Billboard Looks Back on the Best “American Idol” Auditions As It Enters Its Final Season

IHITGV AI (430x328)Billboard looks back on some of “American Idol”s best auditions and shows 28 of them. We are happy that they included our fave, Danny Gokey’s audition.

In honor of American Idol’s final auditions, Idol Worship decided to take a look back on the auditions (in no particular order) of the artists who got their start on the Fox show. Enjoy this blast from the past as the series enters its last year………..

Get out the tissues! Season 8 competitor Danny Gokey had the most emotional audition of all time, going in front of the judges just four weeks after his beloved wife passed away. He poured his soul into Marvin Gaye’s “Heard it Through the Grapevine,” earning praise for his “crazy vocals” by Jackson. Gokey has gone on to do wonderful things, releasing records, writing the book Hope in Front of Me and setting up the charity, Sophia’s Heart, in memory of his wife. Gokey’s contributions have gone on to help children deal with various ailments, as well as get scholarships

To read Billboard’s full article and wander down AI’s memory lane, click HERE. Article written by Michele Amabile.


Michele Angermiller, Idol Worship and contributor to Hollywood Reporter and Billboard. Radio DJ-formerly of WHTG FM now on-air at 943 The Point, WJLK.

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9 thoughts on “Billboard Looks Back on the Best “American Idol” Auditions As It Enters Its Final Season

  1. Danny is such an inspiration. Received an autographed book as a Christmas gift and it has given me new hope. He never let’s go of his faith. Dark times surrounds us with such pain. Only through hope and God’s grace can we see the light again. A must read!

  2. Hi Yvonne! Thank you for your comment ♡

    We are so glad you found Danny’s book to be so helpful and inspiring.

    Now that we have approved your first comment, please look around DGNews and know that your comments will not have to be approved in the future.

  3. Welcome Yvonne.

    It will be interesting to see how the new / last AI season plays out, and how much they are able to bring back past favorites from all the different seasons. Danny was from one of the last very popular seasons, that may help, and he is a little more mainstream musically than Colton or Mandisa.

    Speaking of Danny’s RCA days, several people liked Mallary Hope who appeared on some dates with Danny and was a writer on Win Me Over. Mallary apparently has a new record deal after an extended gap, she described in on her Facebook as “Christian and country.”

  4. Welcome, Lucky! Glad that you are visiting us. We have lots of Danny info for his fans 🙂

  5. That’s great…it’s so hard to find new info anymore. Most of the old blogs no longer exist. 🙁 I’ve been a fan since season 8. I never tire of his voice and he seems like a great guy too. <3 I actually featured his song "Hope in Front of Me" on my blog in my inspirational songs list. Thanks again for doing this.

  6. Luckyotter, we are two of the moderators that were involved with Danny’s biggest fan blog “” before it was closed in September.

    So, if you have questions or just want to share your thoughts, we are glad you are here 🙂

  7. I thought so! I noticed iHeartDG was taken down not too long ago, so I’m glad you’re back up again on WordPress! I’m following you now.

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