Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 2/1 – 2/14 Discussion

Danny Gokey and Leyicet 01 23 16 (430x430)Leyicet & Danny Gokey Β Before They Boarded the K-LOVE Cruise

Next up for Danny is the Rock & Worship Roadshow!

Will you be joining him?

Photo thanks to Leyicet Gokey

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116 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 2/1 – 2/14 Discussion

  1. Good Morning, everyone.

    Only got 5 to 6 inches of snow!! Very happy about that. πŸ™‚

  2. Another idea for a country song. (I don’t write. I just sometimes think of ideas or titles for songs, books, or movies.)

    Too Tired To Cry

    I’m not hoping to live.
    I’m not waiting to die.
    I’m just here right now
    Feeling too tired to cry.

    I got through today
    And I didn’t even try.
    It’s such a good feeling
    Being too tired to cry.

  3. In the numbers thread at MJ’s, TYHTBA has been written a few times as “Tell Your Heart to Beat.” That doesn’t work as well. It’s not the same meaning without that last word.

  4. Kirstin also commented

    Danny Gokey’s β€œTell Your Heart to Beat” (honestly, I have a little trouble with that title given his Idol sob-story) goes top 15 on CAC.

    I like that she reports the chart news for all the reality stars, but I was surprised by this comment from her.

  5. Well, she didn’t even get the title right, and her opinion she should have kept to herself. Now, I guess I just put myself on her level. πŸ™

    How about this, Lurker.. the “corny” version

    Too Happy To Cry

    I’m hoping to live.
    I’m not waiting to die.
    I’m here right now
    Feeling too happy to cry.

    I got through today
    And I didn’t even try.
    It’s such a good feeling
    Being too happy to cry.

    Hope you didn’t mind.. πŸ™‚

  6. In the next week or so I will have an interview to share from Danny that he did for DGNews. He sat down for a nice Q & A over coffee. I am contemplating how to best share it…. Mulling it over πŸ™‚

    Video editing is not my strong suit, but I’ll try to make a nice product out of his willingness to give us some of his time.

    Sneak peak:

    Coffee Time with Danny Gokey

  7. That’s great, Jan! Looking forward to it. You’ll do a wonderful job! You always do. πŸ™‚

  8. Lurker, I absolutely love your country song! I just sang it and it came out as a traditional country waltz. The lyrics, though simple, are thought-provoking. I think we’ll all been too tired to cry at some point.

  9. Looking forward to the interview, Jan. Danny looks very relaxed!

    Depending on what you are trying to do, there used to be some very easy free video editing programs out there. I think Windows had a very basic version out there. Not sure if it still does in Windows 10. Look at it this way, Jan. It’s just another skill set for you to acquire. It’ll keep you young!

  10. Thanks, Ellen. In that “keep me young” category, I used Uber for the first time to get a quick ride to the airport after my Danny interview! My son was impressed. That says something….

    I have used Movie Maker. Nothing fancy. But I can trim, change lighting, fade in/out, add titles and probably show the question before he answers them. My voice is not all that pleasing…. fortunately Danny always understood my Wisconsin accent… πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks, Ellen.
    I can’t sing or read music, but in my mind I was hearing “too tired to cry” sounding like “too cold at home,” a line from a country song I’ve heard somewhere.
    In my first line, I think I should have used the world “struggling” instead of hoping. It’s more what I meant.

  12. Lauren D’s album is #1 on Christian iTunes. Danny’s is #12. Lauren’s was released April 14, 2015 and is $7.99. Danny’s was released June 23, 2014 and is $9.99.
    Danny’s album is one of only two in the top 16 (other one by Casting Crowns is at #7) that is a 2014 release. All the rest are 2015 or 2016.

  13. I’m always surprised on what gets the interest of DG fans on our Facebook page……

    Lots of likes, views, comments to the Hot Christian Song Top Ten news that I almost didn’t post (Too much chart news seems to kill a page…)

    But this one was very much liked. It might also be my fine picture of Danny and the day of the week?

    Someday I’ll have to take a “Maximizing Social Media” class…. to tell me why the things I’ve tried did or didn’t work 😯

    I did upload two short interview videos with Danny. That post will likely go up tonight. Jan

  14. Quotes from Danny are included in this interview about “Life After AI” not sure how accurate they were in the quotes.

