105 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 2/15 – 2/28 Discussion

  1. Mr. Bing, I know you are right. And I am happy with what we are building together at DGNews. ♡

    Occasionally my impatience/frustration builds up…. especially when I submit posts to be used at DG’s Facebook and….

    On to a better day, right?

    Have a good one everyone!!

  2. Idea for Jan:
    If DGNews sends a tweet like this to Danny, perhaps he will retweet it and give the site here some attention.

    Looking great on iTunes@dannygokey. The single, Tell Your Heart to Beat Again is up to #3! Album, Hope in Front of Me rebounds to #9!

  3. Always worth a try. But I was so &/##53&!& that I felt like a break might be required. 😉

    I get peevish, but I almost always calm down :mrgreen:

  4. You have a right to feel peevish, Jan. Danny doesn’t always think — there are costs associated with hosting a site, not to mention all the free labor that runs the site!

  5. Danny doesn’t always give credit. He used to tweet jokes and quotes from people without giving a source. It made it appear as though he was tweeting something he had written. (I don’t think he still does that now.)

    He will often introduce a song by saying, “I wrote this song…” It sounds as though he was the solo writer. To me, it would be better if he acknowledged the other writers.

    I think he will give credit as he learns when it is appropriate. If he had written a song with someone and was not mentioned as one of the writers, I believe he would understand my point of view.

  6. Even just saying “co-wrote”on a song? There are times he may not be able to list the other writers… But I would agree with you, when we are the one being skipped it makes a bigger impression….

  7. I’m here. “AM Show Morn Miracle Danney Gokey”… I’m not even sure what that is suppose to mean. 🙂

  8. Hey, Cindy!

    Wow!!! Anyone that missed American Idol tonight missed a beautiful and heart breaking performance by Kelly Clarkson. And I have to say that many of the Idol contestants did very well, too. Very good program!

  9. The “I wrote this song because…” is still irritating me. I wish someone, his manager or a person he will listen to, will tell him how awful that sounds–unless he did actually and completely write the song all by himself.

  10. “A person he will listen to” I think Danny has shown a lot of strength and drive when others might listen to others saying “this isn’t going to work for you”.

    My strengths are also my weaknesses, at times…

    We all have faults. 😉

    I have looked at the Instagram from last night. Lots of them feature Danny singing TYHTBA. It use to be HIFOM. Danny has his niche, doesn’t he?

    I personally prefer more fun, upbeat songs, (generally. I did love IWNSGB) but this genre loves them some hope!

    Look at the crowd. Danny must love this!


    BTW, the only sad thing I’ve noticed is that Josh has stepped away from the band. He indicated he had other business matters he had to attend to (he owns his own business.) He will be missed!


  11. Are there a few new Christian songs moving TYHTBA down? Album placement is good.
    10:23 PM: I just checked iTunes. Bethel Worship has an album coming out on 3/11 and I think you get three of their songs with a pre-order. Their songs are in the top 3 of the singles chart. TYHTBA is now #7.

  12. I’m doing this just because. Admins can take it down if they want. I don’t think Danny would mind having Kelly Clarkson’s Idol performance here. Kelly slayed it! What an incredible song and heartbreaking but inspiring lyrics! Kelly stripped herself bare emotionally during her performance. (It’s also what Danny is capable of doing at his best: think “What Hurts the Most” and “I Will Not Say Goodbye.”) The song is about how Kelly was abandoned by her father as a child, and how she has created a new family with her husband, who lifts her up and is there for her and their daughter:


  13. I am absolutely fine with Kelly gracing our blog. She slayed it that night! In fact, I rewatched it this morning ♡

    Thanks, Ellen!

  14. I remember an interview with Danny once, way back. (It may have been around the time of “I Will Not Say Goodbye,” but I’m not sure.) For once, the interviewer was asking intelligent questions (not all about Idol). One question had something to do with how you put yourself out there as an artist to connect with the audience. (I don’t remember the actual question, per se.) And Danny responded (I don’t remember Danny’s answer, either, so I’m paraphrasing) something along the lines of connecting with the lyrics in your head and bringing that forward to the present with the audience, but still holding a piece of yourself back. What I got from Danny’s answer was that holding a piece of yourself back is necessary to avoid emotional exhaustion (and to reserve something in the tank for the next performance). It’s fine to give your all to your performances, as long as you take care of your own needs in the process.

    At the time, I remember thinking that was one of the smartest things I’d heard Danny say. I’ve heavily paraphrased because I don’t remember the details, but the gist of it was that performers have to hold back a bit to stay healthy.

  15. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: # 4

    HIFOM: #13 (album)

    There is a picture of part of album cover in front of album #’s, below New Artist Spotlight ad covers and above Greatest Hits covers.

  16. Hi everyone. Very nice that TYHTBA is hanging in at #3 or #4 for an extended period.

    Just as a thought on the writing vs. co-writing question, I’m not all that clear what role Danny plays in the process. It appears to be more with the lyrics. If he is contributing the theme of a song and a lot of the lyrics, it may be natural imo to refer to yourself having writing the song (lyrics, subject matter)? Even when the co-writers have major contributions in other areas.

    I think it would be nice to mention cowriters but I rarely see artists do that in concert. I went to a concert this weekend, and only one songwriter was mentioned for a song where the artist was not himself a co-writer.

    Is anyone watching the Oscars? Have to confess I am not, though I will sneak a peek online to check out the outfits 😳

  17. #TYHTBA has moved up to #11 when one song, just above it, has gone recurrent on the week end chart. It is also only 75 spins below #10 (Natalie Grant’s Be One, which is in a small amount of spin loss).

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