105 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 2/15 – 2/28 Discussion

  1. Cindy3, I meant to add that the ugliness around the Internet at other sites with respect to Danny is the reason that this site’s predecessor — iheartdannygokey — was born. It was created as a safe place where Danny’s fans could gather to discuss Danny and his music career without fear of encountering ugliness. And now DGNews is carrying that torch forward. I don’t know to what extent trolls still try to post. In the early days of iheart there were occasional problems. But the Admins (Amy, Erika, and later, the Admin-who-shall-not-be-named, now known as Admin2) kept that to a minimum.

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  2. I can’t believe that someone would actually suggest that Danny killed Sophia. He certainly would never do such a thing. He has a pure, beautiful heart. Unfortunaly, haters are going to hate. I feel blessed that I have to know Danny. Not in person, but to know what kind of person he is. His music really touches my heart.


  3. The awful comments about Danny were made online by people with the “cover” of pseudo usernames etc. It is too easy to make outrageous/cruel statements when they don’t have to own them. What I found almost worse was that “Entertainment Weekly” funded the “Idolatry” team of Michael S and Kristen B to slam Danny.

    Danny did sit down with Sleazak for the post Idol interview. I give him credit for being courageous to talk with someone that said such uncharitable things.

    Which brings me back to that other realty show blog that allowed (encouraged?) the mean things to be said about Danny. “Back in the day” we had ihearties that responded to those statements. And our Admin2 actually did a column of Danny news for them.

    Now a days, I think that Danny’s fans don’t go there and posting here, on Facebook etc is a more positive and constructive use of our time 🙂

    Danny has consistently said he appreciates the support of I♡DG/DGNEWS.


  4. I won’t watch the video above if it is saying things about Danny that I don’t want to hear. This is exactly why I became a fan of Danny’s. Watching Idol I saw some of this “ugliness.” I looked Danny up and read his story. That got my attention. I started to watch Idol, and became a fan. Of course, I enjoyed Danny’s voice. I’m the type of person that stands up for someone who is misjudged, or treated unfairly. I hate people who take pleasure in hurting others. Unfortunately, you never know when the “ugly” might happen. I’m so happy Danny isn’t going to appear on Idol. He needs to stay away from that “ugly.” I know it might have been exposure, but he’s taking the right path. I only hope Danny doesn’t read the “ugly” when it rises. He needs to keep that smile and not let the “ugly” see his hurt. “Go Danny!!” 🙂


  5. Cindy, I have to defend “American Idol”. The TV program and it’s producers may have packaged things that brought some “hate” towards Danny, but it also made Danny the front runner for most of the season. They have been very kind to Danny through the years. I sincerely hope Danny WILL be back on the show because I think his growth and the wonderful things in his life would be a great showcase on what Idol helped him do.

    I would NOT hold what other blogs and online personalities say about him against the program that Danny credits for giving him a chance to hope again after Sophia’s passing. And yes, please stay away from the video if you would only feel bad. I just shared it to show that competition brings out great things and some bad things. Danny learned to get a tough skin to haters. Its a necessary skill when your work has to be in the public eye to succeed.

    And believe me, I know that he uses such things to motivate him. Nothing moves that guy when he has his mind made up!

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  6. Good news on the radio front! 44 of 52 monitored stations now playing #TYHTBA on Mediabase. He’s moved up to #12. It’s tough climbing but I think his song has the juice to keep going!

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  7. I do agree with you, Jan. American Idol gave Danny an opportunity to be where he is now.

    For the last few years Danny has worked hard, and he’s where he’s at from that hard work and dedication. I haven’t heard or seen the hate there was on American Idol now that he’s on the path he’s on. I use to be a fan of reality TV. I haven’t been for many years. I think one of the reasons was the misuse of Danny on American Idol. It’s how I feel after Danny’s season on the show.

    It’s nice to see Danny happy in his career and personal life, and his future goals. 🙂

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  8. I don’t get how it’s pimping your dead wife to want to talk about her when you lost her only a month ago. The lack of empathy is appalling. Can they not put themselves in Danny’s shoes. I heard the reference to David Cook (whose brother died), but gee whiz, people grieve differently. I’d heard about Kristen but never saw that vid, Jan. Beyond the pale.