    “19 Entertainment is the company that manages the showβ€”every contestant signs a contract with 19 to appear on the program. If a contestant makes it through the tour, 19 has the option to renew their contract and take them on as a full time client.

    β€œI think one of the biggest misconceptions about that show is that if you do well, you’re set. But everyone goes on that show to get signed to that contract,” Gokey told me. β€œThe Idol contracts are some of the best in the industry. If Idol doesn’t want you? They drop you.”

    Gokey didn’t get signed to 19 Entertainment at the end of the tour: β€œIt’s hard not to feel like a failure.” He had to find his own way in an industry where he now had a fanbase, but no representation to help him make and distribute music.”

    Hmmmm… Danny was signed by 19 R and RCA…. but not 19 Entertainment? Confusing.


  15. I’m happy Danny is in a good place now. Although, I do miss some of the country songs he use to sing.

  16. Hmmm… I haven’t seen the iTune album and song rankings posted at Mjs lately.

    Just checked:

    #13 HIFOM Album

    #5 TYHTBA
    #78 HIFOM
    #108 MTYTIA
    #122 GMJ

    Not bad for Danny. So, if #5 = 4,000. (Assuming Amazon is a small player) How many has Danny sold of TYHTBA?

    He’s not getting rich, but it sure is nice to see his music is selling.

    When Danny mentioned in the interview that he’s having his best year, I often think….. umm…. Danny, you sold a LOT of #MyBestDays. Note: Cindy, are you proud of me? I did NOT question him on that statement…… πŸ˜‰

    His country music single selling was not great in comparison to other songs on the country charts.

  17. Jan.. great job! You are Danny Gokey News! Thank you for all the work you do.

    Steph and Lurker.. many thanks, too.

    I am hopeful that this is only one of Danny’s “best years.” There are many more in his future. πŸ™‚

  18. Thanks, Cindy, but WE are DGNews. Without all of YOU I’d be talking to myself. Not satisfying at all. And without Admin2, I think we would have been down to just a Facebook page and Twitter account……


  19. “Best” may be factoring in some of the financial things like Danny having writing credits on HIFOM songs – though not TYHTBA. And the nature of his BMG deal which presumably is much more favorable to the artist than with the RCA / 19R contract he started out with.

  20. I just corrected my earlier post. I did NOT question Danny on his “best” year. I was hoping to hear as much from him as I could, and if he thinks it’s his best year, I guess, like Admin says, it must be.

    I have another interview segment “done”. I haven’t uploaded it yet.

    But I also have permission to post pictures from a Radio station/ photographer from his first night at the Roadshow in MO. πŸ™‚

    It looks to me that Danny came out on stage to rap Toby Mac’s segment on Mandisa’s hit song, again. He shows up in the middle of the Mandisa pictures…

    That post isn’t started, yet. But I hope to get it up yet today.

  21. Based on the tweets and videos, we now know that Danny comes back out for Mandisa and that in a addition to #TYHTBA. HIFOM, MTYTIA he is also singing “It’s Not Over”.

    Anyone attending a concert in the near future that can tell us the set list, crowd reaction, who attends the VIP Q & A, what Danny is doing as Pre show host?

    @jodylinnebur: Danny gokey http://fb.me/8etQyrdNJ

  22. I did, too. I will admit to watching it run through a few times πŸ™‚ I am glad he is doing INO. Maybe 4th single???

  23. I really believe that if Danny’s new single would be “It’s Not Over” it would be a hit. Maybe he will get a good response from performing it, and they will change their mind. πŸ™‚

  24. The Lighthouse Event ‏@TLEConcerts Β· 2h2 hours ago
    American Idol alum Danny Gokey is coming for two nights only. Join us: April 9 in Poughkeepsie, NY and April 10… http://fb.me/7KpQjiZKk

  25. Interesting that It’s Not Over is in the Road Show, that hasn’t been a standard on his tour, has it?

    From this, looks like a decent attendance if this is from the pre-show part of the event.

