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  1. Good morning! I’ve been an “American Idol” watcher from the very first season. I watched it steady through Season 10 or 11…. and more casually after that.

    Of course Danny is my favorite AI contestant of ALL time. Duh, right? But I have music from other AI contestants, too.

    My favorite seasons were Season 5, 7 and 8.

    I liked Chris Daughtry, Elliott Yamin, Kelly Pickler and even the winner Taylor Hicks. This song from Chris is still being played by my Christian Radio station. It has 14 Million views! It was a huge pop hit for Chris.


    I liked both Davids from Season 7 and I do have affection for ALL of the contestants of Danny’s Season 8. Kris Allen is my second favotite of S8.

    How about you?

  2. Mediabase radio chart update for Danny’s latest single, Tell Your Heart to Beat Again:

    #25 on the chart with the 4th highest spincrease!

    23 20 FOR KING & COUNTRY It’s Not Over Yet 418 313 105 3.206
    20 21 BETHEL MUSIC No Longer Slaves 412 409 3 1.534
    22 22 CARROLLTON Let Love Win 359 337 22 1.226
    24 23 STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN Amen 346 310 36 2.549
    27 24 LAUREN DAIGLE Trust In You 342 209 133 1.952
    30 25 DANNY GOKEY Tell Your Heart To Beat… 324 193 131 1.965 –

    It also is at the top of the “Taking Off” chart.

    Artist Title New Stations New Spins
    DANNY GOKEY Tell Your Heart To Beat… 5 84
    7EVENTH TIME DOWN God Is On The Move 3 54
    HOLLYN Alone f/Tru 4 46

    Things are looking very good for TYHTBA. I expect 5 to 7 monitored stations to officially add it to their playlist, today. πŸ™‚

  3. Monday is new music day, so it makes sense that it is down from the end of the week placement. I haven’t figured out why it sinks on Sundays?

  4. Season 6 is the first season I watched of AI.Season 8 is the only season I followed the show from ep 1 to the final.Melinda Doolittle is my favorite besides Danny.I also wanna watch season 1 and 4.Cause I am curious how Kelly and Carrie lay the foundation on the show for their successful career.

  5. This is the first video I saw of Danny. I clinked on a link in an Internet article I was reading. I liked Danny’s voice and started looking for more of his videos and stories about him.

    I am not an AI watcher–or a TV watcher. I used to try to watch TV (in an attempt to be normal), but now I have quit trying. I don’t even have a TV anymore. (If I read about something I think is interesting, there is access to it. Example: I found clips of Doc Martin on Youtube ; then I ordered the complete seasons from Amazon.)


  6. I am jealous of Mr. Bing’s green. His green is greener than mine. It must be true what they say, “The grass is always greener on the other side” (or “The green is greener in the post above”). πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  7. Love some of these smilies:

    “8-)” 😎 “:?” πŸ˜•

    “=^-^=” =^-^= “o_O” o_O

    “:evil:” πŸ‘Ώ “:'(” :'(

    “:twisted:” 😈 “:bear:” :bear:

    “:oops:” 😳 “:star:” :star:

    Just type the keys between the ” “

  8. Jan & Admin2 ~

    Really like the explanation under the photo. I always thought it helpful for first-time posters to know upfront that a first comment has to be approved before it is released, so that they understand if it seems that none of the other posters are responding to the comment.

  9. I am a long time American Idol fan and loved Danny on the show. I am still a huge fan and am hoping he gets a chance to go back on Idol this year and perform his newest song. IMO, he is the best male singer that Idol has had.

  10. Jan, I think old-timers may know the provenance of the current discussion photo (it used to be my gravatar), but for those who might not know (and because we seem to be strolling down Idol memory lane), here’s the scoop:

    After I accidentally discovered Danny, in trying to find out more about him, I encountered Internet hate. Then I found the safe haven of DGNews’ predecessor, iheartDG. Folks there were excited about the Season 8 Idol Tour and were chattering about meeting Danny at the barricade either before or after the concert. I decided I wanted to try to meet Danny and picked a smaller venue to maximize my chances. So I flew 3,000 miles to Wilkes-Barre, PA, which also allowed me to visit friends and relatives on the East Coast. (W-B can get concerts because it is positioned between Philadelphia & New York City.)

