“Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” is Danny Gokey’s NEWEST Billboard Top 20 Song –on TWO charts!

Danny Gokey at PTLWith radio putting Danny Gokey’s songs from “Christmas is Here” to rest until the next holiday season, we are thrilled to see “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” at #19 on TWO big Billboard charts.

On the 1/16/2016  Billboard  “Hot Christian Song” chart, it gets it’s highest position at #19 (last week #25). On the Christian Airplay chart,  TYHTBA is also at #19 (rising from #28 on last week’s chart).  And this is happening ALL before the official “impact” date  to radio of Friday, January 9th!

This makes Danny’s third single to reach Billboard Top 20 status from from his album “Hope In Front of Me”!  Now we need Mediabase to catch up!  This morning it reached #32 on the CAC chart according to Allaccess.com.

Other Chart News

  • I will post the additional chart news here when it becomes available.

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