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Danny Gokey in Black

Glad to see YOU in 2016!!

ALL Danny Gokey fans are welcome at DGNews. Please join us in the conversations we have here! First time comments will have to be released from our spam filter. But then you are ready to roll with no delays!!

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108 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 1/4 – 1/17 Discussion

  1. Good morning! New year, new song for Danny on the CAC charts.

    “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” is #33 this morning with a healthy spincrease. Impact date at radio is this Friday.

    I found this lyric video

  2. I only see a better year coming up for Danny this year! He is doing so well, thank you for keeping us up to date on what Danny is doing. From a fan from the beginning!❤️❤️

  3. Hi Janet! *waving* Love when others (old fans or new) post. The regular suspects get tired of talking to ourselves (and I worry that others may find it intimidating to break into the conversation). Nice to know others are visiting!

  4. I agree, Ellen. I love seeing folks dropping in like, Janet. But you know I love you, too, Ellen!!

    #TellYourHeartToBeatAgain by @dannygokey is added to SIX stations’ playlists! Thx @thejoyFM @JoyFMATL @sxmTheMessage @WBFJ & @883TheWind!!

    (Plus WNWC in Madison WI that doesn’t have a twitter account…)

    I have a feeling that Danny is going to be following Lauren Daigle around a lot….

    Adds Artist Title Label
    7 LAUREN DAIGLE Trust In You Centricity
    6 DANNY GOKEY Tell Your Heart To Beat… BMG
    6 THIRD DAY Your Words f/Harvest Essential/Provident Stations
    3 HAWK NELSON Diamonds Fair Trade Services

  5. Does Danny have a little time off for a while? He works hard. He might enjoy some loafing (if he is not already tied up with other projects).

  6. He has a concert this weekend, and then the Klove Cruise in 2 weeks. He loves the islands.

    But I would imagine he has some writing dates arranged?

  7. Hello Everyone! I just discovered Danny and his music about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I don’t watch much TV, so I never did see him on American Idol, but I listen to a lot of music. About a month ago I bought a new car and it had Sirius radio in it. I had it a long time ago, but I let it expire. Anyway, I heard a couple of Danny’s songs on the radio (The Message) and I really enjoyed them! So I looked him up on iTunes and found a bunch of his music and just fell in love with the message he sings about and his voice! Needless to say, I was an immediate Danny Gokey fan! I am also reading his book and I have been very moved by his story, honesty, and faith in God. I can relate to many things he says in his book; it has touched home with me. If you haven’t yet read his book, I would like to encourage you to do so. I wish I discovered this talented young Christian sooner! My goal is to make it to the Atlanta Fest concert…Pray for me that everything works out so I can make it!!! Thank you & God bless you all!
    (Sorry this was so long-winded, lol)

  8. Welcome, Sunni! I have approved your first comment and now you can comment without any delay!

    So glad you found Danny’s music and you can BET that we will be hoping you complete your mission to see Danny in Atlanta!!

    And then come back and tell us all about it 🙂

  9. PS. Long comments are always in style at DGNews!!

    Also, if you haven’t found it, please check out our search box. You’ll find lots of info, music, photos and discussion about Danny through that handy tool!


  10. Danny & Lauren Daigle now that would be a good concert – I totally love them both. I knew from the moment I heard a song years ago from Lauren that she would make it big – kinda like when I first heard Danny on idol. Can’t wait to see what 2016 holds for Danny – as much as I selfishly want to keep him smaller, so he has time to visit with us, I wish him nothing but success:)

  11. Hi Bitsybite!

    Danny & Lauren were scheduled to do a concert together last year on the east coast, but Lauren dropped out and they went with just Danny and Cloverton….

    It would be intersting to know what happened there…

  12. Thanks everyone i posted on here a few times, so i am a fan from the begining, but only posted a few times. I am from Wisconsi and have seen Danny twice once in 2011 and this past October in Fond du lac. I enjoyed him so much. I hope he comes back here again to sing. Have a great day everyone and thanks again for all of the Danny information!

  13. So cool to see new posters here! This forum is for all Danny fans so please jump right into the conversation/discussion!

    BTW, I agree that Danny & Lauren would make a great concert combo. They both have unique voices.