    The discussion photo depicts my first meeting with Danny. He was signing some photos I had printed out. Waiting at the barricades was a fun — if fatiguing — experience. I met a huge Adam Lambert fan from New Jersey while waiting. She took photos of Danny and myself — as did a local friend. The AL fan and I still keep in contact with each other, lol. We shared that experience, so there will always be a link.

  11. Jan, the AI performance of “What Hurts the Most” is gut-wrenching. Although the song is about loss through a breakup, the lyrics also fit Danny’s situation — loss through death. (Except for “And watchin’ you walk away,” but the “walk away” could have been a metaphor for death.)

    He also forgot a few words in the middle of the song: “Even though goin’ on with you gone still upsets me” turned into “Even though goin’ on . . . it still upsets me” instead. But he made up for it by adding in the ad-libbed wail, “Come back to me!” At the end of the song, the look on Danny’s face as he turns away feels like a dagger to the heart. Anyone who doesn’t think Danny was grieving the loss of Sophia during Idol — that his grief was real, not a ploy — should be forced to stare at a screenshot of that moment.

  12. “Ah, but you have a square inside your green, Lurker!”

    πŸ™‚ I hadn’t noticed. πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Sherry & Ellen!

    Thanks for explaining the the discussion photo that you shared, Ellen. I knew it was an AI Live Tour, but I didn’t know it was in PA.

    I had never wanted to meet an artist before…. so when the AI Tour came available for the first time (and only time?) in my hometown, I didn’t even buy tickets. But then, as I missed seeing Danny each week on my TV when he was voted off, I started to get antsy. I found the youTube with his performances and even went to StubHub for the first time to see if I could get tickets!

    I scored 13 row floor seats! For less than the list price. I drove by the busses coming home from work that day, but I was too “shy” to join the group waiting!

    Ed and I went to our first and only AI Live Concert. We loved it! So much that I came to IheartDG to share my enthusiasm.

    And we can just say that things snowballed from there…. πŸ˜•

    PS. Ellen, I’ve put the commenting notice in the header of a post before, but this time I made a special pink box for it…. Glad it stands out. I hope it encourages visitors to log in and say “Hi”.

  14. I was wondering why Danny only had two unmonitored radio stations adding TYHTBA, until it dawned on me it is MLKJr Day. A federal and (most) state holiday! Tuesday will likely be the official add day.

  15. Mr. Bing, AI season 9 was the first time I watched. I didn’t discover Danny until I read a story in my local paper about an “upset” on Idol, with Danny being a surprise boot in third place. I later did get to watch AI8 through a friend who had video of the season.

    I, too, would like to watch AI1 and AI4 to see the beginning of Kelly’s & Carrie’s music careers. But I’d like to see all the seasons. I’ve never understood why Fox didn’t put out past seasons on DVD — I think there would have been enough interest in Idol’s heyday. The only barrier I can think of is song clearance. Idol got songs cleared for appearance on TV, but I am guessing that there might have been legal problems if Fox wanted to turn around and put those live appearances out on DVD. Or some other legal problem(s).

  16. Last post. I hope Danny’s other fans don’t mind when we talk about Idol. We know “Tell You’re Heart to Beat Again” is chugging along on the CCM charts. Bringing in other topics helps enliven day-to-day discussions. And Idol won’t be around much longer, anyway.