    Danny appears to have all of his band except the rotating drummer on the tour? I hadn’t appreciated that, had figured it might be just Maestro or Maestro & Josh.


  26. Thank you, ADMIN2. INO is one of my favorite songs from Danny. The message hits home. πŸ™‚

  27. I noticed I did this. Usually I write ADMIN2. I thought I was doing it because it was all capitals in the posts. I saw recently, though, that all the names in the posts are in capitals. So, why did I capitalize that one? I think it is because of the 2 after it and because it is a title and not a name.

    I saw, also, that when it shows in the recent comments, it is admin2.

    ADMIN2, admin2, Admin2? Which way do you like your name written?

  28. ” looks like a decent attendance if this is from the pre-show part of the event”
    The crowd picture I posted above also shows a big audience.
    Everything I have seen indicates that Danny’s preshow party crowds are large. A greater percent of the audience seems to be there at the beginning than for openers on most tours known to me.

  29. The crowds have looked impressive to me.

    I’ve noticed that the Christian concerts that I’ve attended are nearly FULL for the openers. One of the reasons may be that they are General Admission and they get there early to get a good a seat as possible?

  30. Anybody else go to Superbowl parties? We went over to our neighbors– but that was after spending the entire afternoon snowshoeing in a beautiful state park. I am going to be REALLY sore tomorrow….

    So tired! Have a good night and I’ll be back Monday with the radio add news πŸ™‚

  31. @dannygokeynewz: #TellYourHeartToBeatAgain by @dannygokey sits on TOP of the @AllAccess Mediabase CAC Spincrease chart! #13 on the 7 Day Chart. #GoDannyGo

    37 monitored stations spinning it. It needs about 300 more spins to get in the top ten. If 5 more stations add it, and the other stations move it to a higher rotation…..I expect Top Ten in a week or two at the outside πŸ™‚

  32. I created a post and added the two new concert dates to our calendar:


    And this Steven Tyler/Skittles commerical using “Dream On” has gotten Danny a little attention again on social media. That is the wrong song choice that keeps giving back!! (Of course we know Danny could have hit that note if he could have heard himself on stage….)


    Melinda Doolittle ‏@mdoolittle 23h23 hours ago
    Every time I hear Dream On, I love @IamStevenT just a little more. I also think of Danny Gokey. #AmericanIdol #SB50

    DISHVerified account ‏@dish 1h1 hour ago
    @mdoolittle Such a great commercial! What an awesome collaboration between #SB50& #AmericanIdol. @IamStevenT and @DannyGokey are so talented

  33. It’s not on sale. I think it got to #4 one other time, briefly. I keep remembering that, but I’m not sure it did. False memory? ❓

    It has dropped back to #5 now–but at least we know #5 is not the ceiling. πŸ™‚

  34. Nice to know it’s on the brink of #4 πŸ™‚

    This morning Lauren Daigle’s song moved right behind Danny’s on the Mediabase chart. If Danny’s radio team wants to keep him ahead of Lauren, they will have to pour on a few more stations. She has 40 to his 38…

    And I put up part 2 of my interview with Danny. This time I loaded it to YouTube. I want to see how the different methods work. (And frankly, with Danny’s comments about Idol and those that don’t want him to succeed, I wanted to keep that “in house”).

    I hope you all enjoy it: http://dannygokeynews.com/2016/02/10/whats-next-for-danny-gokey/

  35. “I wanted to keep that β€œin house”

    I hate for negative articles to get attention. A person with five followers can write a blog and tweet about it. Such things are usually lost. Sometimes they are picked up by someone and retweeted, etc. There is a chance something can blow up and go viral. The person who wrote it is possibly delighted. The person it is written about might not be.

  36. I really did wonder if I should ever post the #168 Contestant article here….. but I really thought Danny’s reaction would be reassuring to his fans. It showed that he lets that stuff roll off of him. And he’s competitive side wants to prove them WRONG. He also knows that when people say negative stuff about him, he has fans to defend and disagree. And nothing silences naysayers like success. And he is succeeding. Not $10 Million a year like Adam Lambert, but he has an active, thriving career (and a beautiful family, too!)