  14. It was gone last time I checked, but I noticed several days after Christmas that CIH was still on iTunes 200 (around #177) after all the other Christmas albums (that I recognized as Christmas by title or cover) had dropped off the chart.

  15. Danny’s AI audition was one of 28 that Billboard included in this article with a nice little write up about Danny. Of course we could have expanded the “wonderful” things Danny has done since Idol but this was nice.

    And I will confess it made my happy to see they included the link to the Sophia L Gokey Scholarships of which I was the chair <3

  16. I was happy to see the scholarships mentioned also, for all Jan’s work and the ihrtdg efforts back in the day to help fund them along with other SH programs esp in Milwaukee.

  17. Hi everyone! I’m sorry but I’m late to greet you all a happy new year!

    I’m sooo happy to know that Danny’s “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” is doing good on the charts.

    God bless you all. 😊

  18. Hi Declan! We know you are a busy guy. Always nice to see you when you get a chance to stop by and comment. 🙂

  19. Hello Everyone..
    So nice to read all your posts.
    We have about 18 inches of snow. Schools are closed. Roads aren’t plowed. Very still. I think El Nino is here. 🙁
    So happy the New Year is starting off great for Danny and Team. 🙂

  20. Hi Cindy! What a snow day for you!

    I love that Danny shared our post on his American Idol audition/Billboard article. So great to see all the activity here, on our Facebook page and twitter. Glad to see new people visiting us 🙂

  21. Did anyone watch Idol last night? If so, any thoughts?

    Anyone watching tonight?

  22. I didn’t watch AI last night, Ellen. I completely forgot it was on. I am going to try to catch at least part of it tonight!

  23. Hi Carianne and Ellen, I missed the first hour of AI (I went to a movie & ice cream with my daughter) but turned it on as soon as I got home. I did go to the web and tried to watch some of the performance videos, but I was rather distracted. I had found the very nice Billboard article that included Danny’s audition. I wanted to get it up on our blog as soon as I could…. and then when it was shared by Team Danny, I had a lot more social media “encouraging” to do!! We gained 10% more Facebook likes, received LOTS of views here, and over 20,000 people saw the post with our blog name.

    Very encouraging, indeed!!

  24. Those are really good numbers for Danny’s music, Lurker.

    I did watch Idol tonight. Some really good female singers going through to Hollywood. It was also nice to see a little bit of Lee DeWyze and Kris Allen helping out. Next week Clay will be judging?

  25. Danny’s management company is making some big additions on the business side:


    Excerpts from the article:

    Nashville, TN (January 6, 2016) — Long-time industry veteran, Dennis Disney, has joined Maxximum Artist Group as Vice President. The announcement was made by Mitchell Solarek, President of the Nashville-based artist management and development company. In this newly-created position, Disney will oversee daily operations for the firm that manages award-winning artists and producers, including Natalie Grant, Danny Gokey, Bernie Herms, Donald Lawrence, and others.

    First beginning in marketing at Word Records in 1985, moving into the manager role for Steven Curtis Chapman (1987-1990), and then back to the corporate side of the business, Disney has held leadership and executive positions at major companies in addition to operating his own agency. Notably, as Vice President of Marketing at Benson Music (Provident/Sony), he oversaw the faith-based team for Bob Carlisle’s Double-Platinum Butterfly Kisses (2.5 million units sold), Fred Hammond’s Platinum-selling double-album Pages of Life, and 4HIM’s Gold album, The Basics of Life. Most recently at Worthy Publishing, as Vice President of Marketing he led the book publisher’s marketing team on John Hagee’s ECPA Gold Medal book, Four Blood Moons (over 700,000+ in print), and The Jeremiah Study Bible (over 250,000+ in print), the top-selling Study Bible in 2014. Since 2009, Disney has been an adjunct instructor at Belmont University in Nashville, teaching a course on “Entertainment Distribution and Promotion.