  17. I know I wrote before that I began to watch Danny’s season of American Idol when I was in Kansas helping my son’s wife after surgery. She was an avid fan and thought Danny looked like my son. It was Danny’s emotion in his voice and his story that pulled me in. I later found a video by someone that use to write here… I’m sorry I forgot her name. It was a beautiful video that showed Danny and his wife Sophia. Every time I hear this song I think of Danny and the terrible sadness he was going through. Can you imagine being that young and going through that loss.. It took a lot of courage for him to do what he did. Sophia will never be forgotten. I’m so happy for Danny’s success, but happy for the love he’s found with Leyicet, and the joy of Daniel and Victoria.β™₯

  18. I was drawn in from the day he auditioned. I could never get enough of his amazing voice or his story. I’ve remained a fan all of these years but sad to say, I no longer watch Idol (I lost interest after season 10) and won’t be watching this year either, although I may tune in for the last episode for nostalgia’s sake. I hope they bring all the winners and all three original judges back for the finale! I hope Danny makes an appearance too. He’s got a great career and is doing very well in CCM, which I think is smart choice for him.

  19. According to what I’ve read, some Idol alumni will come back to mentor and others are coming back for a duet with a contestant? That makes sense when they get down to the last 5 or so. Instead of multiple solo songs for each contestant, they could have one duet with an alumni. I’d love to see Danny mentor, but I really kind of doubt that will happen. I hope he does get to come back and update Ryan on his career/life and sing!!

    And some may be invited back for the finale.

    Danny has a super busy calendar February and March. Isn’t Idol suppose to end early April instead of the typical May?

  20. Sweet dance video. πŸ™‚

    I like your photo above, Ellen.

    Okay, my previous post was meant to say that it was the mother of my daughter-in-law who I was looking after.

    Yikes, I make so many mistakes. πŸ™

  21. Cindy, how sweet you were taking care of the mother of your DIL β™‘

    If I didn’t have an edit button I would be sunk!!!! :/

  22. LURKER I my like green too.Although green isnt alway a popular color in chinese culture.For example you can barely(or never) find anyone wear a green hat in china.Cause it means you are cheated by your significant other.

  23. β€œThe grass is always greener on the other side” I like that byword.There is a similar saying in mandarin.β€œThe moon is always brighter from the other side”.I guess different languages do have similar human wisdom behide it.

  24. ELLEN I think you are right about the reason why they didnt have DVD of past seasons.They dont have full right to all the songs that were performed on AI.

  25. Hi CINDY.It is first time I heard your story.I am sure there are some resembles between them since your kid’s mother-in-law sees it.And Danny did have quite a journey since then.If there is one thing we can learn from his experence is “life does get better after tragedies.”

  26. Thanks for sharing the aversion to wearing green in China, Mr Bing. And the Mandarin saying. I enjoy reading about it!

  27. Up to #24 and 23 monitored stations playing TYHTBA. That’s a jump of 3 stations since yesterday.

    30 24 DANNY GOKEY Tell Your Heart To Beat… 349 203 146 2.097

  28. Happy 2016 everyone. Not watching AI this year, but may once they start having alumni on.
    Mr. Bing; how interesting that green is a color to be avoided!
    I noticed Danny when they said he was from Milwaukee (as was his buddy Jamar) since that is my home.
    My favorite AI song from Danny was ‘Come Rain or Come Shine’ and ‘Hero’. I wasn’t that fond of the rest of them; but once I saw how he was horribly bullied on line I became a fan. Like Jan, Kris Allen was my second favorite and I did vote for him to win. I still enjoy his music and have his last two albums. The only AI contestants I’ve really enjoyed since S8 have been James Durbin, Casey James and Phillip Phillips.
    I really liked some of Danny’s Country stuff and am disappointed he went his current route, but am glad he’s able to make a living at it doing what he loves-and I agree with LuckyOtter this CCM genre is a natural home for him.
    Hope everyone is staying warm!
    Ellen-will you email me; I lost your email address! 😳

  29. My husband and I , we voted for Danny πŸ™‚ K-Love Fan Awards yesterday . Good luck Danny !!! πŸ™‚ <3
    I was sad , when I did not see Mandisa for the nomination Female Artist of the Year . I love Mandisa !!!

  30. It may be that Mandisa is just in between album eras. She still seems very popular, expect with new music she will be back in those awards categories…

    mr b, that is very interesting about the green

    :mrgreen: πŸ™‚

    nice to see TYHTBA selling nicely in the top 10 (-ish) range consistently without even yet being in top 20 radio. It must be getting a lot of circulation elsewhere. Or perhaps the non-monitored stations?

