“Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” by Danny Gokey is “Most Added” Song & Climbing the Charts!

Holloway 3 (320x400)We see a very BRIGHT future for Danny Gokey’s new single, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”.  It is listed as the most added song on the Christian AC Song Chart and Christian AC Indicator chart this week:

Billboard CAC most added 1 23 16 (430x102)

Billboard 01 23 16 AC Indicator (430x113)

As well as on the “Most Added” lists for Hot Christian AC/CHR and Christian Soft AC charts!

It has reached Danny Gokey’s second highest Christian Digital Songs charting position at #28. TYHTBA’s new chart position has passed all of his previous CAC songs on this chart except “Hope in Front of Me”.  With lots of growth still to go, we think this single has the potential to be a high ranking song for Danny.

Christian Digital Songs (272x500)

On the 1/23/2016  Billboard  “Hot Christian Song” chart, it gets it’s highest position at #17 (last week #19). On the Christian Airplay chart, TYHTBA is also at #17 (rising from #19 on last week’s chart). It moves up one spot to #28 on Billboard’s Christian AC National Airplay chart.  It enters the Christian AC Indicator this week at #27.

Whew!! You got all those charts straight?  We may have to resort to spreadsheets 😎  !

Good news on Danny’s album “Hope in Front of Me”, too.  It rebounds to #33 on Billboard’s Christian Albums.  We have seen strong sales on iTunes for both the album and Danny’s new single.

On All Access Mediabase

This morning “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” reaches #27 on the Mediabase CAC chart according to Allaccess.com.  Today’s leaders and starter stations  are shown below:

TYHTBA Leaders 01 13 16 (430x386)

If your station is now playing TYHTBA please consider joining their Listener Surveys (or calling in when they play it) to let them know how much you love the song!

TYHTBA starters 01 13 16 (430x247)

Our thanks to Annette Holloway Photography for the lead photo!

2 thoughts on ““Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” by Danny Gokey is “Most Added” Song & Climbing the Charts!

  1. Hi Zuzana.

    Things are looking very good. I think this looks like a pretty fast climb for Danny’s latest single. I remember the climb for HIFOM was quite slow! 8 to 9 months to first chart peak from song Impact date? And then it took another month or more for the CAC chart.

    Any guesses on when TYHTBA will peak?


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