    In other Maxximum moves:
    Aaron Benward is joining the company as Director of National Promotions and Development and will helm a Los Angeles office for Maxximum. Benward is a former solo artist, founding member of Curb Records’ three-time ACM-nominated “Duo of the Year ,“Blue Country,” and creator of the Las Vegas-based live show, “Nashville Unplugged: The Story Behind the Song.” He will facilitate national promotion across broadcast, streaming, and event platforms on behalf of Maxximum artists.
    MarQuis Hardin has been hired as Management Assistant/Social Media Coordinator. A former intern at Maxximum, Hardin recently graduated from Belmont University’s Music Business program.

    Rounding out the Maxximum staff are artist managers Kristi Brazell (who oversees the day-to-day management for Natalie Grant), Penny Railey (responsible manager for Danny Gokey), and project coordinator, Ben Pogue. “I’m thankful to have such wonderful talent on our team,” Solarek says. “Each brings a level of creativity, expertise, and network that strengthens our ability to fulfill our mission to influence those who influence hearts and minds.”

  26. So Lurker, what’s your theory on why Danny’s HIFOM is selling so well? Do you think it could be the tiny mention of Danny Gokey on Idol?

    Or are people searching for TYHTBA and just deciding to buy the album instead?


  27. Jan,
    I think the album and the singles were both selling well because of Danny’s tours. After the last tour ended, numbers dropped a little.
    Now numbers are going up again. It seems to me that Danny’s numbers go up anytime he gets a little notice: mention on AI, listed on Billboard, play on radio.

    “Or are people searching for TYHTBA and just deciding to buy the album instead?”
    Both the single (back to #15 at last look) and the album are doing well. I think that some people are buying the single–perhaps because they heard it on the radio or because Danny tweeted about it–and others are buying the album because they heard Danny on tour or in church or found him on youtube and want everything.

  28. I think the radio play and the final season of AI are rekindling interest in Danny and his music.

    Or maybe this is just a single that people love. 🙂

  29. I really appreciated Danny’s comment (in the K-Love backstage pass interview) about different audiences in different cities having different cultures. It’s always irritated me when people think that an audience didn’t appreciate an artist because that particular audience is more sedate in showing its approbation.

  30. ” It’s always irritated me when people think that an audience didn’t appreciate an artist because that particular audience is more sedate in showing its approbation.”

    I agree. I particularly don’t like the idea that I should stand and scream at a concert.

  31. Lurker, I am not prone to screaming….. but I love a concert on my feet where I can dance, too….

    But we go to an intimate, beautiful, turn of the century theater near us where no one EVER stands and I like that kind of performance venue, too.

    My favorite is still a big outdoor show like Summerfest or a county fair.

  32. We can build our own NASHVILLE underneath these grey skies,
    People will come from far and wide.
    They’ll leave their village greens
    And their big cities behind.
    We can build our own Nashville.
    It’s about time!

  33. Thank you, Jan.

    Be it the last season of American Idol I hope Danny gets to perform. There are many successful singers that came from either winning are performing on Idol. Is Danny the only successful “Christian” singer? I think his genre should be represented. More than that… he’s a pretty good entertainer. 🙂

  34. Hi Cindy. We love Danny but I would say he is not the most successul in his new genre.

    Mandisa is the most successful Christian singer, season 5? She has a Grammy and Dove Awards. Sold a ton of albums.

    Colton Dixon has a Dove Award and may have sold more Christian albums than Danny?

    But I agree that Danny would make a great performer, and I still feel a well know finalist from the past. (Why else would Idol have included that comment by a contestant saying he voted for Danny Gokey to Season 8 winner, Kris Allen? 🙂

  35. Well, I was really wrong. 🙁 I only watched season 1 of American Idol, and Danny’s season. I had no idea.

  36. Cindy, I hope I didn’t make you feel bad by pointing out the others…. I just know that we have to temper our expectations.

    Danny was a front runner of his season. I don’t think Colton or Mandisa were. He did place the highest and made quite a splash in country music with his album “My Best Days”. Unfortunately, his second single did not improve his chance with radio. It was the MOST added song the week it was added. But when it didn’t go as high as the 1st single, it was clear that Danny was going to have a hard road ahead of him in country music…..

    So, if you add his 3rd place finish, his back story, that VOICE, his success in Country music and his new success in Christian and Christmas music, I think he does have a greater chance to being on Idol than Mandisa or Colton. (I think I read that Mandisa has never been back? Unless she returned for Simon’s going away walk on of Idol contestants?)