  31. I’ve put up a post about the K-LOVE Fan Awards.


    And a little personal note about voting from me:

    *One ballot per person/email. But if you have multiple emails in your household, maybe they’ll want to vote for your fave?

    *K-LOVE says you can vote for up to 3 nominees in each category. But my thought is that if Danny is your favorite, additional votes go to his competition.

    *Maybe your best friend wants to vote for your candidate, too. (BTW, they don’t have to sign up to get any additonal emails from K-LOVE. Just uncheck the boxes providing permission.)

    Please make sure you verify your vote by clicking the box in the email that is sent after voting! If you don’t, your vote won’t be counted!

  32. I hope people will take time to vote, because Danny has some stiff competition just to get nominated. And at least in one of the categories, he’s at a disadvantage, because “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” hasn’t had much airplay yet, relative to competing songs.

  33. I saw a few seconds of Danny waiting for his S8 audition with Jamar on “American Idol” tonight.

    Ryan was talking about how many contestants bring along friends or family. Danny and Jamar Rogers came together to audition for Season 8. Danny credits Jamar with helping him during his darkest days in Hollywood Week while grieving for Sophia.

  34. Oh, good, so I’m not delusional? I thought I spotted Danny and Jamar, right before they segued into contestants who — literally — auditioned together in the same room at the same time.

  35. Happy Birthday, Daniel. I’m not sure if he goes by Daniel, little Danny, or Danny. I’m also not sure if his birthday was yesterday or today?? Danny and Leyicet posted photos of Daniel. Adorable. The photo of Danny and Daniel would be a wonderful “Discussion” page photo. πŸ™‚ Those smiles can’t help but start your day happy.

  36. 8m8 minutes ago ο€± Auckland City, New Zealand
    @dannygokey #goodasgold playing in cafe in new Zealand

    (Tweet includes a few seconds of video.)

  37. I have finally figured out what this is: #idolonyes = idol on yes

    I’ve been reading it as idol loonies. 😳 (not paying attention)

  38. What is wrong with people? A Packers fan in Portland was attacked after the Packers’ losing game on Saturday. He’d been at a venue watching the game on TV, and was attacked after he left. Supposedly he was targeted by Seahawks fans because he was wearing a Packers beanie, but it isn’t clear yet whether that was in fact the case. Either way, what a tragedy. He was punched in the face and fell and hit his head on the curb. He has a traumatic brain injury and is in the hospital with a massive number of staples in his head. The injury has affected his ability to speak, and his short-term memory has been affected.

    No, this has nothing to do with Danny, except that Danny and a number of his fans (especially those from Wisconsin) are Packers fans.

  39. Ellen, that is such a tragedy….. my employer use to treat the employees of his company that has predominately Bears and Packers football fans to an NFL game in Chicago. Unfortunately he won’t take us back to Chicago because a couple of our young employees got into fist fights at the football game with fans of the other team. Thankfully, that has never happened when we have gone to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. I have heard from a well known Packer fan, “Saint Vince”, who travels to all Packer games, that Wisconsin’s Green Bay is one of the safest cities for visitors.

    Makes sense. Green Bay is not a big city and Wisconsinites are known to be friendly!

    I still am amazed that right after Idol, a WI DG fan hosted a ihrtDG fan meeting at her HOME for fans of Danny. He was appearing as the parade marshall in the small town near her! Fans came from Texas, IL and NY!

  40. Tell Your Heart To Beat Again has powered up the CAC chart and is #21 this morning! Jumped 3 spots. Spincrease is a healthy 127! Need ~60 spins per week to go top 20.

    This is a much faster climb for this single. Wonderful to see it is selling, too.

    1. Cindy, that is nice picture of the Dannys. I think you will see it again πŸ˜‰

      Anyone that wants their crisp photo of Danny featured, please let me know! I would love to feature more fan photos like we did Ellen’s this time! To me, the story about the photo is a sweet addition!

