#FlashbackFriday: Danny Gokey with the Artists of “Two Story Road”

Danny Gokey Belmont U (2) (430x378)

Danny Gokey joined Brandon and Jamelle Fraley of “Two Story Road” at Belmont University for the “Curtain Call Award” honoring Brandon.  (Photo thanks to Katherine.)

The Curtain Call Award is presented annually to a School of Music alumnus in honor of achievement in the field of commercial and popular music. During an interview on stage Wednesday night with Bright, Brandon shared his experiences at Belmont and working in the music industry after graduation. He was joined on stage by many friends including Danny Gokey, Cindy Morgan, Jill Phillips, Andy Gullahorn, Chris Rodriguez, Steve Sinatra, Justin Eason, and Todd Wines. For the finale he performed with his wife, Jamelle, and country artist Hunter Hayes.

While being band leader for American Idol finalist Danny Gokey, Fraley found himself on tours with artists such as Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw.

To read the full article honoring Brandon Fraley, click HERE.

Danny performed his song Crazy Not To with his former tour mates.  We sincerely wish someone had taped their whole performance, but we thank Leyicet for this clip.

But we do have this full version from way back when Danny, Brandon and sometimes Jamelle toured together. Video courtesy of AngelSent4’sChannel

And because two is better than one, here is one more #FlashbackFriday video from Danny’s radio tour with Brandon and Jamelle when promoting his album “My Best Days” and the song “I Will Not Say Goodbye”. In studio with Big D and Bubba

If you haven’t grabbed a copy of Danny’s debut album, “My Best Days”, we urge you to remedy that and enjoy more of Danny’s music!  Two Story Road have a recent self-titled EP that is also available.

9 thoughts on “#FlashbackFriday: Danny Gokey with the Artists of “Two Story Road”

  1. Awesome ! Love it ! Danny Gokey and Two Story Road , they are my favorites !!! Beautiful songs Crazy Not To , I Will Not Say Goodbye and all songs on CD ” My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me ” Thank you for sharing !!!

  2. Do we have any idea what Hunter’s connection may be with Brandon & Jamie? Or with the college perhaps

  3. Admin2, it doesn’t look like Hunter attended Belmont University since Wiki doesn’t mention it and we know he was only 19 when he was one of the openers (like Danny) on the 2011 Taylor Swift tour….

  4. I wonder if HH ever opened for Carrie when Jamelle was with her.

    And Hunter performed once or twice with Danny as headliner, pretty sure. That seems a fairly thin connection however for Brandon to have Hunter appear at his awards event.

  5. I was aware that Two Story Road knew Hunter. I look at their twitter sometimes. They tweeted a picture of them together in December. (I will copy the tweet, but I don’t know how to copy the picture from a tweet.)

    “Two Story Road ‏@twostoryroad · 27 Dec 2015
    One of many highlight memories from this year. #SundayFunday 😃
    w/ @ValerieHoward8 @laurahoward0 @HunterHayes ”

    I think I have a memory of reading or seeing something else about them–maybe a fanfare event? The memory is so misted, I’m not sure it is real.

  6. It looks like that Kentucky date was at Western Kentucky University, the opener was advertised as Kelsea Ballerini.

    I wonder if 2SR may have been another unadvertised opener, or possibly sings backup with Hunter occasionally. Or they just know and like him, and were there at his show. On that date or the day after Hunter was apparently releasing a new album project, may have had some special events.

  7. Ah – here we go


    Underwood, who recently scored two Grammy Awards nominations for her windy chart-topper “Blown Away,” began her cross-country trek on September 14 in Manchester, N.H. Since then, she’s plunged into the four corners of the U.S. performing to sold-out arenas packed with adoring fans. “Imagine a really small apartment with, like, six people living in it,” Underwood joked about her bus.

    Joining her on her wildly popular tour is her band, of course, including backup singer Jamelle Fraley. Country newcomer, Hunter Hayes, who nabbed three Grammy nods, as well, has also joined in on the fun as the tour’s primary opener.

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