    My fingers are crossed and I hope he gets his chance to show AI how much he has grown as an artist. He will WOW the audience all over again!

  37. Not at all, Jan. Glad to know. I thought at one time Ellen was having the top three winners of American Idol come on her show. Danny never got his chance. I’ve never known why?? Danny’s worked hard, and I know many would love to see him again on any TV show. 🙂

  38. Okay, off subject, but I’m so happy The Revenant won for best movie at the Golden Globes, and Leonardo DiCaprio won for best actor. It’s about time! 🙂

  39. I would say Danny has a fat chance of performing on AI for its last season.For two reasons.First of all he has paid his dues.He did have made some achievements in both country music and Christian music.Secondly,AI really isnt as big as it used to be.Which means there probably wont be lots of popular artists coming to perform on the show.They may invite more singers came from idol back to its stage.

  40. Hi Cindy.It seems like Leonardo DiCaprio now has better chance winning his first Oscar than Katy Perry winning her first Grammy.LOL

  41. Danny’s TYHTBA received 2 Monitored and 3 Unmonitored radio adds today.

    Danny Gokey News ‏@dannygokeynewz
    5m5 minutes ago

    Thanks for the radio support to @DannyGokey’s #TellYourHearttoBeatAgain by

    @883WAFJ (Augusta, GA) WAFJ
    @star883 (Ft Wayne, IN) WLAB
    @mywordfm (Sellersville, PA) WBYO
    KCVO-FM (Camdenton, MO)
    & WWLB-FM (Richmond)

  42. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: #19
    HIFOM: #22 (album)


    I heard it on the local station here Saturday on a quick trip in the car.

  43. Madison has been playing, it but I hadn’t heard it much. I heard it tonight on WMWC. Baltimore & Madison have been the leaders. Baltimore is back up to 40 spins a week!

    I see quite a few people raving about this song on Twitter or Facebook. The potential for it to be a hit for Danny looks strong 🙂

    We have gained almost 80 new followers on our Facebook page since Danny shared our Idol post. 🙂

  44. These are the last three comments that show were posted. I see mine, but I cannot find admin2’s or Jan’s. Sometimes they are added to a reply, so I looked back. Didn’t find them. I clicked on “newer comments” and was taken back to the original page.

    I wonder if this will post (and if I will find it). ❓

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  45. Admin, I see the problem that Lurker has brought to our attention. The latest comments listed in the “Join the Conversation” section are not showing on the discussion page! I see them in the Admin side…. can you figure out why they aren’t showing?

  46. I’m not sure what was causing the glitch, when I tried it seemed that I could not bring up the second page of comments.

    For now I’ve expanded the number of comments displayed per page to 100 so there won’t be a need to go to a page 2 for a while.

  47. Hi Lurker. #13 is really good. 🙂

    I’ve checked out two of the latest Billboard Charts and Danny’s TYHTBA is #17 on Hot Christian Songs and on the Christian Airplay.

    Still #30 on Mediabase this morning.

  48. This morning in Surabaya, an Indonesia radio station is doing an hour of worship music with Danny Gokey:

    9am CST! RT @bahterayudha964: Want to hear the #songs from @dannygokey #completely for 1 hour ?
    Set your #radio to… http://bit.ly/1ZtnYF4


    I’ve tuned in and so far they have played:

    Lift Up Your Eyes
    The Great I Am
    More Than You Think I Am
    Be Somebody
    One Life
    Tell Your Heart To Beat Again

    It is fun to listen to their talking about Danny and hearing words like Wisconsin, American Idol, Faith Builders….


  49. They also played

    Crazy Not To
    Mary Did You Know
    I Still Believe
    Tiny Life
    Love Will Take You Places
    I Will Not Say Goodbye
    Hope in Front of Me

  50. Hi everyone – I’ve reset the comment paging the way we had it before the glitch the other day. So far as I can see, whatever was going wacky is ok now.

    Let me know if you still see problems.

    Lots of fun chart news to see on both sales and radio.

  51. ” 31m31 minutes ago  Nashville, TN
    When @dannygokey and @HunterHayes show up at an award ceremony at your school #Nashville #justBelmontthings”

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