  41. I remember hearing about that. That was in the early days of my Danny fandom, and before I had met any fellow Danny fans in real life. It was a risk, but it seemed to have worked out okay.

    Trying to remember which Danny fan I met first in real life. I believe it was Toni, at a Sugarland concert where Danny was the opener. We had exchanged cell phone numbers (maybe through a Twitter DM or with help from iheartDG — I don’t remember), and called to locate each other at the venue. But I think before that happened, there was the Skype call with Erika (one of the early moderators for iheartDG) that Danip helped arrange (I think). On my end there was audio only — (I didn’t have the right technology) — and the sound quality was horrible. But I got to hear the voices of fellow fans, and they all sounded relatively sane. I remember being enchanted by Darla’s southern drawl/accent.

  42. Okay, I have to post this. It’s a dancer from SYTYCD dancing to Kris Allen’s song “Lost”:


    I know Jan likes to dance. Not this kind of dancing, I don’t think. But hopefully anyone who watches can appreciate the incredible athleticism involved!

  43. Danny posted another of the videos he had made with the choir. It was one I guessed: Give Me Jesus. I guessed that one because even though it was on the Christmas album, the lyrics didn’t limit it to Christmas. (The album version is softer.)

    One of my other guesses is This is What it Means to be Alive. I think he has one video left to post?

  44. I started working on a post with it, but I am late for church! Ironic, eh? It will go up soooooon….. Jan

  45. I just watched Danny’s new video. Beautiful. Love the black and white. I’m not sure why anyone would give it a thumbs down. The video was perfection. πŸ™‚

  46. Hi Cindy and Lurker. I did put together a post and added it to our Facebook page. I think this will get a lot of attention with the Christian media tomorrow. I hope you are right, Lurker, that “This is What it Means” gets the last video treatment. But I thought that Danny said 7 videos in all, 5 Christmas and 2 non. So…. since GMJ is on his Christmas album, does it count in the 5 or the 2???


  47. Ellen, I had seen that Kris video over at Mjs and considered posting it here, too. Just never got around to it. πŸ™‚

    I really liked the dancer’s style. Very modern. Let’s see what Danny’s dancer does for his new video of TYHTBA πŸ™‚

  48. I wonder if there is a Christian music format in which they could release Give Me Jesus. Gospel maybe?

  49. iTunes:


    #7: TYHTBA

    #87: HIFOM

    #102: MTYTIA

    #139: GMJ


    HIFOM: #18

    I checked after I saw the video posted (and saw an iTunes link to buy it) to see if GMJ was listed in the iTunes 200. It wasn’t then. Now, it is in the list and seems to be climbing quickly.

  50. How high will GMJ climb?

    Admin, I had wondered if GMJ could/would be released to Gospel music, but I think the answer I would likely get from Team Danny is that they are spending their promotion $ on TYHTBA….. but, hopefully a few stations might like it well enough to give a few spins?

    I will keep an eye out for it on the Mediabase charts πŸ™‚

    I think Danny may very well have a Mediabase CAC top 20 song on Monday or Tuesday. It’s climbing very nicely.

    Still only 24 stations. I hope he keeps adding 5 to 7 stations each week. His Christmas songs only were played by 38- 40 of the 52 station CAC panel. I hope TYHTBA gets played by all or nearly all of the stations!

  51. A question for all posting here. We are up to 75 comments on this post. Should I add a new discussion post in a day or so? Or wait until we hit two weeks as has been our standard?

    I’d be thrilled if we reached 100 comments every week or less πŸ˜‰

  52. If GMJ does not count as one of the Christmas songs in the set of videos, I wonder if they could have made a video of Feliz Navidad. Which was not on the album but Danny seemed to be singing around that time including at his Billboard visit. Likely bonus track for the deluxe album next year?

    That said, the setting of the GMJ appears to have Christmas decorations (more subtle with the b&w).

    It’s easy to take for granted how very very good Danny sounds live in these.

  53. Congrats to @DannyGokey on your newest Top 20 hit on Mediabase CAC! The weekend chart has been updated & #TellYourHeartToBeatAgain is #18!

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