    No one should need a skin that thick, but thank goodness Danny has one!


  9. From MJ’s:

    “Christian AC:
    Lauren Daigle (Trust In You) – 6
    Danny Gokey (Tell Your Heart To Beat…) – 2
    Danny Gokey (Give Me Jesus) – 2
    Tori Kelly (Hollow) – 1”

    GMJ: 2?

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  10. Lurker, I rechecked Allaccess. They only report one add for GMJ.

    I am rather bummed tonight. I worked on Jill’s post today. I made some major edits to the lead photo (with Jill’s permission). Danny took my edited photo and put it on all of his social media sites without mentioning DGNews…..

    He could have shared our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts and we would have gotten some interest from his followers 😦

    I am glad that Danny liked it and for Jill…. but very discouraged that a chance to promote DGNEWS was missed….


  11. She got credit for the photo, but you didn’t get credit for the edited version. He might not have liked it as much if you hadn’t done the edit–and maybe the title he used?

    It must have been an oversight on his part–but sad for you not to get credit for your work.


  12. It’s just frustrating that he liked the photo enough to use it, but it didn’t dawn on him we could use the support 😦


  13. You are very welcome, Cindy. You are a very sweet person.

    It’s been 2 months since Team Danny has shared any of our posts and this was obviously one they liked. I would have been thrilled to see it shared.

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  14. Everyone has the right to speak out their mind.However making absurd comments about someone you barely even know in real life is one of the worst thing those facebook warriors oftenly do.Be nice to people.

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  15. Jan it would be nice to see this site growing even faster.But you should be really happy with everything that’s going on so far.And its gonna get better together with Danny’s music career.Thank you everyone that makes contributions to maintaining this site.

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  16. Mr. Bing, I know you are right. And I am happy with what we are building together at DGNews. ♡

    Occasionally my impatience/frustration builds up…. especially when I submit posts to be used at DG’s Facebook and….

    On to a better day, right?

    Have a good one everyone!!


  17. Idea for Jan:
    If DGNews sends a tweet like this to Danny, perhaps he will retweet it and give the site here some attention.

    Looking great on iTunes@dannygokey. The single, Tell Your Heart to Beat Again is up to #3! Album, Hope in Front of Me rebounds to #9!


  18. Always worth a try. But I was so &/##53&!& that I felt like a break might be required. 😉

    I get peevish, but I almost always calm down :mrgreen:


  19. You have a right to feel peevish, Jan. Danny doesn’t always think — there are costs associated with hosting a site, not to mention all the free labor that runs the site!

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  20. Danny doesn’t always give credit. He used to tweet jokes and quotes from people without giving a source. It made it appear as though he was tweeting something he had written. (I don’t think he still does that now.)

    He will often introduce a song by saying, “I wrote this song…” It sounds as though he was the solo writer. To me, it would be better if he acknowledged the other writers.

    I think he will give credit as he learns when it is appropriate. If he had written a song with someone and was not mentioned as one of the writers, I believe he would understand my point of view.

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  21. Even just saying “co-wrote”on a song? There are times he may not be able to list the other writers… But I would agree with you, when we are the one being skipped it makes a bigger impression….


  22. Did I scare everybody away by being peevish? :O

    Anyone watch Idol last night?

    They gave a fast pass to 4, I would have swapped out 2 of them……

    Danny called into The Fish– Sacramento, CA morning show for this little audio clip. Interesting spelling of his name:


  23. Hey, Cindy!

    Wow!!! Anyone that missed American Idol tonight missed a beautiful and heart breaking performance by Kelly Clarkson. And I have to say that many of the Idol contestants did very well, too. Very good program!


  24. The “I wrote this song because…” is still irritating me. I wish someone, his manager or a person he will listen to, will tell him how awful that sounds–unless he did actually and completely write the song all by himself.


