Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 1/4 – 1/17 Discussion

Danny Gokey in Black

Glad to see YOU in 2016!!

ALL Danny Gokey fans are welcome at DGNews. Please join us in the conversations we have here! First time comments will have to be released from our spam filter. But then you are ready to roll with no delays!!

Photo thanks to Donna Jean BG via twitter ❤

108 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 1/4 – 1/17 Discussion

  1. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: #19
    HIFOM: #22 (album)


    I heard it on the local station here Saturday on a quick trip in the car.


  2. Madison has been playing, it but I hadn’t heard it much. I heard it tonight on WMWC. Baltimore & Madison have been the leaders. Baltimore is back up to 40 spins a week!

    I see quite a few people raving about this song on Twitter or Facebook. The potential for it to be a hit for Danny looks strong 🙂

    We have gained almost 80 new followers on our Facebook page since Danny shared our Idol post. 🙂


  3. These are the last three comments that show were posted. I see mine, but I cannot find admin2’s or Jan’s. Sometimes they are added to a reply, so I looked back. Didn’t find them. I clicked on “newer comments” and was taken back to the original page.

    I wonder if this will post (and if I will find it). ❓

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  4. Admin, I see the problem that Lurker has brought to our attention. The latest comments listed in the “Join the Conversation” section are not showing on the discussion page! I see them in the Admin side…. can you figure out why they aren’t showing?


  5. I’m not sure what was causing the glitch, when I tried it seemed that I could not bring up the second page of comments.

    For now I’ve expanded the number of comments displayed per page to 100 so there won’t be a need to go to a page 2 for a while.

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  6. Hi Lurker. #13 is really good. 🙂

    I’ve checked out two of the latest Billboard Charts and Danny’s TYHTBA is #17 on Hot Christian Songs and on the Christian Airplay.

    Still #30 on Mediabase this morning.

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  7. This morning in Surabaya, an Indonesia radio station is doing an hour of worship music with Danny Gokey:

    9am CST! RT @bahterayudha964: Want to hear the #songs from @dannygokey #completely for 1 hour ?
    Set your #radio to… http://bit.ly/1ZtnYF4


    I’ve tuned in and so far they have played:

    Lift Up Your Eyes
    The Great I Am
    More Than You Think I Am
    Be Somebody
    One Life
    Tell Your Heart To Beat Again

    It is fun to listen to their talking about Danny and hearing words like Wisconsin, American Idol, Faith Builders….


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  8. Hi everyone – I’ve reset the comment paging the way we had it before the glitch the other day. So far as I can see, whatever was going wacky is ok now.

    Let me know if you still see problems.

    Lots of fun chart news to see on both sales and radio.


  9. ” 31m31 minutes ago  Nashville, TN
    When @dannygokey and @HunterHayes show up at an award ceremony at your school #Nashville #justBelmontthings”


  10. “· 1m1 minute ago  Nashville, TN
    Seriously an honor to hear @twostoryroad, @dannygokey AND @HunterHayes perform tonight. Man, I love my school❤️ “


  11. “Two Story Road ‏@twostoryroad · 7h7 hours ago
    Taking a trip down memory lane 2nite at @BelmontUniv.
    Here’s where I saw Jamelle for the 1st time. -B
    Massey | 7:30 “

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  12. So I watched new eps of AI final season and really enjoyed it.There are lots of girls can sing.On other hand few guys delivered impressive performance.


  13. Nice to see Danny, Jamelle and Brandon together on stage again. A little Crazy Not To…

    Would have been fun to see Hunter there too 😉

    I got one or two of the songs from their EP, very nice.

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  14. There are two short clips of Hunter singing with twostoryroad. I found them in these tweets (when I typed twostoryroad on twitter).

    “12h12 hours ago
    🎶It’s just something burning.. #Arson Congrats @bfraley on receiving Curtain Call award! Well deserved!@twostoryroad ”

    ” 12h12 hours ago  Nashville, TN
    Just a casual day at @BelmontUniv, @twostoryroad invited @HunterHayes to jam. No biggie. #curtaincallaward ”

    (I don’t know how to bring the clips over.)

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  15. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: #6

    HIFOM: #8 (album)

    (It looks as though I am posting something I have already posted. These numbers are the same as my January 14, 3:59 post. In between that post and this one, however, the numbers dropped. The album was often 16 or 18 when I checked (and maybe 20 or 21). The single stayed steady–usually at 6, sometimes 7 or 8. Now, the album numbers are going up again. My first check today, I saw 16, then later 10 (which I posted above) and now back up to 8.)


  16. That’s really remarkable numbers for an album that is over 18 months old.

    I think TYHTBA is fueling the interest. I hope Danny’s new video is fabulous. I have noticed that videos by others have done better than Danny’s own lyric video for MTYTIA.

    TYHTBA is selling so well, and it still has a way to go on climbing the chart on radio.

    I have read some of the comments on a fan video of it and people are saying it seems to speak to them personally.

    A few recognize it from the other group’s single release, but I don’t think many do.


  17. Just bought Two Story Road’s EP through your link here at DGNews. And while I was there, I picked up an EP from Janelle Arthur as well.

    So funny that Jamelle and Janelle’s names rhyme!

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  18. “WVU Police ‏@WVUPD · 15h15 hours ago
    Be sure to tune into Fox & Friends on Monday at 8:50 to see Sgt. Carlton Smith sing the National Anthem.”

    “Malik Walton ‏@Cameramal · 22h22 hours ago
    The booked singer got stuck in traffic so @wvupd cop Carlton Smith stood in to sing the National Anthem https://youtu.be/_7ChkFE0BHU @UKCopHumour”

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  19. The AI connection:

    ” Someone remembered that Carlton Smith, a former contestant on American Idol, was in the house, working security.”


  20. Very cool.

    I just learned that Brandon had the video of Danny singing with Two Story Road 🙂

    He told me to stay tuned



  21. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: #8

    HIFOM: #12 (album)

    It seems to me that the numbers usually drop on Sunday or the first of the week and go up again later in the week.

    Does new music come out the first of the week to rearrange the chart as the new songs get in line?


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