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Sometimes we’re a wee bit resistant to MORE social media, but we figured it was time to jump in and create a DannyGokeyNews Instagram account!

We will be posting our own photos and 15 sec videos. PLUS re-posting the best of others!  (We are using an app that always credits the original source!) You’ll see examples like these:

#TellYourHeartToBeatAgain ♡ @Regrann from @sic_one_killa – #rwrs16 #dannygokey #Regrann

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Awesome view of #Roadshow & #DannyGokey! Thanks!! @Regrann from @tangletamergirl – Danny Gokey #rwrs16 #dannygokey #Regrann

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Thanks, Lori! @Regrann from @lacastilleja – It's Not Over #rwrs16 #Regrann #dannygokey

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And more if you follow us HERE.

We’ve had a website/blog and Twitter since 2009 via for Danny Gokey fans.  Then we added Facebook.  Next we moved to when I<3DG closed. And now Instagram!

Here’s some information why we needed to get “on board” according to

Last year, Instagram grew by 60%, for a total of 300 million users and an active monthly user base of 64 million the US. That officially makes it bigger than Twitter. And it’s growing a lot faster.

This stands in stark contrast to Facebook. Since that acquisition in 2012,organic reach on Instagram has grown by 200%. Organic reach on Facebook has dropped by 60%.

You’ll find our latest Instagram posts showing up in our new widget along the right margin of this post.

We haven’t launched into Pinterest, yet.  Anyone want to volunteer to launch an account for us?  🙂

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  1. Thanks, Cindy. I have a lot to learn on using Instagram well…. but I’m working at it… 🙂

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