  25. “A person he will listen to” I think Danny has shown a lot of strength and drive when others might listen to others saying “this isn’t going to work for you”.

    My strengths are also my weaknesses, at times…

    We all have faults. 😉

    I have looked at the Instagram from last night. Lots of them feature Danny singing TYHTBA. It use to be HIFOM. Danny has his niche, doesn’t he?

    I personally prefer more fun, upbeat songs, (generally. I did love IWNSGB) but this genre loves them some hope!

    Look at the crowd. Danny must love this!

    #rwrs16 #praisegod #dannygokey #amazingworship #somuchtalent

    A post shared by Kazumi Edwards (@kazumiedwards) on

    BTW, the only sad thing I’ve noticed is that Josh has stepped away from the band. He indicated he had other business matters he had to attend to (he owns his own business.) He will be missed!

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  26. Are there a few new Christian songs moving TYHTBA down? Album placement is good.
    10:23 PM: I just checked iTunes. Bethel Worship has an album coming out on 3/11 and I think you get three of their songs with a pre-order. Their songs are in the top 3 of the singles chart. TYHTBA is now #7.


  27. I’m doing this just because. Admins can take it down if they want. I don’t think Danny would mind having Kelly Clarkson’s Idol performance here. Kelly slayed it! What an incredible song and heartbreaking but inspiring lyrics! Kelly stripped herself bare emotionally during her performance. (It’s also what Danny is capable of doing at his best: think “What Hurts the Most” and “I Will Not Say Goodbye.”) The song is about how Kelly was abandoned by her father as a child, and how she has created a new family with her husband, who lifts her up and is there for her and their daughter:

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  28. I am absolutely fine with Kelly gracing our blog. She slayed it that night! In fact, I rewatched it this morning ♡

    Thanks, Ellen!


  29. I remember an interview with Danny once, way back. (It may have been around the time of “I Will Not Say Goodbye,” but I’m not sure.) For once, the interviewer was asking intelligent questions (not all about Idol). One question had something to do with how you put yourself out there as an artist to connect with the audience. (I don’t remember the actual question, per se.) And Danny responded (I don’t remember Danny’s answer, either, so I’m paraphrasing) something along the lines of connecting with the lyrics in your head and bringing that forward to the present with the audience, but still holding a piece of yourself back. What I got from Danny’s answer was that holding a piece of yourself back is necessary to avoid emotional exhaustion (and to reserve something in the tank for the next performance). It’s fine to give your all to your performances, as long as you take care of your own needs in the process.

    At the time, I remember thinking that was one of the smartest things I’d heard Danny say. I’ve heavily paraphrased because I don’t remember the details, but the gist of it was that performers have to hold back a bit to stay healthy.

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  30. Hi Ellen, I would imagine that is a skill (being able to put yourself in a song, but keeping control?) that is essential to great performers.

    I thought this photo was pretty cool from the Roadshow, so I had to borrow it! They’ve been very supportive of our new instagram account for DGnews 🙂


  31. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: # 4

    HIFOM: #13 (album)

    There is a picture of part of album cover in front of album #’s, below New Artist Spotlight ad covers and above Greatest Hits covers.


  32. Hi everyone. Very nice that TYHTBA is hanging in at #3 or #4 for an extended period.

    Just as a thought on the writing vs. co-writing question, I’m not all that clear what role Danny plays in the process. It appears to be more with the lyrics. If he is contributing the theme of a song and a lot of the lyrics, it may be natural imo to refer to yourself having writing the song (lyrics, subject matter)? Even when the co-writers have major contributions in other areas.

    I think it would be nice to mention cowriters but I rarely see artists do that in concert. I went to a concert this weekend, and only one songwriter was mentioned for a song where the artist was not himself a co-writer.

    Is anyone watching the Oscars? Have to confess I am not, though I will sneak a peek online to check out the outfits 😳


  33. #TYHTBA has moved up to #11 when one song, just above it, has gone recurrent on the week end chart. It is also only 75 spins below #10 (Natalie Grant’s Be One, which is in a small amount of spin loss).


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