    In fact, his blown out vocal chord for “Dream On” keeps giving back. He is one of the most memorable contestants for THAT song, his back story and having “one of the best voices” on the show. It all works in a career where being like everybody else keeps you sitting on the sideline.

  37. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: # 5

    HIFOM: #17 (album)

    Wonder if there will be a bounce after tour resumes.

  38. Anyone going to watch the return of six former Contestants to American Idol, tonight? Rueben, Fantasia, Scotty, Lauren, Nick…. and ???

  39. Danny has a concert doesn’t he? Even if he can’t be there, a clip or a mention helps.

    I hope he can be there before the show ends. :fingers crossed:

    Toe broken. Can’t cross. πŸ™ (Other toes have empathy with broken toe. Can’t cross them either.)

  40. You broke your toe, Lurker??? What did you kick?!? πŸ˜‰

    #Feel better

    They are having six more Idol’s come back next week. I am curious on whether they will be singing the former Idol’s songs? I hope Danny gets the treat of singing a duet. He does so well…..

  41. I don’t watch American Idol, but if Danny will be on I will. Should I be taping this week and next week??

    Feel better, Lurker. That kind of injury hurts… Hope all your toes are happy again, soon. πŸ™‚

  42. Cindy, I don’t believe Danny will be on this or next week. I think they were taping this Wednesday for next Thursday’s duets?

    I’m hopeful that Danny will get that call to come on out in late February or in March. I also hope he makes a trip back to LA for the Finale press and show. I wonder what the “retrospective” is? Only two more Wednesdays until the Finale Week. I liked it better when Idol was on Tuesday and Wednesdays all those years…. Not a fan of them moving to Thursdays. It goes up against “Big Bang Theory” and that is a juggernaut of a show for ratings!

    Thursday, February 11th: 8-10 PM ET/PT – Top 24 Part 2 Semi-Finals, Judges Vote
    – Wednesday, February 17th: 8-9 PM ET/PT – Top 24 Part 3 Semi-Finals, 12 Perform
    – Thursday, February 18th: 8-10 PM ET/PT – Top 24 Part 4 Semi-Finals, Top 14 Revealed
    – Wednesday, February 24th: 8-19 PM ET/PT – Top 14 Eliminations & Wild Card performances
    – Thursday, February 25th: 8-10 PM ET/PT – Wild Card Results & Top 10 Performances
    – Thursday, March 3rd: 8-10 PM ET/PT – Double Elimination & Top 8 Performances
    – Thursday, March 10th: 8-10 PM ET/PT – Double Elimination & Top 6 Performances
    – Thursday, March 17th: 8-10 PM ET/PT – Elimination & Top 5 Performances
    – Thursday, March 24th: 8-10 PM ET/PT – Elimination & Top 4 Performances
    – Thursday, March 31st: 8-10 PM ET/PT – Elimination & Top 3 Performances
    – Tuesday, April 5th: 8-9 PM ET/PT – Idol Retrospective
    – Wednesday, April 6th: 8-9 PM ET/PT – Finale Top 2 Performances
    – Thursday, April 7th: 8-10 PM ET/PT – Series Finale!

  43. Thanks, Jan. Appreciate all the information. Now, if you hear that Danny will be on.. I will tape. πŸ™‚

  44. I am watching American Idol as often as possible this season. The duets have been fun to watch tonight. One of my favorites so far is Caleb Johnson, from season 13, with Sonika Vaid.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed that Danny will be on this final season!

  45. My husband is actually watching Idol with me! He has NOT done that much for years!

    We are really enjoying the duets!

    Seeing the winners and/or runner up from S2, S3, S10, S13, S14 has been fun. There comfort level on stage is so fun to see.

  46. Idol has announced that returning Idol for next week will be:

    Chris Daughtry, Season 5; Kellie Pickler, S5; David Cook, winner Season 7; Constantine M Season ?; Haley Reinhartt Season 9 and ???

  47. Is Danny singing LUYE in his current concert? I hope he is. It doesn’t need to be limited just to Christmas.

  48. I don’t know if they just used it for promo of his concert footage or he’s singing it? I haven’t heard that he is using it. I’ve seen social media mentions of HIFOM, MTYTIA, TYHTBA, INO….

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