

    I agree with you. So we can be right or wrong together.

    I like that Danny started his CCM career with two co-written songs. He wants to be known as a singer-songwriter.

    And in the meanwhile, I think Danny has polished his performance of TYHTBA. I like his live version better than the album cut.

    I think it is a well written song and having a couple of good songs written by someone else should be on his next album, too.

    TYHTBA is now #32.

    LUYE IS still being played by a handful of big stations. MDYK is fading faster.

  4. I think I will see Danny again on AI stage for the final season. This is a prediction and which I am also hoping. 😊

  5. Danny’s obedience to the calling of God on his life is going to cause him to exceed heights yet to be witnessed by the music industry. He has Supernatural Favor which is extended only to those of us who totally sell out to the cause in which Jesus created for us. It’s the Anointing that makes the difference while destroying yokes that bind. Go Jesus and Danny Gokey. This family loves you and appreciates your music. Guess you’ve got those running shoes on and to your precious family, I say thank you for sharing your Husband, Daddy and Best Friend with his audience!

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