Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 2/1 – 2/14 Discussion

Danny Gokey and Leyicet 01 23 16 (430x430)Leyicet & Danny Gokey  Before They Boarded the K-LOVE Cruise

Next up for Danny is the Rock & Worship Roadshow!

Will you be joining him?

Photo thanks to Leyicet Gokey

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116 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 2/1 – 2/14 Discussion

  1. I think it would be a great song to sing in concert. It was one of my favorites on the Christmas album.

  2. Lurker, we commented with the same post! I am glad he is singing Lift Up Your Eyes on the Roadshow!

  3. I wonder if Danny was singing songs earlier that we didn’t know about or if he has changed what he is singing. Or perhaps he is singing more songs?

    He seems popular and appears to be getting a lot of recognition for an opener.

  4. I had not seen comments about Danny singing LUYE or the cover of Alive. It makes me wonder if he is squeezing more songs into his two short sets?

  5. Hi fellow posters.Just got back from homeown celebriting lunar new year with my parents and other family members.So sad holiday season is gone but excited about the year to come.

  6. Jan I downloaded your interview video with Danny on youtube.I wonder if it is okay that I upload and share it on a domestic videos web?

  7. You are welcome to share my video of Danny, Mr Bing. 🙂

    Happy New Year! Glad you had a great family celebration!

  8. Well, I’m pretty sure Danny won’t be at the AI Finale since I’ve just found an event in New Jersey that he’s doing on Thursday, April 7th. I think all the Idol winners were returning to AI for the Finale. I guess 1st and 2nd runner ups would make a really big crowd. I guess that is why Danny was talking about the winners returning in our interview?

    He is the concert/entertainment for Campus Days at a Bible School in NY. See our calendar for more infor.

    I also posted a benefit concert that he is doing on Friday, April 8th in Toms River, New Jersey. I’m pretty sure he was in Tom’s River last winter? http://dannygokeynews.com/2016/02/13/jersey-shore-united-benefit-concert-with-danny-gokey-nj/

  9. Danny is so busy, and looks like he’s enjoying every show. He mentioned writing songs for an album release in the fall on Twitter. Very happy for him. He’s moved on. 🙂

  10. The good news is that Danny now has 40 stations playing TYHTBA, the song has a healthy +122 spincrease and he’s only 5 spins away from the next song above him on the chart. But NOTHING was slowing down Lauren Daigle’s song Trust in You with a spincrease of +237 (42 stations) and it is now #12 while TYHTB has been pushed down to #14 on the Mediabase chart.

    40 stations means Danny has 12 more that could add it. Plenty of room to get it into the Top 10, Top 5. Let’s see if his team can move it around Lauren’s or if she will bolt to the top and then make room for other songs? Natalie’s song is #11 with 40 stations, too.

    For those that don’t go out to our Facebook page, you might want to catch the short video I posted there. #TakeItToTheLimit. I’m testing whether short videos will help boost our Facebook likes?

  11. Probably nobody noticed…. but if you were viewing DGNews a few minutes ago, you would have seen me accidentally mess up this week’s discussion page! Oops! Trying to copy it to make the next discussion page and i just learned a few things….


  12. I am not on Facebook and do not want to be on Facebook. Is there any other way to view the “Take it to the Limit” video? Was the song done on tour? It was my favorite from the album.
    I want to hear it in Spanish. When will that happen? ❓

  13. I don’t do Facebook. 🙁 Wow, you’re very busy, Jan. Updating all the different sites. Thank you. I didn’t notice anything when I came here. I like your comment, Lurker. 🙂

    It would have been nice to see Danny on Idol, but I didn’t look forward to any snarky comments. I guess I’ll never get use to mean people. I’m glad Danny won’t be there, but I do agree with you Jan that it would have helped with his career.

    Do you think they’ll ever be releasing his Spanish album? I thought they would find a market for it. I’m sure it would have been popular..

  14. Nothing risque…. I was just trying to copy a post so I wouldn’t have to do as much and I accidentally wiped out the discussion post 😯

    I was able to retrieve it from the archived copy, but for a minute I was sure I had thrown it away with the last 90+ comments 😉

    You will be able to see the short video of INO on the top of tomorrow’s discussion page.

    It is short. But fun 🙂

    As far as Danny’s Spanish album, he did tell me it will happen. It is just taking longer to set up the promotion/distributor than they expected.

    I still think/hope that Danny will return in some capacity on Idol. If two lessor known 3rd placers can return (S10, S11?), I think Danny, with his bigger fanbase and relative success, would have an opportunity to return.

  15. Thank you, Jan. That was great! I really wish they would release this song for the next single. 🙂

  16. “For those that don’t go out to our Facebook page, you might want to catch the short video I posted there. #Take It To The Limit.”

    Is Take it to the Limit anywhere we can see it if we don’t do Facebook?

  17. Lurker, it will be in the header of tomorrow’s discussion page. I mentioned it in my long comment at 2:47pm today. 🙂

  18. Jan, Christian concerts have been hosted in amusement park venues for decades. I don’t think the park cares much about what kind of concerts it hosts as long as the act is family-friendly. I saw Petra (CCM act) in concert at Six Flags Over Mid-America back in the late 80s or early 90s. (A Jewish friend — the one who introduced me to Petra in the first place — gave me a free ticket. I am still amused that I first discovered Christian music through a friend of a different faith. What this guy didn’t know about music wasn’t worth knowing. He’s such a music freak!)

  19. Jan,
    In the 2:47 comment I thought you were talking about It’s Not Over. In the earlier comment you wrote about Take it to the Limit. Will TITTL be in tomorrow’s discussion page?
    TITTL is my favorite song on the album. Tell Danny when you next see him. 😉 I think he likes it too.
    It’s not one I’ve suggested for CCM radio as a single. There are other favorites for that.

  20. Oh, I got confused, didn’t i? The clip on Facebook and on tomorrow’s discussion page is TITTL 🙂

  21. This is the sweetest thing. I friend of Danny’s mom wrote this to her under a picture of Danny in the air, with his hands up in front of a huge crowd:
    “Went to go see your son in concert tonite in Indy..he was magnificent!👍”

    What a sweet thing to write a mom ♡

  22. Jan,
    TITTL :thumbs up: (Writing :thumbs up: is different than just thumbs up. More punch.)

  23. Ellen,
    I’ve been thinking about you. I have a torn tendon and torn ligament in my ankle. They’ve been there a long time and won’t heal. Then I stubbed a toe and broke it (on the same foot), straight through the toe and the long bone in my forefoot.
    I was thinking of you because you’ve had some of the same medical history I’ve had (I think frozen shoulder–and maybe neck pain?)
    I wanted to caution you: Watch out for corner walls. They’re out to get us!

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